‘Surfs Up’ KETOG Strikes Chaos

Knights Templar member, RAM of Dark Castle was the first to kick off the war on May 25th in-game time, between the KETOG and Chaos blocs striking The Knights Radiant. Keegoz, Knights Templar leader posted KETOG’s Declaration of War at approximately 7 pm CST on the Politics & War Alliance Affairs forums.

Boredom has once agains struck our shores. The months of inactivity, consolidation and posturing have left this game quiet and boring. We have therefore decided to ride the boredom wave straight into Chaos. People who we believe know how to have some fun, fight and put on a good show. – Keegoz

KETOG houses Knights Templar, The Golden Horde, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, Empyrea – with connections to Oblivion. Chaos houses Seven Kingdoms, Church of Spaceology, The Knights Radiant, Soup Kitch – with connections to Nova Riata and Valinor. Theodosius provided an early look at tiering for both sides on the PW Forums:

unknown (1)


The famous NPO-Owned War Statistics tracker is not currently housing stats for this war, we assume they will add this war to their roster soon. tracking the current stats of the war which is being called ‘that’s bait’ – you can check out those stats on NPO’s stat tracker.

Here is a graph for current (close to the beginning) stats for dealt and received.

graph start

During the peak of the massive political changes that hit Orbis, many alliances promised more wars, frequent skirmishes, and a bit more fun – the only other example of a fun war that Orbis received from these promises was SOUP declaring war on WTF and Fark.


We reached out to all the parties involved in the current conflict to get initial reactions andogd just a few words from the frontlines. Charlie of SOUP and Squeegee of Seven Kingdoms shared the same image – quickly solidifying the fact that this is a fun war, and there are more memes to come. Squeegee added that they are having fun and “fires burn in all the right places 😉 ”

When we spoke with Schirminator from The Knights Radiant he told us “Overall, it’s fairing alright. We have a lot of newer members getting their first taste of war and so far, KETOG has been pretty respectful towards us. It’s a good and fair fight and I look forward to being a part of it.” Schirminator also added “even though I got triple dec’d and I’m personally losing my fight XD” Adrienne told us that it’s “been hectic of course, but pretty fun so far and I’m enjoying the chance to go up against some old friends hahaha.”

Church of Spaceology leadership, Ripper, told ORB (jokingly) “This time, GOB will really have to change their acronym.”


Keegoz from the other side of the war, Knights Templar said: “I hope it is a fun war and so far it is going as predicted, we’re securing the top/whale tier and they are trying to secure the mid to lower tiers.”

Buorhann from The Golden Horde had a little bit more to say; “The plan of the war was to find someone that we thought we’d have fun fighting. After seeing the effort done between SOUP and Fark, we figured we’d give it a shot on fighting Chaos as a whole.”

If you remember from before SOUP hit WTF and Fark and the exchange was handled as peaceful and fun as possible.

“Already, they’re using their upper tier nations to down declare and make the use of their military as much as possible before they’re zeroed out, which is a smart idea on their part.” Buorhann also added that “they can do memes, we’re going to do memes, and we hope to entertain everyone.”

Empyrea had a little bit of a rough start themselves when a member was given permission to mess with perms on their discord server – all war channels were suddenly public. We spoke with CitrusK who said “I think the war against CHAOS is going great so far. I’ve yet to turn beige which is a really good sign, and it’s just fun.”

Thanks to all the leadership for being good sports with us on this, we look forward to keeping up with y’all as the war progresses.

We will keep you in the loop with any updates on this war.