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ORB Changes


You may have noticed some changes if you have been following us from the beginning – it is our mission to continually evolve our site, our content, our discord and our entire brand to continue to serve within our broadcast community. To keep everyone up to date on the changes we’ve made recently, check them out below:

  • Site Changes: ORB has added a multitude of features to our site to better your online experience not only on your desktop/laptop, but also when you’re on the go with your mobile phone and tablets. Our creators are working on more and more ways to create content that is seamless across all platforms – we hope you have enjoyed what we have done so far.
  • Brand Changes: Because we see a future with what we are broadcasting both written and audio, we have taken our name and shortened it right down to “ORB” – which really isn’t a huge change at all because that was our short-name for “ORBIS” – but because Orbis is directly tied to the Politics & War Community – we wanted to make sure we had distinction, just in case our brand breaks out of the confines of this community to travel abroad. From now on we will be known as ORB: Your Online Source for Gaming News & Entertainment. Our Domain name www.orbisweekly.net is “ORB is Weekly” – meaning, we got this working every week (every day) and we’ll be here providing you with the content you love!
  • PW Paywall Updates: ORB has decided to remove the massive paywall that requires cash from the PW economy to gain access to our content. Instead, we will select higher-rated content which we call “ORB Premium” which will only be available for those with an official ORB Membership. ORB Memberships are purchasable through the same methods as before and will be decreasing in price as we switch our ‘bread and butter’ from memberships to advertisement and & entertainment features. If you were locked out because of the paywall before, you know have access to virtually everything on the ORB site!
  • Discord Evolving: As we try to grow our community and our online presence, we are testing out different features that could create more engagement with those nearly 300 members sitting in our discord server. Ultimately, beyond just news & entertainment, we want to provide you with a chill place to be…well..chill. Some place you can hook up with friends and set up games to play together, learn about new things, and stay in touch….and eventually reach out of the confines of PW and make new friends who share similar interests.
  • Great Job! – Now, Public: That’s right – after being locked up and only free while live, Great Job! wanted to break free and now IS free. Enjoy their archive of older shows and their awesomely customized page on ORB.
  • Advertisements: Advertisements are a HUGE thing in the PW community and outside this community, you see advertisements everywhere. If you’re reading this, look around – there are probably a few ads just where you’re sitting! We opened up some awesome advertisement features for the community to purchase & we are even offering to create your advertisements for you – that’s how rad we are. Right now, advertisements are only purchasable through PW Cash, but will work across discord and our website.

Do you want to see changes? Got some ideas that you think would make ORB a better place? We honestly want to know – we aren’t desperate, promise, just tell us…seriously.

All kidding aside, we love what you guys provide for us and we love providing for you. Let’s work together to create a kickass community.