Pacifying Rumors


Wednesday Oct. 3 18:46 | ORB Newsroom – War Desk

Have you heard the rumors? We sure have.

The rumors that are spreading faster than an STD in a whorehouse are that The Fighting Pacifists, who currently sit among the top 10 in the 8th spot are planning a war! TFP, 108 members strong, nearly 175k score, 1600 average strength, and a rapidly growing chart – are said to be planning a blitz come October 10th. I personally woke up to 4 DMs on discord notifying me or asking me if I have any details on who they are going to be hitting.

Personally, I don’t know who they’d be targeting – and quite frankly I often forget TFP even exists. In fact, I feel like I only hear about TFP during wars and they are good things about wars, so maybe this rumor is in-fact true OR it could just be some ploy to draw attention over here while the string pullers do something over there – that has happened before too, plenty of times.


Obviously, when we hear about someone pushing to throw down in a war, we are drawn to their stats right? There is a clear incline in their growth – but my alliance, who really doesn’t have a hand to play in the upcoming war also has had incline – its called growing. I took some time and decided to break some shit down though just for clarification. Around August 30th a little bit more of the good old ‘war talk’ was hitting the streets of Orbis and many of you saw this:


A skeptic might look at that time frame and see a few alliances start ramping up their military – but, we personally know that more than just this alliance were stacking on military units prior to when this screenshot was passed around. I mean, we heard about Rose, BK, Guardians of the Galaxy – all with information directly tied to ‘a war’ – but never really tied to an opponent. So sure, maybe TFP saw this screenshot and they were like WHOA how are we gonna make headlines with this military – start buying shit!

TFP Getting Raged AF buying military.

…highly doubtful. I  mean sure, they are growing at a pretty solid pace and if they really wanted to hit someone, I think they could hold their own, considering they grew approximately 5,982 score in just the past 7 days (25th-2nd) and the week before that they only massed about 1,995 score in a week – what gives? Part of the rumor I’ve heard is to not buy any soldiers pre-blitz – so I took a look into their soldier counts….aaand pretty much everything else.

Because I’m not this super crazy genius running stats and stuff like Shadow and others in this community, I use their tools to investigate you – so thanks Shadow. First I started looking at the total increases in the most recent Alliance Leaderboards which shows comparison stats taken from alliance API between 9/21/18 03:42 and 9/30/18 22:58 game time. So, we will be looking at some TFP changes during this selected amount of time.

  • Increased Nukes +3
  • Increased Missiles +3
  • Increased Ships +200
  • Increased Aircraft +864
  • Increased Tanks +1,699
  • Increased Soldiers +108,269

Nobody really cares about Nukes or Missiles, but in the matter of just over a week, we see some increase in military across each military unit – not surprising really, between taking in applicants and just general requirements, who’s to say that this growth is because they are blitzing? We make our new guys purchase military too – its not illegal…but because this is an investigation into TFP we gotta push just a little bit further and see what they did from the 30th to today right? Here we go.

These increases took place from the 30th to the 3rd (most recent update, 3 days)

  • Increased Nukes (nobody cares)
  • Increased Missiles (nobody cares)
  • Increased Ships +44
  • Increased Aircraft +290
  • Increased Tanks +4,125
  • Increased Soldiers +64,051

Here is what that looks like side-by-side:


Given the fact that TFP just like any other alliance would be pushing MMR and per reports they are also taking on applicants and then taking them applicants and making them members – the total growth and perception that they are ramping up towards this inane blitz on October 10…really just kinda falls flat on the face of whom’st’the’fuck ever started that rumor. I mean, speaking to Quichwe, he himself says “unfortunately we’re not very good at blitzing.” – but we just wanted to go deeper, we like it deep.

So, we started comparing their stats with the alliances around them – mostly just focused on that soldier count because “Don’t buy any soldiers because we are going to do a blitzy” is the rumah we heard right?

TFP sits at, right now, as of this second: 7,286,220 Soldiers

Let’s compare to alliances around their rank/member count:

  • GOB: 3,022,004 Soldiers (27 Members)
  • T$: 5,633,295 Soldiers (45 Members)
  • Rose: 586,756 Soldiers (71 Members)
  • Pantheon: 11,797,609 Soldiers (182 Members)

If anyone has the logic that low soldier count means you’re gonna blitz, lets start a rumor about Rose.

TFP doesn’t seem to be ramping anything up towards a blitz, honestly seems they are taking normal precautions to actually defend themselves and boost their members to their minimum military requirements. Ultimately, if you take away about 3k of that 5k week growth you’ll have just over what? 1k? Which honestly matches close to the previous week – the 3k is applicant growth people.

I don’t want you to take my word for it, I’m just a guy behind a screen and keyboard – so, lets get some words from another guy behind a screen and keyboard, Quichwe – leader of TFP. Interestingly enough,  he popped into the ORB Discord server right as I was searching for him.

Max: Hey, So – I’m hearing some rumuahhhs about y’all blitzing the 10th? – wanna drop me a quote addressing the rumors?

Quichwe: We’re blitzing?

Max: That’s what I’ve heard from 4 separate people.

Quichwe goes on to tell me that they plan mostly to take the ‘swiss’ route – being neutral and shit. He also continues to say “we’re kinda nervously looking at all these ‘remilitarizationy’ bits happening.” – what the fuck is remilitarizationy?

Remilitarizationy: Sounds (like it looks)

Definition: Building military shit

We continue to have a conversation that gradually brings us away from the topic at hand, but in general – Quichwe insists that there is no blitz, they are only preparing for what everyone else is preparing for and they really don’t want any part of the war that is up and coming.

So, where did this rumor come from?

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