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For how insanely negative and non-participant this community is with micros and micro drama, y’all definitely decided to jump on the departure train of the Paradise Bloc in hordes…I honestly don’t think there was a server where I didn’t see someone mention Paradise Bloc. It was even brought up on the Shifty radio show, publicly discussed, and put in a newsletter….all with the same underlying theme that Animation Domination was kicked out from the bloc – now where exactly would that piece of incorrect information be coming from?

Let’s start by talking about the founding principals of the Paradise Bloc – don’t worry, I won’t get super fucking deep, but there should be some clarification right? So, we originate with the Turn Down For What (TD4W) which held The Island, La Mafia, Bad Company, Rough Riders. Shortly after this little bloc was formed it ended – Bad Company moved over to Vanguard and La Mafia was pretty much in shambles due to Cynic being Cynic and abandoning his alliances leaving noobs to rule. So, we decided to form our own thing – The Island, with the help of Rough Riders formed a document/pact – fastforward – We created Paradise. Fastforward again, we kicked out La Mafia and invited Animation Domination.

The idea here was to create a nice independent bloc that really didn’t have to answer to anyone else, we could just do our thing, fuck shit up if we wanted, sit out of wars if we wanted, develop things….just really grow a nice community outside the realm of the shit politics that plague this game. It didn’t work – pre-war time really made politics stagnant apart from larger alliances moving to the spheres they thought they’d be better off in – no mid and smaller tier alliances were doing shit & being that this war is still going on, the building blocks of paradise really didn’t arrive yet.

On top of that, the entirety of Paradise was attacked/raided in this war – and come to find out, we didn’t have the protection or tier coverage needed to actually assist each other. With our local ally in war (Bad Company) and Animation Domination & Rough Riders not able to cover the nation tiers of The Island – we were quite honestly fucked.

Add in some mild inactivity from everyone with a splash of Animation Domination doing what they want and working on plans to send out $500m to each protectorate they stack on and subsequently still continue to stack on protectorates for no fucking reason….well you got a perfect recipe for FUCK THIS SHIT. To be honest though, there really was no reason to continue Paradise – the idea that we could pull in some legit alliances to that bloc was extremely slim now and without that proper tier coverage and forward motivation from each party, it was just better to call it quits.

The Island spoke with Rough Riders who helped form Paradise and we were on the same page with the diplomatic direction. The Island advised the leadership (1 leadership member from each bloc member alliance) and well, saying Animation Domination took it personally is really the best way to describe it. Wasn’t expected and sure maybe it could have been handled a bit differently – but I think one of the main reasons they took it so personally is because the lines on their page that connect to different alliances are the only things they look at when it comes to feeling secured. The idea that dissolving Paradise or dropping our MDP with Animation Domination would leave them out in the open was just simply idiotic – they’ve always been in the open, The Island has larger tier nations, our fall back to this issue was having a mutual ally with Bad Company.

We tried to smooth over the idea of the dissolving of Paradise Bloc – but I guess El Barto took Ragdolls phone and decided the best thing to do with this online game and change of diplomatic direction was to attack someone (me) personally and make jabs at someones (me) character. I’ve personally always hated people like this, especially when that is the first thing they resort to over solid communication and then act like this is the best way to resolve an issue. Nobody from Rough Riders OR The Island attacked Animation Domination personally – in fact, I still even have them on my snapchat, unless they removed me – in that case I guess I’ll just stick with Charlie, Partisan, & Uncle Tom…my snapchat hoes.

Anyway here I was thinking Animation Domination leadership were like..

…but alas I was wrong. As soon as someone goes personal after being “friends” snapchatting each other and being “allies” in a game, it really just turns me off from that person HARDCORE. Right after this happened, we deleted the Paradise Bloc server, wasn’t needed anymore.

Right after this, the story that we kicked Animation Domination out of Paradise Bloc started popping up – obviously it had to come from somewhere and where else than the people who personally attacked us after dissolving a treaty/bloc with majority vote?

To clear the air – Paradise Bloc does not exist – it will never exist again – it is done, gone, forever. Which means, nobody actually is in it, which means nobody was kicked out. Gone. Baby. Gone.

Animation Domination, sorry you guys took it personally and I’m personally sorry that we don’t share a treaty or relationship – it sucks, because I liked you guys as peoples. Might not necessarily agree with the way you handle your foreign affairs, but to each their own. None of this was ever meant to go personal or make y’all feel like we shit on you in some way.

TBH I shouldn’t of had the need/feeling to write this post up, but I felt as though there needed to at least be a chance for me to get something off my chest – especially considering I called your kids cute. Like c’mon we are practically family – why can’t we just love each other?

When we boil it all down, things could have been handled differently and maybe if they were, there would still be a pretty line attached to our flags – but for now, that line will live through the allies we share.