The Anthem Yeet

ORB Streamer MadMax739 tells us that while he was walking through Fort Tarsis after coming home from an expedition he witnessed a citizen being thrown across the square as the door opened.

We decided to add our own little twist to this.

Community Javelins

We took to Twitter and asked the ORB community to share their created javelins around early access time for the Anthem game and they did not disappoint.

Our first submission came from @solidscorpionz representing a Storm Javelin.

Second came from @thaddeusPrime who submitted a video of his Ranger during the early part of the game – we only expect a greater group of javelins in @thaddeusPrime’s inventory.

Third was from @BecomeaPrime who submitted a few stunning images of his Javelins. Featuring a Storm and Interceptor.

Lastly, one of our own ORB Gamers shared their very own Storm Javelin – @Joshnytx on Xbox.


Anthem Early Access & Updates

We have finally made it one more step to the official release of Anthem – early access. Although the early access for Origin subscribers on PC and EA Access members on Xbox was plagued by server issues and players being locked out, players kept trying and didn’t hesitate to post up their reactions to the fully unlocked game and its story.

If you scroll through the top #AnthemGame tags on twitter you will find hundreds of tweets that speak volumes of greatness for Anthem, but a few questionable tweets and reviews that compare Anthem to Destiny with players not finding any type of attraction to continue playing, but these reviews do add that they will keep playing to find that attraction to not put the control down.

Have you jumped into Anthem yet with early access? Let us know what you thought and share your Javelin with us! @ORBWeekly on twitter.

Anthem News & Updates

Anthem plans on launching multiple acts throughout the game progression that will launch more content to the game, but it is unfortunately receiving a lot of negativity.

The game is now launched early access at its base and will launch on the 22nd of this month as the base with the ability to play the beginning missions, level up your javelin, and get the feel for the game (we believe) before we start launching into Act 01: Echoes of Reality in March.

Evolving world will add in a new dynamic for freelancers itching for more which will change the world you know by stirring up in-game events that include minor ripples in reality to ‘monstrous’ firestorms in the sky – said to be worth the rewards. This update will also include events, game optimization, rewards, stronghold, social interaction in forms of guilds and leaderboards, missions and of course the biggest event The Cataclysm.The Cataclysm for Echoes of Reality will emerge in the jungle nation of Bastion – freelancers band together to discover mysteries, defeat enemies, and reap ‘unimaginable rewards.’

EA says new content, characters, and rewards will be pushed to the game in the weeks and months to come and have listed two more Acts (Act 02, 03) on the official Anthem site.