Political Forecast [PW RECAP]

It has been nearly a month since we posted our last political report updating you with changes that have been happening all over the world. On April 15th, we reported to you several changes on top of the larger political shifts that were occurring – now that we have had some time to let the dust settle and allow larger entities to make moves, let’s take a look at any further changes in this week’s Political Forecast.

Check out our April 15th Political Forecast Below:

PW: Draining the Swamp [Update]

As a quick tl;dr from the post above – for those of you looking to get into the action quickly, we noted what we thought the world could expect from the large shifts in the political climate and we updated some changes that came directly after. Our last update noted the following:

  1. BK signing MDoAP with TCW
  2. A lot of outcry over BK reigning supreme as largest sphere in-game.
  3. BK upgraded protectorate treaty with Solar Knights to MDoAP
  4. TCW signed MDoAP with TUE

Post-April 15th


Shortly after, Chaos Bloc member, Soup Kitchen announced their Community Outreach Program, Vol 1. Posting on April 17th, SOUP declared war on both Farkistan and WTF. The idea here was to do something a bit different from the norms of the game and keep the fight steady between SOUP and Fark/WTF alliances without drawing in other allies. There was some talk throughout the community that The Knights Radiant, another member of the Chaos Bloc turned the SOUP bad – but for all respective knowledge of the situation, this was a plan that was set forth to do something fun and different in the community. Being someone who was close with the formation of SOUP, I know that this idea was rolling around to hit close to DoE, wasn’t necessarily decided to be FARK/WTF or any specific target – but just a new way to be dynamic in the world. WTF responded with their recognition of hostilities and shortly after, Farkistan shared in the fun. Wanna check out the war stats?

The end result? Simple white peace with laughs and friendship on all sides – sure there were some bent smiles, but as far as the community is concerned, it was a good piece of action that the world hasn’t seen in some time now. Simple war fun – that is all we can ask for. You can check out the peace thread posted on April 26th, by clicking right here.

April 27th – Placentica posts on behalf of Alpha, recognizing war from Oblivion and Arrgh. It would seem there was some negativity thrown back and forth between the parties which included Alpha and Church of Atom vs Arrgh and Oblivion. You can check out the war stats here.

May 4th – Matthew The Great of Pantheon posts announcement declaring war on what looks like Nova Riata and The Federation. Pantheon was already being picked apart from raiders and not looking to be in heading in any type of stable political direction. The Mad Titan of Black Knights offered up likely the most reasonable response saying, “to be fair this is a better death for panth [than] the alternative.”  Pantheon now sits alone on the treaty web with only 2 protectorates under them, Reichspakt and Code of Honor. Once an alliance with over 200k overall alliance strength, now sitting at #39 with just under 80k. Nova Riata and The Federation was already building up to hit Pantheon prior to Pantheons jump on the war – therefore their public post turned more into recognition of hostilities, located here. Nova Riata and The Federation did ask other alliances and raiders to stay out of the conflict with Pantheon to make it as fair as possible but also allowed Chaos Bloc members to aid them in the conflict to hit higher tier nations.

Political Movements

April 19th – New Pacific Order and Polaris announce a downgrade in their MDoAP to an ODoAP – many in the community wondered why they weren’t just dropped completely while others asked why drop at all? Phoenix stated that “Both alliances are making some changes. This will be the first in a series of changes that we’re going to consider over the next month or so.”

April 20th – Brotherhood of the Clouds and Camelot sign an MDP, Twin Dragons. Brotherhood of the Clouds is protected by Black Knights while Camelot holds a MDoAP with Black Knights, this is a move to secure alliances within that BK Sphere of influence.

April 21stCarthago is formed from the Egyptian Empire & SPQR. Most players in this world might not know too much of both of these alliances, but this formation into one did boost their total alliance into the top 20, currently sitting at #16 of all alliances. The consolidation of alliances as a result of massive political changes is not a surprise. Carthago holds an MDoAP with the Order of the White Rose, which was officially signed on April 28th, who shows to ally themselves more closely to the BK Sphere. On May 1st, Carthago and Solar Knights sign an MDP and both signatories agreed that they would like to launch an elephant on SpaceX.

April 21st – The Covenant is back – live and in color. Check out their cool intro video below.

United Purple Nations, The Commonwealth, Frontier Records, and Acadia have teamed up to create the Covenant Bloc. This bloc was originally established on October 15th, 2014 and consisted of Empire of Spades, Brotherhood of the Clouds, the Dutch East India Company and the United Purple Nations. There were several changes throughout the year, with the last documented Covenant maneuvers being Polaris canceling their treaty with Acadia and withdrawing from the bloc. The new Covenant Bloc remains well connected throughout the BK Sphere and abroad. On April 30th, Electric Space is announced to be joining Covenant bloc.

April 26th – House Stark and New Pacific Order sign an MDoAP. Recently NPO and The Syndicate made their big move together, House Stark was already connected to The Syndicate as well as Rose – this just confirms HS’s movement towards the SyNPO Sphere.

April 29th – House Stark and Respublica Romana come together to sign an MDoAP. This move pushes RnR directly into the SyNPO sphere as they are not connected to any other alliances at this time.

May 6thAfrika Corps gets Solar Power – AK signs an MDP with the Solar Knights. The circle around the BK Sphere strengthens again.

May 8th – Horsemen & WTF officially sign an MDP. This draws political lines for WTF and Fark into the SyNPO sphere with their only bridged connection being from Fark, with an ODoAP with the Order of the Fallen Angels. Raoul Duke of Horsemen said in his statement, “WTF and Horsement agree to mutually defend one another from all sorts of pirates, good-natured soup slingers with catchy taglines and the occasional top ten alliance, bristling with cash, firepower, ironic nation names and so many planes..so.so many planes.” We welcome HorceForce 2000 to Orbis.

May 12thCamelot and Guardians of the Galaxy commit to protect each other. This is essentially just a really autistic way to sign an MDP – works the same way here, I guess this could be considered unique, exciting, hip?

Alliance Changes

April 29thUtmos is promoted to the Executive Board in The Syndicate while Timmy steps down. “The Syndicate believes Utmos will bring many talents to the Executive Team and look forward to welcoming him aboard as the new Chief Finance and Security Officer.”

May 1stPrezyan announces the re-existence of Resplendent, this time with cleaner & better graphics. It looks like RES picked up most of the old squad. The first Resplendent was created January 6th 2016, Second was created on 3/17/2017, and now we are on the third run – and this time, we got Chappie back! RES is protected by Brotherhood of the Clouds and shares an ODP with The American Imperium.


There you have it – every major event that has been publicly shared and commented upon relating to actual alliance events. Of course there are some posts that we did not include – mostly because of irrelevance, treaty or alliance no longer existing, or spam.