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PW: Draining the Swamp [Update]


Circling the Drain – Updates

As we continue to see changes politically within Orbis – we will update this thread with highlighted changes and up-to-date political analysis. Check for new updates by searching for the yellow highlighted text.

Today’s Update: Black Knights & The Commonwealth

The Break Down

The Syndicate & New Pacific Order Sphere

The Syndicate is still connected to House Stark (MDoAP), Typhon & Church of Atom and

of course The Enterprise with Protection connections. New Pacific Order is connected to Horsemen and Polaris (MDoAP), Orange Defense Network (MDP) and two Protection connections with Dark Brotherhood and United Socialist Nations.

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What we might see is an upgrade with Typhon and Church of Atom from protection to join the Syndi-NPO Sphere as better partners on the Syndicate side and a possible inclusion of Horsemen and Polaris grouping into that sphere from the NPO side. This is assuming NPO and the Syndicate want to create their own disconnected sphere – meaning not holding treaties with allies who stay connected to another sphere and housing their allies underneath one bloc like Chaos and TGH.

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We spoke with both Leopold and Hilmes on their recent changes and any potential future plans – Hilmes told us that The Syndicate is changing things up due to being unhappy with the previous state of the game. “We were fast-moving towards a bipolar system,” Hilmes told us. “In order to keep things fresh, we tried our best to split IQ, sign NPO, and help facilitate the creation of minispheres.”

Black Knights Sphere

Black Knights is tied to Guardians of the Galaxy, Order of the White Rose, and Camelot with MDoAP treaties and Afrika Korps with an MDP. They also have a solid grouping of protectorate treaties with Defcon 1, Moonlit Sakura, Yakuza, Hyperborea, and

Solar Knights. As far as being connected to other major players within their sphere – Black Knights has the ability to bring in Acadia and the United Purple Nations and possibly The United Empire of ZahAharon – which might solidify their sphere a bit better with better confidence.

There has been some talk of Black Knights cutting Guardians of the Galaxy, but this rumor has floated around since before the last global war, Knightfall, and with the departure of NPO from that sphere – it would make more sense to keep Guardians of the Galaxy within that sphere for numbers and power.

4/15/19 – Black Knights Signed MDoAP with The Commonwealth, see ‘Frontier Records & Commonwealth’ Box below. Right now, according to stats posted by Theodosius of Knights Templar the BK Sphere ranks above all other current spheres. These stats show the numbers and tiers by spheres.

Black Knights has upgraded the protectorate treaty with Solar Knights to an MDoAP.

We reached out to Thanos from Black Knights, with no comment at this time.

Frontier Records & The Commonwealth

Frontier Records, originally Bad Company, has always tried to create a bloc or work itself into a bloc – but now they are isolated in their own way with very limited connections. They hold an ODP with the Fighting Pacifists an an MDP with Egyptian Empire. The Commonwealth holds an MDoAP with Frontier Records only.

We can expect the FR and TCW combo to try to create a sphere of their own – perhaps with Rose. Rose holds MDoAP treaties with the Ming Empire, House Stark, and Brotherhood of the Clouds – they also share an ODP with The Fighting Pacifists. This grouping wouldn’t be the most competent when it comes to major players, with rose being the strongest sphere participant, but it would

make the most sense in terms of what is currently present within the political field. We would assume that the House Stark and Rose treaty would hold stronger than the Syndicate treaty given what House Stark told ORB before about their relations when signing their MDoAP. However, it is yet to be determined where House Stark will land with this analysis. With Pantheon being out on their own after the Syndicate cutting ties, they might as well try to pick them up to add padding to their bloc. But, Alexio did mention to us that they wouldn’t want anything to do with Pantheon in any upcoming changes to their political movements.

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We do know that Frontier Records has tried for relations into the TGH sphere for some time, but being that they have stark differences in personality, style, and political position – at this time we don’t see that path being the most opportune or holding as much strength. Additionally, TGH just signed paper with Grumpy Old Bastards and Guardian.

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Alexio declined any further requests for comment while DemonSpawn stated “we are exploring all options; Rose, BK, TGH, even Syndi.” It is hard to believe that this leadership would make a giant leap out of their comfort zone to the likes of Black Knights or even The Golden Horde – that being said, with big moves on the horizon, maybe Frontier Records and The Commonwealth are pushing to make their own dynamic connections? A good question to ask would be if confronted with another war – would Frontier Records attempt another abandonment of a bloc with the intentions of avoiding a war?

As of 4/15/19 – The Commonwealth and Black Knights have signed an MDoAP – thus moving TCW to the BK sphere.

We do not, at this time, have any word on where Frontier Records will fall – they are poised to follow suit with their treaty partners in TCW or possibly head the Rose direction. Maybe Frontier records will make their own surprising jump.

The Commonwealth also signed an MDoAP with The United Empire of Zah’Aharon.

We reached out to Zevfer from Rose, with no comment at this time.

The Rest of the World

Although the stagnate and large web of treaties is finally breaking apart, there are still many alliances that found a secure home between solid treaty lines. These alliances now have the option to decide which direction they want to take their politics. Most will likely stay with their strongest bonds within a grouping of alliances that they have known for some time. A good example would be Egyptian Empire – they are currently stretched between a connected BK Sphere and Frontier Records & TCW Sphere. “We’re much more on the BK track than previously,” El Chach told ORB. “We’ll be doing some maneuvering shortly.” Will there still be connections across sphere lines? Likely. However, as the days progress, we may see several more cuts when it comes to formation of new blocs and treaty consolidations.

Mini Spheres Concept

It is common knowledge that as alliances come into play, treaties are made. These treaties tend to carry over for some time as alliances move around and make new friends, start blocs, and create larger spheres. When you continually add alliances into those spheres through new friendships or upgraded protectorate treaties, you end up with a massive sphere of political influence within a simulation game. This generally causes the other side of the game to create their own massive sphere – thus creating a bipolar political system. Politics & War is no stranger to a bipolar system as it has sat in one for some time now.

The idea of mini-spheres is to create multiple, smaller, spheres. These smaller spheres would generally hold the top alliances with a grouping of other larger, mid tier, and smaller alliances to cover nation tiering, give numbers, and strength within the sphere. With multiple groupings of alliances around the world you now have multiple agitators – which would hopefully cause more conflict as well as more political growth throughout the world.

Why is conflict important? Besides the idea that the game is called Politics and War, conflict actually promotes growth by stimulating markets and allows space for alliances to either fall off or become something better within the world – essentially – the glass ceiling is removed for more mobility of alliances in the game. The only caveat to this concept is post-war treaties, be it with signing of lengthy NAPs or signing treaties with other alliances because you fought well together. This type of behavior starts to tie these mini-spheres back together which ultimately puts you back into political stagnation, that is something a lot of players want to avoid.

Many people could argue that it is the ‘same’ political world, but different alliances are just grouped in different places. That could be proven to be true, we have had wars where different spheres teamed up together to defeat another which gives the same feeling as one giant sphere maintaining hegemony status over the other half of the game. It is up to the players of Politics & War to recognize what they want and to maintain the separation – if this concept plays out correctly, we could see a more active and fun Politics & War in our future.

Stick with Politics & War News (PWN) and ORB for more updates on the changing political world of Orbis in Politics & War.