Perks of Being a Moderator



Wednesday Oct. 17 2018 | ORB Newsroom – PW Developments

Author: Max
Max has been a moderator for Politics & War for some time – up until recently. Original identities of his moderator profiles were Four, Frank Castle, and Honey Monster. Logs or words provided within this article are from first hand accounts within moderation channels and experience as PW Staff.

A lot of you might think that the moderator position within this community is a pretty thankless job – moderators come in to work every day, go through reports extensively, follow-up on those who are reporting and then correctly, without bias or favoritism, execute justice on those reports & rule infractions found during their walk through the rooms in this community. Unfortunately, moderators engage probably around 1/1,024th of the time. Most times you’ll get a couple (or just 1) log in and review reports, what to get the 2nd go-ahead from another moderator, never get it, and then the report sits there for a good week OR the admin heroes come in (Alex & Chris) and just throw credits and warn points around hoping to keep everyone happy in this tolerant community.

It is true, the majority of the moderators are not around – some have been out for RL emergencies and that’s really not something to put someone down over, RL is understandable, RL is…real – however – instead of creating a balanced system of community justice over and over again waiting for people to come back to the community, you’re just stuck with random moderators being thrown into the bunch and a whole new system without any guidance slapped right into the community’s face. Hows that fair for anybody? I digress though, we are here to learn about the perks right?

I’m sure most of you have been told, you have an idea, or you just assume – but moderators do receive certain perks. The first perk is obvious – being inside the bubble. Just like any type of civil servant position within the real world, being in the ‘bubble of knowledge’ is a giant perk. You get to see what is going on internally and you have that knowledge and the power of that knowledge. In addition to that, you have several ‘advantages’ that may be able to help you out in the future, especially when Alex discusses any possible game changes or gives you access to forums that might hold a to-do list of changes. On top of those two perks, you also get a sense of authority within the community that you can’t do anything wrong – I mean I received warns on my personal account (max) from moderators when I knew damn well I just made a rule break – but those were the good old days….other moderators don’t think that same way, which is probably something that needs to be changed. See, I believe in a fair system – I accepted those rule breaks and fixed my errors from my ‘private character’ profile and still maintained a moderator position where I continued to promote a fair system – hows that so hard for other moderators? One of the, probably, more concerning perks for a moderator – probably more concerning than the paragraph below – is the fact that moderators can view your profile and IP address information. You put that into the wrong hands of somebody and there could be some issues. This is the internet and the moderation team has not vetting process.

Lastly, probably one of the most recent perks is Moderator Pay Day. Every 1st of the month moderators are credited with 10 credits to their personal nation! I admit, I accepted the credits – I mean – it is like having second job if you actually put time and work into the position you have been granted. I used the money to buy resources and shit. Certain rules apply to the credits, you can’t give them away, can’t sell them, etc – I don’t think we can tell anyone about it either…oh well. The idea that 10 credits a month is really going to amount to some insane game changing effect for current moderators is pretty ignorant, so don’t take that path. What I’m trying to convey to you is, there are moderators that just sign in on pay-day and then vanish until the next pay-day. Why do you want those moderators working for you?

These are the guys that are bringing the community in the opposite direction of where it needs to be. Meanwhile, they collect on free cash every month and you tiptoe around what is illegal to say today vs what was yesterday in hopes to not get a warn point.

Stand up. Call out moderation on the forums and discord. Force them to make real and substantial change to the moderation team. We spoke to someone who said they should make warns and justifications public – PUSH for that, see what they really do and call them out on their bias. I’m not sure if there will be repercussions for me in writing this – I am not longer a mod – I am just a player in the game, still here with all of you.

Do you think moderators should be paid?