PW: New Political Openings: Syndicate Signs NPO

NPO has made the big jump, departing the IQ Sphere with BK and aligning themselves with The Syndicate. Many have said that this move is far from dynamic in terms of political maneuvers, but we will see how it plays out as the political field continues to change.

“I’m pleased to present everyone with this treaty. I doubt it comes as a surprise to some of you now, but this is something we never would have anticipated two or three years ago.”

Roq posted a pretty clear image of this new treaty on the Politics & War forums within the alliance affairs section called “An Ocean Voyage” – here we can assume they listed treaty clauses with attached signatures.

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The idea of this treaty was to create more of a dynamic playing field for the politics of this game, although there are said to be multiple changes coming down the line within the new Syndi-NPO Sphere – many members of the community have voiced their concerns against this treaty implying that the sphere is too powerful.