Peace Terms – Knight Fall

Jan. 7th | ORB War Room

Knightfall, the current PW Global War kicked off on October 20th, 2018. This war has been raging on for 2 months and 18 days, 79 days total – and besides a few alliances agreeing to peace on their own terms, the major parties are still grinding away at each other. On December 1st, 2018 Ripper posted an article which indicated the terms being negotiated for total global peace – these terms were originally passed around to multiple alliances prior to his posting – and still, fighting ensues.


On December 26th, ORB reached out within Ripper’s posted thread to find out where exactly the warring parties were in negotiations and why there is, what seems to be, an extensive hold up. The main and obvious issue is that the terms in question, submitted primarily by the IQ & Friends side are not being agreed upon by the TKR & Friends side – which is understandable – but there also seems to be a bit of hostility within negotiations.

“Our side has not budged on any terms outside two counter offers on the bot terms which were rejected then summarily rescinded.” The mad Titan of Black Knights told us. We are told that the bot terms were not accepted on the grounds that IQ members should “Git Gud.”  The bot terms mentioned fall under Article VI – Fairness in Trading, submitted by IQ, which state:

  1. The Knights Radiant have to ensure that Kosonome will stop using his trading bot.
  2. Any future trading mistakes between The Knights Radiant and members of The Inquisition (IQ) must be fully refunded.

“Our side feels no need to peace out as most of our economies, while obviously not at 100% are still substantial and most people are already replacing their used warchests.” The Mad Titan said. It was noted that the TKR side did accept all of the joke terms, except for Grumpy/GoB who originally accepted, but rescinded the acceptance later on. These joke terms are located under Article III – Public Statements / Announcements which state:

  1. All members of Coalition B have to recognize the Church of Atom as the official Church of Atomism in an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums.
    ~ submitted by Church of Atom
  2. Grumpy Old Bastards have to publicly admit, through an announcement in the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums, that they do not know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.
    ~ submitted by Seven Kingdoms
  3. Grumpy Old Bastards have to adopt the short name “GOB” instead of “Grumpy” in all of their future announcements and posts on the P&W forums (starting with the one for their surrender [see Term 1 of Article II]) and at the corresponding fields of their alliance description.
    ~ submitted by Church of Spaceology
  4. The ex-Mensa members of Guardian have to write an essay about the glory of an entity besides Dio, and make it public through an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums.
    ~ submitted by Terminus Est
  5. Guardian have to write a space opera about the Church of Spaceology and the adventures of Evil Bo, and make it public through an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums.
    ~ submitted by Church of Spaceology
  6. All members of Coalition B must state that it is their sincerely and dearly held belief, now and forever, that Clarke did nothing wrong. This statement can be made in an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums.
    ~ submitted by Acadia
  7. Within 1 week after Term 1 of Article I is fulfilled, The Commonwealth have to fly the Green Protection Agency flag for 1 week.
    ~ submitted by Terminus Est
  8. Terms 4 & 5 of this Article can be combined.
  9. Terms 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of this Article can be met in parallel with fulfilling Term 1 of Article II and have to be fulfilled within 1 week after Term 1 of Article I is fulfilled.

The Mad Titan said that the normal progression for the peace talks or negotiations starts with the TKR side contacting IQ to begin. A time is agreed upon. “We show up, yell at each other for an hour, then they walk away” he said. It is quite clear that the IQ side of the war has no issues with standing their ground on the remaining terms, they have indicated that there is no pressing need to look for swift action to bring this war to an end – and will continue fighting regardless of the skewed stats and possible advantages TKR holds with obtaining more damage stats against IQ.

Nizam Adrienne, current leader of TKR, did also reply back to our request in response to The Mad Titan by saying “…we weren’t done fighting, you all said you weren’t done fighting, and we weren’t happy with the terms, the progress of the discussions, or any of you really.” Nizam also indicated that gaps in negotiations were due to times requested and availability, plus, the upcoming holidays. “We’re there and we’re trying to work on things with you guys. You’re free to continue reading into our actions and completely misunderstanding us or you can actually talk to us and ask what’s up.” Nizam said, finishing her statement.

It has been 12 days since this conversation took place on the Politics & War forums within the peace term discussion thread Ripper posted and we still have not arrived at any type of global peace agreement. “I’m actually glad to see the war ongoing. Shows you who really sticks it out for their respective alliance.” Buorhann said in the thread.

An image submitted by Kaiser Heide

We reached out to both sides questioning the current status of negotiations and terms, but only the IQ side was available to comment, we spoke with The Mad Titan. “No terms changed, they haven’t contacted us as a group.” The Mad Titan told ORB.

Stick with ORB as we continue to track these peace terms and get you the details on the back story of the negotiations.