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Sunday Oct 14 2018 | ORB Newsroom – What Max Thinks

Hello everyone, it’s Max here for another installment of ‘What Max Thinks’ – I basically just post about a topic, person, alliance, or idea and give you what I think. This is strictly personal and 100% bias – so don’t take me seriously if you don’t agree with what I have to say, just opinion bruh! Today, we are looking at Politics & War Moderation and why they are absolute ass and ruining the Politics & War community one warn point at a time.

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Many of you know that I was a moderator and one for quite some time. I took a break from moderation when I was moving across country, but most recently I was Honey Monster – yea, that was me. I never really cared much about the anonymity of being a moderator because I personally felt that if you’re not a shit moderator and you go into that ‘job’ without personal bias while performing your duties, you have really no reason to worry about someone in the community ‘head hunting’ your nation. I think just about everyone I know or communicate with on a daily basis knew I was a mod, so who really cares.

The Moderation Team…if that’s what you want to call it, suffers from high peaks of inactivity and mainly just remains to be an unorganized faction. I and other mods have tried countless times to produce a system that pushes for checks and balances and provide the community with what they need without being at your throat. Sadly, this always goes to shit when some new moderators come in or you get people just doing whatever the fuck they want. Example being, that one mod who would post within threads and talk shit about y’all – same mod who quit, because he sucked ass at the job, but now operates discord moderation and suffers from SDS. This is a constant occurrence – this is what leads to one side of moderation being chill, talking to you one on one as an adult and providing you with resources to get better vs someone just going fucking nuts with warn points because they want to. This causes an insane divide between the community and moderation.

Another issue with moderation is there are moderators that play the favorites game. Certain moderators will be more apt to throw warn points at someone simply because they are annoying and don’t like them vs refrain from warn points for another person because they like them, this is a bad habit. During my existence as a moderator, there were several times I would go to the person being reported to figure out whats up, why they posted that, and what their angle was. Most times, a warn point never came through because it was determined to not be in the manner the ‘offended party’ reported it for OR I got them to change their post altogether. It’s simple shit like this that is needed to actually create and sustain a WORKING moderation team.

Just like how noobs push their pride for their minute leadership into your face, new mods will have this same type of mindset and personality. For some reason, being a volunteer moderator within this online game of Politics & War gives some people a raging hard on. As if reading a forum for violations and reviewing reports suddenly makes you worthy of praise. I personally enjoyed being a moderator because I enjoy this community – no matter how cancerous it can be at times – I always thought it could be something better where everyone can strive to have fun and participate in. Other moderators view this position as their time to shine and STICK IT to the people who fucked up their infra in the last war.

yes, just about every piece of shit moderator.

Alex has said this publicly before. In shorter words than he used, he’s got no fucks for dealing with moderation and community shit. I personally believe this is a bad approach because he is designing a game for a community, so there should be some type of connection there – not to mention – listening to moderators like me and enforcing what we were trying to do would have made the job a ton easier. It is what it is. Then he brings along this Chris guy who has no fucking idea what he’s doing – I mean, talk about someone who just wants to appease the community and make bad decisions in moderation – thats all I gotta say about him, good luck with that.

Lastly, the moderation ‘team’ generally only sticks around for the limited perks the position actually provides. Peaking their silly little heads through the door when its convenient for them and actually assisting with reports and real moderation when they want to – they need to be removed from their positions. Granted, some moderators actually care and pay attention and they put in their time off like one should – notifying others and admin that they will be absent for a bit. That’s the shit that is respected – the ones that get to hold the title simply because they’ve been there for a while or because they happen to be a big name in-game – nah, trash’em.

If you guys actually value this community, which I know a lot of you do just by learning about you and knowing that most of you find this community to be a second home, you need to speak up. The community of this game needs to speak up and unite against admin and the moderators to actually call for REAL change..and I’m not talking about the same old bullshit of “this rule is so vague like bla bla” Get a new system of moderation set up, create a fair system, call for the removal of stagnant moderation members, call for the addition of moderators who actually WANT to work for you and the community. If you can’t unite, you’ll be faced with the status quo of warn after warn for the stupidest shit, posting and interacting on those forums isn’t even fun & discussing anything on the PW discord is absolutely useless so push to remove current discord mods too – Forum Moderators SHOULD be a moderator over the community which extends to discord.

SDS stands for small dick syndrome – these are the guys that give you warn points for talking like a normal person because they are a snowflake within their perfect little safe space world.

Boycott and Kick them out.

This is why I left the moderation team. Countless times I tried to actually create a system and every time without any proper support from admin and always undermined by useless moderators within the ‘team’.

Do your work it is YOUR community.


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