Real Life Peace Terms

Fight, two fists hitting each other over dramatic sky

December 9 2018 | ORB Weekly War Room

You’ve probably already heard – peace is being brokered across the world in back channel negotiations. Just a few days ago Ripper was kinda enough to post up some terms that are being negotiated which it seemed many people were against. Today, we are here to talk about Bad Company & Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bad Company recently left the Vanguard Bloc and found themselves in a heap of trouble when multiple IQ alliances decided to knock on their door and fell down even harder when an ex-member decided to betray them by stealing their bank all while leaking information to BC’s would-be opponents.

Bad Company, once on the top 15 peaking at nearly 157k total alliance strength now sits at #38 on the alliance rankings with just under 60k total alliance strength – a beating that has led to today’s news – The Surrender of Bad Company, but this wasn’t one of your typical surrenders. One individual from each alliance met up in real life, outside the confines of our virtual world to make this peace transaction…real.

Ashland, acting as an ‘advisor’ from Guardians of the Galaxy and DemonSpawn one of Bad Company’s Executives met up at a bar today to make the peace agreement final. Within these peace terms, the first article “The Exchange of Blades” mentions that “BC will relinquish one of his own butter knives, which he will have brought from home, to the highest ranking representative of GoG or Ashland if the highest ranking representative of GoG happens to be IVK.”

Pictured above is the Butter knife that DemonSpawn brought Ashland to make the peace agreement official. Within the peace agreement, both BC and GoG agree to the following:

  • 6 month NAP.
    • BC cannot participate in any wars outside the defense of itself or its current M-level allies for 6 months.
  • BC will put the phrase “Ask Alexio” on their flag.
    • Taking up approximately 15-20% of the flag, which at this time has not been done.
  • BC will be required to whine loudly and frequently about the war to anyone who will listen.
    • Examples: “It was a dogpile!” – “CB was shit. What does ‘Ask Alexio’ even mean?”
  • BC will end devil worship and cat abuse
  • Make Gorge’s Status Official
    • Gorge must be made a princess of BC.
  • Loans
    • Loans may only be taken from HB for any ‘rebuilding done.’


Both alliances signed and looks like they even had an official seal to make the engagement as legit as possible.

We believe this type of interaction to be what the community needs. Maybe not so much real life interaction, but terms that engage humor and creativity. We are of the opinion that these types of terms make the community less hostile, wars more frequent, and the game more enjoyable.

“I’m home. I’m alive. Ily demonstpawn. Pretty drunk still. I kept drinking afetwer we left the bar. That cigar wasg mm mmm mm GOOD! o/ BoC” – Ashland via PW Forums


“I had a good time as well. Take care of the Butterknife, don’t get too comfy with it!!!” – DemonSpawn via PW Forums



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