Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Part 2

Hey guys! Ready for Part 2?

Hey guys, this is my second part to my play-through of Claire’s campaign. This one, i wont have any video clips until the very end, where it will be just the entire gameplay video. The reason I decided to do it this way was to save time, due to having to upload videos on YouTube, now if you wish to see the return of these video clips, then send me a DM on discord, my name is Dr. Robbins(#0891), and if enough people want the video clips, then I will return them in the next article.  So let’s get started on part 2!

Heads up guys, need to inform you on something else

The first article I wrote felt more like a how to article, which wasn’t my original intention, so this time I wont be doing that. Like with the video clips, if you would rather me tell you how to play instead of just my personal opinions; message me and if enough of you request it I will revert to that.

Lets talk about these portable safes…

These things are a pain the butt, or for me it was. I have a bad memory so these things take me a minute or two to figure out due to the fact i forgot the sequence and would make the same mistake over and over, and you can’t just play it once and figure it out, the game automatically gives it a random combination on every new game, so it’s never the same unlike the regular safes, which will always have the same combination. However these portable ones are programmed to be random generated and will never have the same combination as before. I learned this on my second attempt to go through this campaign. When you figure out the combination, you can use it in the safety locker room. You will still need to find the other key, which is in another portable safe.

What to do with they key

Remember that key? Well take it to this little device and you will use this key to fill in either spot number 2 or 3. After that, if you used it on 2, you can get the item from 102 and 208. After that, you’ll need to hunt down for the second key later on. When I got to this point, I was confused at first because I thought it would automatically assign it for me. I sat there confused and pressed enter once, and then it wanted me to confirm. I did learn its best to use the first one on 2 so you  can get two items before getting the knife.


Them keys though.

The keys in this game are color coded and shape coded based off chess pieces. The first key you will find is a light blue spade key. All keys but one key is available on both campaigns. However Leon’s campaign is the only one with the key that is green. I haven’t played Leon’s Campaign yet, and will do so once I finish this play-through

Was that a frog leg… or was that the famous lickers?

Notice that thing crawling on the outside of the window? For returning Resident Evil players, they will know this is the famous licker. However for new players they won’t have a clue. When I first saw this, I kind of forgotten about the lickers due to not playing Resident Evil for a while. My first thought was i just saw a large frog leg. I know what your thinking. Frog leg? that thing is too big and crawling on a window! Well, yes I know how foolish that sounded as soon as I made that comparison the very minute that popped into my head. It is not a large frog, but a licker. If you continue on into the hall until you run into a barricade to stop you from going further you will even find a note calling them lickers. I believe this was a good introduction of these annoying creatures from hell.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to C4?

Alright guys, I don’t know how a Police Station got hold of C4, and I’m not entirely sure why a police station would have any but that’s OK. Unfortunately you can’t use this until you find the detonator and batteries which made me react like this:

Time to check up on Marvin

Well, I eventually got called back to the main lobby by Marvin. This time it was completely unrelated to getting out! It was to have a small chit-chat about a mysterious man waiting at the gate. Oh wait, that would be Leon Kennedy! Frankly, I am not sure why Marvin didn’t give her a key to that gate or tell her to go fetch the key before going to Leon but Okay.

Who is ready for a grenade launcher?!

OK, I lied we haven’t gotten the grenade launcher yet, even-though my header says who is ready. This is just the key to unlock the locked cage housing the grenade launcher. However still excellent news, the grenade launcher is fun to fire!

In the same room, which is the Art Room, you’ll find this odd statue. At first it’s missing its arm, but you’ll get the book from the library, and the arm on the table right next to the statue. Once you combine the arm and the book, you can use it to unlock the emerald. Examine the emerald staff and the gem will be taken out. Save it for later, trust me you’ll need it.

Was this pilot drunk or infected?

Yes, for the game to progress, this helicopter needed to crash so it can introduce a boss later in the game. However I have one question, what the hell happened to the pilot? Why did he crash into the police station? Was he drunk or was he infected and died while flying? Too many questions, not enough answers.

Flirty Claire is flirty

In this scene, i don’t think the writers intended this to be as flirty as it was. Like the vibe i got was Claire flirting with Leon Kennedy. Even when she was telling him to go because zombies were going to surround him if he didn’t leave. C’mon writers, you know Leon will fall for Ada Wong, so this was unnecessary flirty atmosphere was completely unnecessary.


The mysterious, the one and only GM-72 Grenade launcher has arrived! This weapon is so fun to play with, just be careful as ammo is relatively low and sometimes you can hurt yourself if your too close to the flame/acid blast zone. Trust me, I caught myself on fire multiple times fighting monsters.

Unicorn Medallion

Now that we got the Unicorn Medallion, that leaves us with one more before we can move underground. This part of the game was difficult for me at first, and I have to be honest, I had to google hints. I would google the exact spot i was at in the game in hopes of not ruining anything but I ended up ruining it for me. That sucked but I kinda kept running in circles on my first play-through, and on my second play-through I made slightly fewer mistakes. It took me 2 fails to get it right, and that’s fine. If it was easy, would be no fun eh?

The Ending of Part 2 of my gameplay play-through

As promised, I will be linking the video below, but wanted to state, I had a lot of fun playing this to get the videos and the images for you guys. Not just from playing the game, but also writing this up. I hope this will convince some of you to give this game a try when it comes on sale during Summer/Winter Discount sales. Anyways below you’ll find a chopped up video. I had to remove parts of the video to get rid of Steam notifications and something went wrong with the audio during recording.