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This is an opinion article. The views here are strictly opinion and based literally on what I think. The views within this article are not a solid representation of the alliance I am in, my allies, or Orbis Weekly. Enjoy!
What’s up ORBIS!
It has been a little bit since we had a WMT (or any article) up on here and it just feels fitting to throw in WMT with some extra salt. Today we are going to be talking about GoG’s or maybe just Ashland’s Declaration of War on my alliance, The Island. In all honestly the only thing he declared war on was whatever respect he had left with his PW persona. To understand the full story of this insanely timed, placed, and executed DoW – we first need to take a step back into the past.
Before we step back, please understand that the actual act of declaring war on nations of TI is not what is wrong – war is war and we have been enjoying it all – issues arise with the words Ashland attempts to spew publicly in effort to make himself look great? Maybe he’s trolling? I that case – the issue is he’s a shit troll and either needs to try harder or not as hard…hop into the time machine, its time to head back!
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It is the year 2015, nearly 4 years ago. Two alliances who were once allied to each other turn a diplomatic dispute into a battle. These alliances were Brotherhood of the Clouds led by Lord Frostsword and Earth Systems Alliance led by The Speaker. During this time in PW history color spheres were ‘a thing’ and they were used frequently and claimed. Brotherhood of the Clouds, Earth Systems Alliance and United States of Terra created a bloc on White and claimed it as theirs.Within our council we had a section that said “Alliances that move to the White Sphere without notice and refuse to meet us diplomatically will be met militarily.” Thinking back, I think we thought we were all tough shit and that nobody would really bother with it…but we were wrong.
Shortly after our little launch, Arrgh! and the Guerrilla Republik moved to the White Sphere to challenge our words. Pretty much boiled down to Arrgh! and Guerrilla Republik leaving White if we changed our article within our sphere – the one that stated basically this shit is ours and anyone who comes here will be rekt. Over the course of this incident and the time spent with BoC we learned that we really didn’t have the same interests. ESA wanted to go to war with Arrgh! and GR or at least show that we are standing our ground and BoC wanted nothing to do with that. There ended up being a lot of rumors on both sides of the argument and eventually ESA decided we should leave our little white bloc and go our own way – this obviously pissed off BoC.
You gotta remember, back in these days it was a lot different than the current. Almost a completely different game in terms of mechanics. At this current time BoC was 53 nations strong at 16,114 total alliance score and ESA was 24 nations strong at 8,026 total alliance score. Which is not comparable to alliances of that score today…I don’t think there were even nukes yet. Anyway tho, ESA and BoC went to war.
If you know the story and you compare it to the recently DoW – you can see that Ashland likes to swap things around just a little bit. I think there might actually be something mentally wrong with the way he lays out ‘facts’ and produces an argument.
Ashland when he wakes up every morning.

The status quo of Ashland is to throw out a bunch of nonsense, all random, all trash and hope someone takes a bite. Ashland and BoC lost the PR war back then and Ashland and GoG will continue to lose that PR war today. Not to mention, its nearly 4 years later….

“Hi, TheSpeaker. How’s it going, sweetheart? Long time no see.”

This is how Ashland starts GoG’s declaration of war on The Island…after we were already pummeled by Oblivion and Arrgh in a very gentleman-like war. (Shoutout to Bluebear and Ockey who act like gentlemen and not whiny little bitches/Ashland). So, let’s make a couple of points clear here:

  1. The Speaker (based off the game Destiny) was my name back in 2015 – most everyone knows that. Why Ashland uses that name like it’s a brand new find that everyone should know about…who knows, maybe he thinks its clever to use people’s old names? News Flash! Didn’t change my name to hide from anyone – This Just In! Everyone knows its me.
  2. Long time no see? Bitch – Seeker brags about you being in GoG all the time. Why? No fucking clue – You’re definitely not anything to write home about – let alone – be excited to have in any fucking alliance within any position. You’ve been known, once you’re out of the closet you’re out bro.

Seriously, did you fall into a coma post-citadel war nearly 4 years ago and wake up thinking we were still at war? DoW is outdated and poorly delivered. Just like the last DoW you basically wrote for LF…

Then you move on to some random ass ramble about you don’t care why and you don’t know why and you got marching orders and quotas – honestly just trash, but why should I expect good substance to come from a trash player. Once trash – always trash.

As we continue on to the post, which made me laugh as it totally brought me back to the 2015 era of the Citadel War and how shit you were at posting publicly and how you made BoC look like a burning dumpster fire…we move on to your ‘actual reason’ for CB.

Max “DID SOMETHING” What could I have possibly done to get a garbage DoW from Ashland………….again? So, lets scroll through. Your DoW states my old name, long time no see, references our history and then you provide us with the gem “I actually don’t remember what our history was. I think our alliances were allies then enemies or something?” – scroll up to the retard gif. Then, you tell me that I can’t call my alliance micro (11 member alliance – 13 when the war actually started with Oblivion and Arrgh) – for why? I can’t call my alliance micro because it makes you feel better for hitting a micro OR because in your mind you’re attacking someone actually at your level so that you feel satisfied with a curb stomp? Just like the BoC days – attacking an alliance half your size back then and claiming a victorious win over the ‘bad guys’ – when really, in reality, you pick targets that stand no chance OR have already been beaten and then demand a parade in your honor. Ur trash bro – and unfortunately you’ll now label GoG with a larger TRASH label than it already receives from the global community, but hey, if seeker is ok with that then…fuck it right? OH..

Legit have no idea why this discord screenie won’t go any larger without looking like you just threw on your grandmas reading glasses, but it goes a little something like this:

Seeker: Well Ashland isn’t FA so his opinion isn’t the official stance and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Max: As it always has been 😛

Seeker: Not to mention he’s not even high gov.

I guess that just begs to question, does seeker really not care for GoG that much to allow a shit bag to publicly post on behalf of GoG (it is an official DoW after all) and ruin any reputation that GoG might have with its allies and the general public of Orbis? If his opinion isn’t the official stance then, does that mean the CB listed is false? Does the statement that “he’s not even high gov” add to the fact that Ashland is just a token member within GoG who really shouldn’t be taken seriously..cuz I mean guys, he’s not even high gov.

If we scroll a bit further down that thread, before it turns into an IQ fest, we see that Ashland states that they are attacking us because we poached or attempted to poach GoG gov.

Let me tell you a little something Ma’am. It is true that Natalia, EvilPiggy, Hahiha & myself were all GoG gov. We stayed there, we did our work and our time and built some good shit and it was good while it lasted. A while later I started The Island on my own and my friends came over to join – sadly – those friends were still in GoG. Unfortunate for you if you believe a player can’t depart and join different alliances and you think that is poaching. Thats called OG fam bro – I know the closest things you got to fam is all them coons that stop by and knock you over at night on the curb…cuz yes, you trash bruhhh

There ain’t nobody currently in GoG that I would consider poachable material and that is primarily because I don’t even know anyone over there. I stopped paying attention to GoG after I left. The only thing close to poaching that could barely even stretch to is our constant remarks to Don Fluffles to join our fam on The Island. Don is a god damn lifer – we all know he’d never leave GoG and it is honestly OK. We love him regardless – he will always be OG Fam.

Not to mention, Hahiha is barely even active and we just kicked Piggy for being in VM for fucking ever. So, I guess congrats to me for having 1 active ex-GoG gov member? (not including myself)

As per usual your words are garbage, your trolling is trash, and your relevance is in the gutter. You will always make alliances look like shit and my only hope is that your actions open the eyes of your allies to show what a true joke you are & what you show your alliance to be.

Seeker would be doing GoG a giant favor removing you from the alliance – I mean he already seems to think you’re kinda nothing too, so maybe stop trying? Your old school references and overplayed insults towards me and my people are honestly so stale. If you wanna insult me, get some new material.

If y’all just hit us and kept it respectable and actually had some fun with it, this would be a completely different post. You’re the type of sour player that needs to be removed from this community or at least go back into hiding. Seeker is honestly a good guy and it sucks that he got stuck with you – I mean maybe you’re chill when you’re not hard for trolling me and my people, who knows, I drove through a town in NY with the same name as you though – nothing was there, seemed beaten down and old…the whole time I was like, I wonder if he named himself after this place, its fitting.

Anyway, thats it for WMT.

If you want a tl;dr

TI loves the wars we have regardless of winning or losing its been fun and a huge learning process. Ockey, Bluebear & even Epi have been stellar opponents and gentlemen through our battles and its been great talking to them. Ashland took a trip and stumble down retard row…and should never have popped his funky ass head from the past he’s still living in.

Final Result on the Trash-o-Meter: ASHLAND IS TRASH!

Seeker, if you’re reading this – ditch that home of sexual and take me. I’ll treat you right.