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War Map(1)

Updated 11/12/2018 – 0026 CST

Today we added lines (purple) to show United Hoods’ departure from the front lines.

It would also seem that the 12th Global War on Orbis is now officially being called Knightfall…although there seems to be some issues with the poll not staying open long enough for the community to come vote.

That is it for today folks – we seem to have hit that brick wall of war.

Updated 11/8/2018 – 2130 CST

It has been 11 days since our last ORB War Tracker update! Where have we been?

Truth is, not much has happened or changed dramatically within the war – you do have plenty of people walking the path of saltiness, you got others trying to urge others to get into the war, and you got some people just straight up getting bored.

Let’s face it – when we are sitting out of these wars, we are constantly begging for one to happen and once it does, there is some minor excitement, huge spur of activity, and then just like that we are bored again.


Something a bit exciting for you might have been the numerous posts, which may have been a push to get Vanguard to join the war?

All of these posts seem to follow the same theme of “I identify as…” – but this is pretty much just old news – all of these fake news DoE posts were sent to the forums on November 1st, by the aggressors of this war.

We saw Sketchy from TGH post on ‘behalf’ of Polaris again…

We watched as Fezza got ripped apart on the forums – apparently looking to gather a lot of support from his side, which fell…quickly & Rozalia is back?

On Sunday, we all got Fraggle’d again – hearing from ChuChu Fraggle in the Alliance Affairs section of the PW Forums. Looks like Fraggle’s 1 man alliance is now a 2 man alliance.

One last thing we want to report on today, which relates to the war is stats! A lot of people thought that ORB Weekly would post and keep up with war stats – unfortunately that was never in our plans, we wanted to keep up with the action and the story – luckly, there are many awesome people in the world who love stats and work hard to produce those stats – today we stumbled upon a post by Frawley in Orbis Central. It would seem that NPO, Lord of Darkness, and Frawley have designed a pretty awesome tool for war tracking – fits in nicely with a clean ui, searchable stats, very easy to use. Frawley says in his post that “this tool tracks every single attack made in the game, it tracks the infra prior to and immediately after attacks.” This system also uses the daily average traded resource price for all loot calculations, resource use costs, and rebuys.

They even have awesome graphics:




Frawley announced that they will have leaderboards for Unit Kills, Most Damaging Beige’s, and list of individual attacks coming soon – plus more!

All stats are available through NPO’s forums right here, have some fun and check out your stats!




Updated: 10/28/2018 0240 CST

Nothing crazy has been happening on the war-side of things besides the continual grind and issue with the ‘war slot line’ – people aren’t finding slots anymore. That is what happens when you have so many people going for so few targets.

Multiple sources are citing that there are not going to be further counters in this war and that this war set up will continue till both sides come to an agreement – BUT – that doesn’t mean there will be changes to directions of aggression.  Stay tuned.

Map Changes/Additions

  • Added public neutral parties.
  • Changed Federation lines to purple to indicate there was aggression, but now they are out of the war.


Updated: 10/26/2018 0015 CST

We have updated some lines and aesthetics of the tracker.


Updated: 10/24/2018

Updated: 10/22/2018 1747 CST

We are back with another update – looks like we have some action kicking up in the protectorate circles. It should be noted that we apply those who we see (At the time of posting) are attacking those who created war declarations, if we missed anyone let us know! We will slap them on the map too!

Updated: 10/21/2018

Updated: 10/20/2018

We have updated the war tracker – please be advised that we are keeping this as simple as possible. If you follow the game politics & follow the war progression in our The Brink reports, it would be clear and obvious who the sides are. RED lines will mark the aggressors, blue lines will mark those on the opposite of the aggressors. If we end up with side wars throughout, we will add them with a different color. It is also to be assumed that those alliances who did declare war on another  would be retaliating against each other – so there are no double lines being drawn.

Updated: 10/20/2018

Understanding the Tracker:

In efforts to make this a lot simpler for everyone now and into the future when people look back at wars, I decided to create the main DoW lines (aggressors) Red. The Defenders will be in Blue. Blue lines created for offense are only for alliances that were not apart of the main declaration – for example – those that are going to war based off their ally being hit. It would be assumed that if an alliance hits another alliance they would be sharing declarations on each other – so there are no extra lines drawn.

Neutral Parties will be placed on the tracker later on.

Updated: 10/19/18

We have finally come to the point we have all been waiting for – GLOBAL WAR. ORB is pleased to announce that, if you’ve been following our “The Brink” posts, we correctly delivered the scenario!

We have seen a multitude of declarations posted on the Politics & War Forums – due to an appearance on the GreatJob! show tonight, my work to get you guys this updated war tracker was a little bit delayed.

Please, if there are any errors – let me know ASAP so they can be corrected.

Updated: 10/18/18 0215 CST

Multiple reports have been sent in to Orbis Weekly over the last 12 hours that indicated war would be happening today. As of update, no shots have been heard. In addition to those reports, we also heard rumor to ‘watch out for midnight’ – with no specific timezone indicated. We waited here at Orbis Weekly till 0000 CST – still, no sign of war.

There is still war on the horizon, don’t think of this as just a dud. Right now, each side of this war are trying to make the other side jump – so far nothing is working. The staring contest continues.

We have entered a cold war-era time.

Stay with us as we continue our report in this post.

Original Post 10/17/18

It’s that time of year, the time for war!

Orbis Weekly has been reporting to you about upcoming war for some time now in our ‘The Brink” reports. It has come to our attention that this war is about to kick off, in time with our theory. (The NAP end on the 18th).

The good news is, we are going to track every aspect of this war and get as many details as we can to keep you all in-tune with all war operations, even when you’re busy with your own.

Stay Tuned.


Black Knights SLAMS Syndisphere (briefly)


Orbis Weekly has been working to cover this story that was tipped to us yesterday. Around 10:15 on October 28th, we received word that Camelot and Argos attacked United Hoods. ORB staff quickly began investigating as news broke that the micro’s protectors – Black Knights & The Syndicate also became involved in this aggression.  To remove bias from our news coverage, we reached out to The Syndicate, Black Knights, Camelot, United Hoods, and Animation Domination. Luckily, we were able to receive comment from all parties on the situation – at the time of our investigation, it would seem that the situation that escalated into war declarations had already fizzled out, but here is what we gathered.

To start at the beginning, we take a look at a couple of bounties that were placed on Camelot nations. These bounties are said to be placed by a United Hoods member by the name of Theodore al-Mahdi. Ayo, leader of United Hoods, tells ORB that “one of UH gov (not gov anymore) put a bounty on Arthur (Camelot) and hit him.” Epi of Camelot confirmed this bounty by saying that not only did UH put the one bounty on Arthur for $30 Million – but they also placed two additional bounties: one for 15 million and the other for 10 million, on other members. “We informed them we’d be cycling till he (Theodore) paid reparations.” Epi told Orb Weekly. “They countered us in the second part of it – and escalated it with allies on both sides appearing.”

Here you can see Theodore of United Hoods declare with reason of “I took out a huge loan to put that 30m bounty on you.”

Up to here, the story remains pretty clear – there were bounties placed, there was a war declaration, there were counters…grab your boots, it’s going to get a bit muddy. Continuing our conversation with Ayo he tells us that “to my knowledge I settled it (bounties) with Epi and [peace] was achieved. Two days later Camelot hits that member again, we countered them and shit went sideways.”


OG Hit
On 10/21 – Theodore of UH hits Arthur of Camelot.
OG peace
On 10/22 Camelot sends over counters which all seem to end in a truce on 10/24.
On 10/25 Camelot hits Theodore again.
On 10/28 (yesterday) Camelot makes another attempt for Theodore.
…which excels into both United Hoods and Camelot w/ Argos being at each other’s throats.               

Nobody can be exactly certain on who called in the protectors; The Syndicate, Black Knights, and Animation Domination – but they were called in. It would seem that for the most part, Animation Domination was backing United Hoods – but as far as negotiations and handling the larger issue, they took a back seat. Instead, Black Knights and The Syndicate talked it out over a few war declarations. It appears that Black Knights wasn’t having it and decided to send some nations over to the United Hoods.


Shortly after you see further declarations back and forth from The Enterprise, The Syndicate, and Black Knights. Obviously, there was a big enough issue at hand that needed to be resolved with a war order rather than simple words between two giants currently engaging in a global on the same team – right? ORB Weekly spoke with Partisan, The Syndicate’s leader who stated simply that “we had a little standoff. It’s been handled since.” For protectors to get involved in multiple wars over micro drama, mid-war, seems like it would be a little bit more than just a ‘little standoff’  – so we kept digging.


ORB Weekly was able to discover this particular message which indicated that the attempt by Camelot on United Hoods with the drawn in of Black Knights was in some way connected to trying to get The Fighting Pacifists involved to further the aggression within the current global. It is obvious that there are connections between all involved, connections that do stretch past United Hoods and into their joint Protectors TFP, Animation Domination, & The Syndicate – which also grows wider into the Paradise Bloc housing The Island, Animation Domination, and Rough Riders and then further connected to Bad Company, Polaris, OWR & TUE in Vanguard. Seems like bit of a stretch, but at the same time maybe worth a shot?

Originally, when speaking with Partisan about the short conflict – we got the notion that this was a simple misunderstanding, however, Partisan tells us that he doesn’t view it as a misunderstanding. “I think Camelot knew darn well what they were provoking.” Partisan was unwilling to comment further on that statement only to add “Bk had its own reasons/motivations which they’d be better suited to comment on.” As we pulled ourselves deeper through the mud in this story, we came across a detail that could explain the main reason behind Black Knights escalating so quickly. While speaking to Epi of Camelot we learned that during the skirmish between Camelot and United Hoods Curu (BK) was impersonated – and by a member of United Hoods. Apparently, this alleged member of United Hoods impersonated Curu on discord and issued orders via DMs to attack different people. Epi was unable to provide any evidence or proof beyond that statement. Pestilence confirms the impersonation saying that something like that did happen, but was unable to give exact details and refused further comment. How did our investigation pan out when questioning Ayo from United Hoods about these allegations? “What? where did you get that from? I don’t even know who curu is,” Ayo told ORB Weekly.

Could this escalation be because there was a serious attempt to widen the base of this war? To provide more war slots and force other alliances to engage? Could this really be a micro aggression issue where Camelot really only was focusing on retribution towards United Hoods in their bounty attempts and original attacks on their nations? Could something deeper be still hiding in the muck of this war? Using protectorates or other alliances as pawns to achieve a certain goal is not new to the world of Orbis. If The Syndicate has enough influence to gather troops for a global war, the current global war, and dogpile TKR & Friends – how much influence would it take to start a little trouble between some protectorates in hopes to tag a few other alliances into the fog of war? Probably very little. Keeping in mind that the theory that this is not the only line of aggression that IQ and T$ will be taking and KT and TGH are still going to enter a/the war at some point, we can only remain skeptic that this was just a little standoff over a minute issue such as micro drama.

Note: ORB Weekly considers itself an unbiased news source within the world of Orbis. It is our goal to track down details from all perspectives, angles, sides, and even outside of the box to provide you with a full panoramic view of what we are bringing you. We can only share what we are provided and in most cases, some members of the community refrain from speaking, cannot provide information, or only provide small details. If at anytime you read one of our articles and you know further information than what we have provided, let us know ASAP. We will correct what we have and post an update.

Thank you for being an ORB Member, Read on!










The Mad Titan/Thanos – ORB Interview


The ORB Interview

Featuring: The Mad Titan – Thanos – The BK Leader dude!

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

Looks like it’s BK week here at ORB. From the spotlight to the behind the scenes interview – y’all know BK – I don’t need to give you that much of an intro.

Orbis Weekly: Can you tell me a bit about your PW history? (where you started here, etc)

Thanos:  I am BK through and through. I was recruited by them when I first joined and have been in there ever since. I was a fairly casual player for my first few months, but after my first war of Pacifica I was wanting to get more into it. I started in IA, becoming low gov in that. Eventually I was low gov in defense, IA, and FA before finally going exclusively to FA. From their I became High Gov after ToT, moving to Viceroy Decemeber of that year. I then took over as emperor Feburary of this year, where I still am!

Orbis Weekly: Have you played any other simulation games in the past that may have led you to PW?

Thanos: I have not. I actually found out about P&W on reddit. Someone posted a random comment and it seemed intersesting so I checked it out.

Orbis Weekly: What is your current role within your PW alliance? Are you happy with that role?

Thanos: I am currently emperor of the Black Knights. I am happy with that role. I enjoy making BK better off as a whole, which I think I have been successful at. BK was a little shaky for a time period of ToT and I definitely think that’s behind us and that’s due to my strong gov.

Orbis Weekly: Any thoughts on the next Current Global War?

Thanos:   Simply put the game is having a correction in the politics of the game. The diverse coalition against TKR and friends simply speaks of the threat that they were perceived as. I don’t think it will be permanent and post war it will be interesting to see if TKR recovers and if not who will fill the gaps.

Orbis Weekly: Obviously you know that Alex is the game admin, what are your thoughts on him and his development practices?

Thanos: I think most of the time his heart is in the right place. I think he’s gotten better overall, and some of his changes just need more testing before being implemented. He also should consult more with a variety of alliance leaders rather than a chosen few.

Orbis Weekly: What do you think about PW Forum Moderation – what could be better?

Thanos: Personally I haven’t had a problem with it, but it is sketchy that mods play the game as well, impossible to not have bias. But for something as small as P&W I understand the need.

Orbis Weekly: Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers that you think they should know?

Thanos: Post War rebuilding loans available at Horizon Bank, get in line today!

Orbis Weekly: What is one thing you love doing in RL?

Thanos: Traveling. Last summer I went to China for two and half months and I will be going to Europe twice this year! I love seeing other cultures, and my favorite parts is trying new foods.

ORB sent these questions to Thanos prior to the war – some may seem outdated, but we did our best to make you an interview that works in the current global. Hope y’all enjoyed as much as Bk is currently enjoying the war!


Disclaimer: Some questions from ORB Interviews may not make it to publication due to substance, answer given, or the subject matter no longer maintaining relevance.