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Nuke or No Nuke?


You’ve all seen or heard of the popular show Deal or No Deal. Basically, the game revolves around the opening of a set of numbered briefcases, each case contains a different cash prize. The contents of all the cases are known at the start of the game, but the specific location of any prize is unknown. The contestant will claim a case to begin the game – case values are not revealed until the conclusion of the game.

As the game continues the contestant will begin by choosing cases that are to be removed from play – throughout the game the ‘banker’ will offer the contestant an amount of money or prizes to quit the game. The banker will attempt to ‘buy’ the contestant’s case for a lower price than what is inside – at this point, the contestant will either choose ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ – which will either end or continue the game.

The game, which Alex posted up in the #vip channel on the official PW discord server, seems to be played the same way. Alex is the ‘host’ and he has produced a system that pretty much follows the same rules as the official game – which allow a contestant to ‘pick cases’ and possibly win cash – Franz was the first contestant to play the game Nuke or No Nuke.

For this game, Alex created an algorithm for the ‘banker’ which will automatically provide an offer to the contestant.

Official Rules of Nuke or No Nuke

Contestant must pick one case to start. Then, the contestant must select 5 cases to open. Once cases are opened, they are eliminated from play. After the 5 cases are opened, the dealer will offer the contestant the calculated dealer offer. (in this case the dealer will be the ‘banker’ from the official game) If the contestant accepts, the game ends. If the contestant refuses, the game continues and the contestant must select another 4 cases to open. After this, the dealer will again make an offer. If the contestant refuses, the game will continue and the contestant must open 3 more cases. The dealer makes an offer. If the contestant refuses, the contestant must open 2 more cases. Subsequently, the contestant must open 1 case per turn until they accept a dealer offer or only their case remains, at which point they would receive the prize in their remaining case.

There is no word on how often Alex will be running the game show, if there will be other games, or even how contestants will be chosen. The idea that makes sense would be that this is only provided for VIP members of the Politics & War community – which gives them a bit of a benefit over everyone else – currently there aren’t any real ‘worthy’ perks of being VIP other than a few cosmetic changes.

Check out the full video of the hosted game show below.

Watch Clip: Nuke or No Nuke – Politics & War Gameshow: Episode 1, Franz of Wrestlemania from OG_Winchell on www.twitch.tv