Resident Evil 2(2019) Claire’s Campaign Player Review Part 1

Welcome to my little article

Hey Orb-Gaming viewers, I am Dr. Robbins and this is my first article I am writing on the site, mostly because honestly, I just love this remake of Resident Evil 2 and wanted to share my experience with you guys. When I first heard about the remake, I was nervous when I first heard about them remaking the game, I felt like they were going to put too much action sequences, be too fast paced and frankly boring and by boring i mean generic Resident Evil Action filled game like Resident Evil 6(that game was truly disgusting). My worries were lowered after I saw a video of the developer stating they wanted to keep the remake as close as possible to the original but with better camera feature and small changes to the campaign so experts in the original game were able to experience a fresh experience to the game. I am glad to say, after playing it a few times, I am grateful how much i enjoyed the game so far. Today, I am going to show you parts of my experience with the game, and I will be doing it in multiple parts. I have not finished the game yet, I have attempted multiple times but I made mistakes, and I felt the need to restart and try again.

Warning, I am a noob at this game, and the video clips I’m going to share with you is actual game-play by me so beware of mistakes pros do not make. I also want to state if you wish to avoid reading everything I write about and do not want to watch the different clips you can scroll to the bottom of the article and a full video of gameplay will be shown at the bottom, totally no commentary.  So let’s go ahead and take a look at the very beginning intro video

The time a Semi Truck hit a zombie…

First things first, lets discuss that “sandwich” at the beginning. My first thought of that sandwich was that he was eating rotting food. Like it did not look appealing. Second of all, my very first time playing, I had no clue you had to go to your computer settings and change your Video/Audio Player to Windows Media Player otherwise you’ll experience the most annoying thing ever, audio being out of sync. The video was always faster than the audio until I realized that I was supposed to change my default app to Windows Media Player. Does not matter if you have it installed, it has to be selected as default or you will experience, and that took me days to find out even after reading the solution multiple times. Yes I know, bad at following instructions but hey, I never had a game where my default player affected gameplay.

These graphics are total winners.

I want to also state I enjoyed the graphics in this game. Very enjoyable to watch and not at all terrible in my opinion. I read that some people had problems with the animation, even some comparing facial animation to Mass Effect Andromeda’s and honestly, I do not see the goofy animations I saw in Andromeda. Anyways, back to Resident Evil 2, another thing that bugged me was the fact he was listening to the radio and hearing about people looking like they rotted and did not just turn around right then and ran away but instead he kept going and then he ran  right over the zombie lady and the zombie had no marks from being hit, and I am definitely sure that type of hit would have destroyed the brain, or the very least, snapped the neck to kill the zombie, but what do I know. Also be warned, total spoiler alert, turn around if you do not want anything at all ruined, otherwise carry on and enjoy this awkward lets play video and the clips i pulled so i can talk about it!

When the gas station has too many unruly folks

Here is the Gas Station, introduction to how to move, aim, shoot collect items and interact with locked doors. It is best to learn the basic control to run/walk while at the very beginning, no zombies appear until after you get to the scene with the Sheriff, so walk and run for a bit to get used to the controls before you enter that scene, afterwards zombies magically appear in the store.

After the scene of this sheriff gets his neck munched on like a snack, and the introduction to the first zombie, it is imperative that you do not waste all your ammo killing this one zombie, you start out with 10 bullets, and its all you get until you get to the police station. The most effective way i found to get through this area is to shoot its knees a couple of times until he loses his legs, which usually leaves you on average of 5 bullets left. They are really easy to dodge when they are crawling, however still be cautious because they can be sneaky little buggers. My first time, I wasted all my ammo onto the first zombie shooting in the head trying to kill it, and let me tell you, not all head-shots means the zombie will die, these zombies can absorb a few head-shots. Best outcome, get the zombie down to a slow crawl, run past it and grab the key and run past it, unlock the door and make your way to the door, just watch out, you can’t just make a straight line to the door, a zombie is blocking your way and its ill-advised to waste ammo on the zombies in the store. Go through the middle aisle and make your way through until you get to the door and bam you hit the cut-scene of Leon Kennedy and watch the scene that unfolds. No need to worry about smashing buttons during this cut-scene, and so far I haven’t found a scene that makes you mash buttons to run faster and etc.

I don’t have much to say about this scene, however I do want to state how wonderful the intro scene is past the Raccoon Sign. The statue with blood coming up to her face from her chest is my favorite image in the entire game so far. Not much else to say about it.


How did she survive that unharmed?

I have to admit, I was disappointed with this scene, I mean don’t get me wrong, it was a good scene, but the part where Claire acts completely fine afterwards does not make any sense to me. Yes I know there is people in the real world that can handle that, but not many. She should have had broken ribs, or at the very least cracked ribs and unable to run. I guess the adrenaline kept her moving but even then, she would have eventually calmed down from her adrenaline high and felt the pain of being slammed into the car. That was my sole complaint about action in this game so far.


Woah, tons of rioters, get to the station quick!

The way to the police station is relatively short, and if possible, avoid shooting zombies and run straight to the gate. You only have the remaining bullets left that you didn’t use at the gas station and there is more zombies than there is ammo. Preserve that ammo and if you have to shoot a zombie to get past, shoot it’s leg off or shoot it and hope you get the zombie into the stun animation to give you enough time to run past it. Preserve that ammo! Once your inside the police station, explore the room your in and collect the ammo on the first floor and second floor, it’ll be useful in the next part and switch your weapon with the deluxe weapon you get by opening the chest. It holds more ammo in the clip, faster reload and frankly, better than the revolver in my opinion. Now this part was relatively easy. Once you get to the police station, the first room is basically:

  • Collect items
  • switch your revolver to the better handgun provided in the chest
  • interact with the computer to get the map of the wing you’ll be going into next
  • save and go to the next room.

Simple right? yeah it is but its one of the few last times it will be that simple. The rest of the game is puzzles, reading and finding clues. The game will not give you directions to where your goal is. You have to discover everything on your own. Tip: Map is very useful to tell if a room is emptied out of everything or not.


East hallway, it’s totally flooded and full of the undead

This area is dark, and it was designed to keep you on your toes the first time you enter this area. The flooding, low lighting, and relatively quiet sounds put me on edge. I was expecting jump scares while i made my way through this hallway, the atmosphere was a cliché location for ones, but luckily they did not use that overused tactics most horror games use these days. You actually don’t run into any zombies at first, even in the conference room where you grab some ammo off a dead body, I was expecting an ambush, a jumps-care, something but nothing. The game developer was more ready to keep you in suspense on when a group of zombies will show up as much as possible without removing action. In fact, you don’t see your next zombie until the gruesome scene that contains this screenshot

However, be warned once this scene ends, zombies show up in the hallway you were just in, and guess what, you have to run through that part once again.


Whoa, this medallion fits!

In this scene, you will see me make some mistakes, even got bit by the SAME zombie twice, once because I was stupid enough to think I could run faster than the zombie can grab onto me and the next time I forgot to make sure zombies weren’t hiding outside of my view given to me by the game because I just had to collect the wooden boards and ammo from a closet room with zombies roaming the hallway. I know, was not the smartest thing I did, and I would probably not survive a zombie apocalypse in the real world, but luckily zombies could never happen. Anyways, the scene you get once you go through the shutters again is great. I loved the entrance of Marvin

(Marvin the total badass)

His utter badassery of slamming the shutter to squish that zombies head was great and hilarious to me at the exact same time. I am fully grateful to see that scene and watching zombie brains squish out of that dead mans skull. Shame he dies later on, would have made a great sidekick! After the scene ends, run straight up the stairs, read the officers notes and fulfill your destiny of collecting your first Medallion. It’s really simple, of course I have a bad short-term memory so I had to keep exiting out of the screen to reread the book to get the right combo, but shh that isn’t important, right?

The Sun sets at the west, and so does the zombies?

This area didn’t put me in an uneasy state of mind like the East hallway did when I first entered this hallway, but I gotta admit, the art design of this dead cop sent a slight shiver through my spine and I so loved the details they put into it.

Getting to the Records and jumping through a window!

Seeing the stringy goodness of them face muscles and blood vessels and other meaty goodness holding the jaw up was my highlight. I just love it OK? After that, a cheesy can or bucket falls over and ‘spooks’ you from looking at the dead cops face and causes you to keep exploring the hallway, which is rather uneventful. If you bump into the cop that is hanged onto what i think was a hook, it falls and acts like a jump scare but otherwise, nothing. Nada, just board up the two windows and the next time you enter that hallway, you *shouldn’t* expect zombies, however sometimes zombies still get in so I may just be missing a window. The window at the very end, board it up quickly to block the zombie banging on the window from breaking in, or you may have to fight her to get past to enter the next room your suppose to enter. Grab the ammo, another map and document and then jump through the window and bam, you’re at the next part. Easy right? Of course it is, the game doesn’t want to run you off *yet*. Soon as the animation of your character jumping through the window and entering the next hallway, there is a dumb zombie banging its head against the coke machine. That cop really wanted a coke when he turned and he must have kept wanting that damn sugary goodness of reese’s cup, because real people prefer reese’s cups over those dry goldfish and other forms of crackers, and this was an obvious real person before he died, so pay your respects folk, he died a hero, and then turned into a mindless monster who only wants to eat your brains but ignore him for now, turn around and grab those delicious bullets and then put the poor cop who wanted his chocolate goodness snack before he became a zombie. Then, here comes the ambush zombies, the zombies that are appear dead, but get up soon as you get close enough to trigger them.

Ambush zombies? When did they strategize?

I found the best way to discover a way to tell if they are an ambush zombie or not is by simply slashing them with your knife. That way you don’t waste ammo on corpses. Once you clear out the zombies in the hallway, head straight for the supply locker room, you can enter the locker number to collect the roll film and the handgun ammo. Unfortunately the rest you cannot receive until you collect the two keys to replace the 2 key and 3 key, which is missing and you cannot grab that sweet grenade launcher, which i should add can only be used by Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy is not cool enough to get a grenade launcher. and that’s all that’s really you can collect from the room, so go ahead and leave the room and time for the nice room with desks and an office with a safe which i could not open because I need to find the combination, which is boo! I am impatient, i want them goodies now! thankfully, you can get some goodies, just not the one in the safe for now. There is some cocaine gunpowder, speed reloader for the revolver, sweet handgun ammo  and some notes. Also if you look really hard, you’ll see a Toy Raccoon on the shelf, go ahead and shoot it. Once you shoot all of them you unlock a sweet achievement, best part, once you shoot them, they don’t respawn in new game, so if you missed some in the first play-through, you don’t have to retrace the ones you did get all over again and you can just hunt for the ones you missed. After the room is cleared, we can finally move on and finish the first floor, well until we have to return here anyways. At this point, i just ran and boarded the windows near the windows and saved and called it a day afterwards.


So whats my thoughts so far?

I have enjoyed the majority of my time so far. It isn’t too easy but it isn’t too difficult, I struggled at first and im kinda slow with puzzles but whats the fun of an easy no challenge type of game? Absolutely nothing. Nothing wrong with challenge, and if you aren’t being challenged and have to figure it out, your just a nerd who is scared of a few losses.


I will be doing more until I finish Claire’s campaign, I will record all gameplay for you guys and write about it, try to make it interesting and give tips while I talk about the game and environment I am in. Now for those people who wished to bypass this entire article, here is part one of Lets Play Resident Evil 2(2019) Claire’s Campaign(No Commentary) Part 1