Orbis on Brink of War?

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Thursday Sep. 20 2018 04:16 | ORB Newsroom

As most of you do know, the legendary six month NAP from our previous global war is due to end on October 18th of this year. One can assume that many across the world have already started projecting who will be next to hold up their rifles. Before we get started on current projections, let us revisit the latest global war dubbed the “Ayyslamic Crusade”.

On March 18th, 2018 the Black Knights declared war on the Knights Templar:

“With Ayylah as our witness, jihad begins today to defend the holy land from non-believers and to rid the world of infidels. We shall fight to the death to defend Jerusayylmao, the Dome of Dwayne ‘the Rock” Johnson, and all of our other beloved holy sites. Then we shall push towards Rome and convert the entire world to Ayyslam as He has commanded.”

Along with the Black Knights, the New Pacific Order & Guardians of the Galaxy also pushed to the Knights Templar to engage in what will be known as a vicious IC and OOC war among Orbis giants.

Keegoz, of Knights Templar answered the Black Knights declaration claiming they will “bring an end to ayylianism and their heathen tyranny.” – this marks the point of the official Ayyslamic Crusade and the official end of one of the longest periods of global peace on Orbis – it was 290 days since the previous global war, The Trail of Tears.

Let us fast-forward through the muck that built on the battlefield and land at peace. LeotheGreat of the Black Knights in the post, “And So the Dust Settles,” stated that a non-aggression period (NAP) between the alliances of both coalitions was agreed upon and it would last six months. During such time there would be no wars, raids, mass ghosting, shell alliance hits, or spy attacks. The NAP, receiving 41 down-votes to only 14 up-votes, was not well received. This would mean that for six months, almost the entire game would not go to war – Thalmor of the Knights Templar is quoted as saying “Can’t wait for the next one in 2020.”

The end of that war brings us to today – right now – rumblings of war on the horizon and whispers in the street. With only 28 days left till the official end of the six month NAP, what is the rest of Orbis to expect?

If one thing is for sure, we can expect our next global war.

Who will be involved and what would be the motive? A few theories have floated around, one that was brought to our attention was an IQ Sphere & T$ Sphere dogpile on TKR and friends – here in the Newsroom, we think that this theory was played a little bit too soon and as we search for details, we are left to know the following:

  1. There will be a war come end of the NAP
  2. Major players will be:
    1. IQ Sphere
    2. T$ Sphere
    3. TKR & Friends
  3. We know alliances are building up on all sides.
  4. We know TKR is searching for immediate or future diplomatic ties.

Orbis Weekly will continue tracking down details and obtaining sources to further our next global war investigation, stay tuned!

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