Nova Riata – A Declaration of Existence


Friday Sep. 28 03:39 | ORB Newsroom – Alliance Affairs

Nova Riata has officially declared its existence on Monday – Nova Riata, protected by TKR is a maritime themed alliance that focuses on trade and economic growth. They currently sit ranked at 62 of 188 alliances with 22k score and an average score of about 1700 with 13 members.

T’was a dark and stormy night on the Seven Seas. The open door of Ye Olde Rusty Spitoon casts a light over the harbor. Inside 3 weary Captains played cards around a bottle of Rum. As the night went on the conversation turned to work. They all were Traders of various fine goods – P**, Beans and Foxes and they agreed that if they worked together they could master the markets and increase each members profits of gold, so Nova Riata was formed.

It would seem Nova Riata is operating on some type of triumvirate system or at least a shared leadership platform with Pooball as the Overking of the Sea, The Fox as the Overking’s Hand and Beans as the Overking’s Sword – currently not hosting any under-gov (Commodores & Captains). Each of these guys originally called the Animation Domination alliance home.

Because of their departure from AD, Orbis Weekly thought it was necessary to get the scoop from Pooball to see why they decided to make their departure and to see if there is any bad blood between AD and the newly minted, Nova Riata.

Pooball told us he “had spoken to Barto (AD Leadership) and told him I was thinking about setting up my own alliance about 2 weeks ago. After TKR agreed to [protect] my new alliance, I thought it was best to let him know I was 100% leaving.” In regards to any bad blood left between the two parties, Pooball added “they are all still  my friends and AD will always have a place in my heart.”