Rough Riders – A New Flag


Monday Oct. 1 21:36 | ORB Newsroom

Have you seen it? Well, now you have.

Rough Riders have officially rolled out a new flag for their alliance – featuring the head of Teddy Roosevelt superimposed over the snake on the Gadsden Flag with the words “why would you treaty RR?!” in the traditional sarcastic sponge bob meme text. What’s the story behind this new flag that popped up over night? We looked into it…

We reached out to Uncle Tom – Leader of Rough Riders and he says that they “used the ‘don’t tread on me’ a.k.a the Gadsden Flag because it’s a figurehead of the libertarian party and it represents our capitalist and free-spirited nature.” Moving on towards the superimposed head, Tom provided that they “used Teddy Roosevelt’s head because he was in the Rough Riders,” and he added that he was “one of the greatest presidents in American history.”

So, we have the reason behind the flag backdrop and the reason for Teddy to take the place of the traditional snake’s head – but why the intentional stab at themselves on “why would you treaty RR!?” – Tom tells Orbis Weekly that “the quote is from what our allies continually get asked by people who don’t know us. Kind of a fuck you to all the people who hate.”

Well, there you have it folks – the true meaning behind an overnight flag change…and a bizarre one at that.

wOuLd YoU hOiSt iT?

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