Surfs Up [6/10 Update]

We are back at it again folks with another update for the war that keeps raging on, Surfs Up. It has been about 15 days since our last update and boy have some things changed! Before we get into the thick of it, remember that below we will track previously recorded data compared to data recorded today – you can check out some pretty big changes since war kicked off.

One of the biggest events that have happened during this war has been the Nova Riata exploit – which has damaged not only reputations, but costs a lot of players their nations and – Nova Riata no longer exists. Through a series of investigations, it was found that Nova Riata found some exploit to basically duplicate resources at mass which obviously would allow them to not only distribute those resources for growth but make a ton of cash of it in the process through the global market. We won’t cover that story in its entirety here, most of the details were laid out pretty clear from the process, through the crime, to the justice handed out by players and Admin right on the PW Forums, we’ll add some links to the bottom of this post if you missed it.

As these two spheres battle it out in this ‘fun war’  – let’s take a look at the current total damages for both sides (graphs below) – Ketog is looking at a Total Net damage of $83.14 Billion while Chaos is sitting roughly with a Total Net damage of about $-84 Billion.

The famous NPO-Owned War Statistics tracker is tracking the current stats of the war which is being called ‘that’s bait’ – you can always check out those stats for this conflict and other conflicts on NPO’s stat tracker.

Here is a graph for STARTING (close to the beginning) stats for dealt and received.

graph start

Here is a graph for current stats for dealt and received – 15 days later                    Recorded on 6/10.


During the peak of the massive political changes that hit Orbis, many alliances promised more wars, frequent skirmishes, and a bit more fun – the only other example of a fun war that Orbis received from these promises was SOUP declaring war on WTF and Fark.

Again, we spoke to leading members of each group and alliance to see where their minds are today vs on day one.


Charlie Traveler – Soup Kitchen

Charlie told us that “the war is tough! KETOG are skilled adversaries, we’ve been able to find some places to improve internally during this war and it’s been [a] great experience for our side.” When we asked if they are still having fun, Charlie added: “losing is always tough, but war is very fun!” We’ll see how he’s fairing on the next check-in.

Ripper – Church of Spaceology

Dog Jump GIF - Dog Jump SuperJump GIFs

Ripper shared this gif with us, stated “A member posted this today (Betusomething)” and he noted that it was “Chaos upper tier coming out of beige.” We also asked Ripper if he was still having fun and he told ORB, “It’s rare to not have fun during a war. Although there is always stress, etc.” Ripper did mention to us that he “thinks it’s obvious that GOB and Guardian didn’t attack CoS just ‘for fun and because they were bored,”’ but he did mention that the war is still light and non-toxic.

Squeege – Seven Kingdoms

Unfortunately, Squeege doesn’t care about the war  nor commenting for his alliance. ORB called him a piece of shit.

We reached out to Seven Kingdoms & The Knights Radiant who have not shared a comment. We hope all is well.


Keegoz – Knights Templar

When we asked Keegoz how the war was going he said: “it’s going well, we seem to just be sitting on them now.” He also added that “a lot of our guys who got hit heavy in counters are trying to now push their stats into the positives.” When we touched on the funness of the war Keegoz told ORB that although he hasn’t been able to fight much, he’s been told: “it’s getting less enjoyable as more chaos members are generally suiciding and/or rolling over.”

Buorhann – The Golden Horde

Buorhann told us that the war is going pretty well; “granted a lot of our top tier are sitting there watching. Damage is still accumulating on both sides, our low tier players are getting in much-needed experience.” Buorhann tells us that the war is still fun for his alliance and adds “I’ve shared some friendly barbs here and there. As for the sphere? Some of them are having a lot of fun and some of them are just waiting to see what happens next.”

Peace Talks

When we interviewed the parties above, we also asked about peace and the negotiations they may be taking part in. It seems that peace has been kicked around, but there are no definitive plans for peace at this time. Charlie tells us, “we have a tentative idea of how things will end, but no one has been willing to commit pen to paper, so it’s still up in the air.”  – all parties have echoed this same sentiment.

Front Line Expands

There hasn’t been much expansion with alliances joining in, as we heard above – the general house rules for this fight is to keep it as closed off as possible. We have had a few slight changes with the current war roster with Arrgh originally being reported, but now Oblivion holds that spot – and as we all know and as reported above, Nova Riata – although not knocked out in war, knocked out by it’s own doing is also crossed off the roster for Chaos.

Current War Roster:


  1. Knights Templar
  2. Grumpy Old Bastards
  3. Guardian
  4. The Golden Horde
  5. Empyrea
  6. Arrgh
  7. Oblivion


  1. Valinor
  2. Nova Riata
  3. Soup Kitchen
  4. Seven Kingdoms
  5. The Knights Radiant
  6. Church of Spaceology
  7. Silenzio

Here’s a quick look at an early Round 1 Leaderboard


Here’s a look at the same leaderboards, 15 days later – 6/10/19


We will keep you in the loop with any updates on this war, in the meantime, check out some sweet memey propaganda.

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