ICYMI: State of Decay 2 Major Update for Tomorrow

Do you still play State of Decay 2? We do and we are here to announce a huge update that will likely bring a lot more players back to the game. Undead Labs revealed a major update which is being dubbed ‘Choose Your Own Apocalypse’ on March 12th during a Livestream interview on Twitch. This update will be in your hands on March 26th.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

What is it?

This update will bring you two new difficulty modes with a few new creatures added to the mix to up that difficulty even more. These new modes will be Dread and Nightmare Zones – which means with the addition of these two modes and the normal mode we’ve all been playing on, you have three options to choose for your apocalypse.

Dread Zones

  • Threat level is elevated, making sieges at your base more frequent and more dangerous.
  • Hordes are larger and more frequent, and some of them wear armor.
  • Zombie attacks do more damage and cause more injuries.
  • Zombies are no longer visible on the mini-map unless your active character has the Scouting skill.
  • Zombies will spend longer chasing a noise before losing interest.
  • Blood Plague is more infectious and kills you faster.
  • Hostile NPCs can survive a headshot or two before dying.

Nightmare Zones
Nightmare Zones have all the same challenges as Dread Zones, plus –

  • There are significantly more freaks and hordes in the world.
  • Zombies have an extremely long memory for where noises came from.
  • Bloaters, screamers, and ferals can travel in packs.
  • Blood plague is even more virulent.
  • Plague hearts are more abundant.
  • Hostile NPCs can take even more headshots before dying.
  • Hostile NPCs have a chance to headshot the player, bringing them near death.
  • There are even fewer resources and items to be found out in the world.
  • Many of the sites in each map have been completely looted before you can even get there.
  • Vehicles are even rarer, and tend to show up broken-down and out of gas.

On top of that, you’ll be going up against the blood plagued juggernaut you may have encountered in the Daybreak DLC – these will be introduced in the Nightmare zones…and if it couldn’t get any worse, these freaks can now travel in packs so prepare yourself for feral packs, bloater pods, and screamer choirs.

You’re probably thinking that this might end up as flat as the Daybreak DLC which received tremendous negative feedback, but Undead Labs promises this new update will be more than just a DLC – in fact – the entire set up acts as if you’re just moving your community to a different location on the map. Speaking of moving your community, that is exactly what you can do with these new zones. “If you have an existing community, simply select the zone of your choice from the in-game menu. You’ll be prompted to move your community, just like changing maps,” Undead Labs said in their Livestream.

Here are some more facts for y’all:

  • Cross Zone Multiplayer
    • You will still be able to pair up with your friends across all available difficulty zones (Standard, Dread, Nightmare). You’ll see a warning confirming that you want to play at a different difficulty level.
  • Too Hard! I want to go back!
    • Easy. Just use the in-game menu and switch back to the zone of your choice.
  • Achievements
    • 16 new achievements for a total of 275 Gamerscore.
  • Legacy Renew?
    • If you want to use a legacy boon you must have earned it in the difficulty you want to use it in. If you earn it in Nightmare you can use it in any difficulty. Standard boons can only be used in Standard.
  • Item Loss
    • You will be able to keep all your stuff – guns, ammos, equipment – everything, when you switch maps.
  • Sieges
    • More frequent

In addition to these new zones a few other updates are going to be pushed through on March 26th, these include:

  • Better stability.
  • Better graphics performance.
  • Fix to zombies showing up randomly in your base and the safe zone surrounding your base.
  • When starting a new community you will now be able to select on the map where you’d like to go as well as which difficulty.
  • Various bug fixes.

Items not making the cut this update, if ever:

  • Beards on characters (maybe soon)
  • New Survivors (soon)
  • Soldier Survivors (soon)
  • Character Customization (never)
  • Distance Tether Increase (never)
  • WW2 Weapons (maybe soon)
  • Trumbull Valley [New Map+] (soon)

The Choose Your Own Apocalypse update comes out, free, to all SOD2 owners on March 26th and is available for Xbox One and PC.