Political Posturing

This story starts August 19th, 2014 with the formation of Brotherhood of the Clouds, also known as BoC. Situated on the White Sphere, BoC pushed through many years of politics, war, and development before merging with The Chola to form Zodiac – about a year later, Zodiac quietly disbanded with most of its membership joining Black Knights and others forming the Chola Empire.

Nearly 4 years later, Brotherhood of the Clouds reannounces their existence, reviving their status within Orbis on August 20th of 2018. At this time, they announce a triumvirate government of Frostsword, Fistofdoom, and Thomas with four ministries run by Morgan, Viselli, Otto Von Bismark, and Kublai Khan as Ministers. Shortly after, BoC announces its protectorate agreement with Rose and continues its course to place their mark on Orbis. Pushing through the early history of BoC2 you’ll find a few bullet point changes; new charter, trium abolishment, Thomas crowned as King, and an official upgrade from protectorate status to MDoAP with Rose after nearly 7 months which activates the Cloud Garden Party.

BoC engages in a short war with Afrika Corps after launching attacks on an Afrika Corps’ protectorate known as Boeing and two months later Thomas, the First King of BoC, steps down due to inactivity – DustyDart takes the crown in what BoC2’s Wikia page describes as a ‘secret crowning.’ Three days later, Brotherhood of the Clouds cancels its MDoAP treaty with Rose and confirms connections to the Black Knights Sphere with current connections being protectorate with Black Knights and MDP with Camelot – this is where our story truly starts.

The BoC Wikia describes the events of May 6th, 2019 as “BoC cancels its MDoAP treaty with Rose after allegations that Rose tried to help install a Nova Riata low gov member to the King of BoC who would have merged the two alliances.” ORB is here to shed a bit more light on that story and prove that although larger alliances claim to maintain their course and be dynamic, they will still engage in political posturing of smaller sphere politics for their own benefit. #puppeteering

Thomas Resigns

Thomas’s resignation came in the form of impeachment orders from Morgan after Thomas declares a former BoC gov member, Viselli, (current low gov member of Nova Riata) the heir to the throne. It is found out that Viselli had the plan to take reigns of BoC and quietly merge the alliance into Nova Riata. At this time, Rose as well as The Knights Radiant, Nova Riata’s protectorate, jump on board with this merger plan and pressure BoC to allow Viselli to return to BoC and be crowned king.


It has been noted that Thomas took nearly 90% of the BoC bank prior to leaving, transferring these funds through alliance banks – but also did return a load of resources back to BoC bank on May 3rd.

Pressure Continues

During this scuffle of power, DustyDart is crowned Second King of Brotherhood of the Clouds on May 3rd, 2019 and with knowledge of their treaty partner, Rose, posturing into BoC politics, DustyDart cancels the MDoAP with rose on May 6th, 2019. As tension continues to build, it is hinted to BoC that Nova Riata will declare war on BoC to force their merge if they do not install Viselli as the ‘rightful’ King of Brotherhood of the Clouds. ORB is told that BoC went to TKR diplomatically to see about these allegations to which TKR replied that BoC shouldn’t be concerned.


There was a noticeable buildup in the Nova Riata military, but as of recently, Nova Riata declared war on Pantheon. To ensure that facts are provided within this story, we cannot confirm nor deny that Nova Riata was actually planning on assaulting BoC. This could have been further posturing – however – we have confirmed from several sources that if Nova Riata was successful in their attempt to force BoC to merge with war, The Knights Radiant would provide Nova Riata with $8 Billion (post-pantheon war) towards rebuild costs. (But BoC shouldn’t be concerned.)

Political Posturing

Once Rose found out about Thomas’ announcement to have Viselli take the reigns as Second King of Brotherhood of the Clouds, they were quick to act and give their blessing to Nova Riata to provide pressure to BoC. Rose is not connected to the Chaos Bloc with Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant and only holds one paper connection to the Black Knights Sphere – an ODP through The Fighting Pacifists, you can easily write that off as a disconnect. It is understood that Rose did not wish to be present within the BK Sphere of politics and perhaps, Brotherhood of the Clouds signing paper with Camelot, a life-long member of the BK Sphere, pushed their hand to act in the manner that they have shown. We could even speculate that Rose administration does not get along or does not support the current BoC administration and sees it fit to be dismantled. We would be entering the realm of petty speculation – but maybe there is something a bit further, perhaps Rose has paperless agreements with Chaos Bloc and/or The Knights Radiant? Removing the heavy speculation, you are really only left with petty maneuvers of Rose administration working against a 7-month protectorate relationship and mutually agreed upon upgrade with Brotherhood of the Clouds.

As far as The Knights Radiant – why wouldn’t The Knights Radiant promote being new and dynamic while still keeping hold of their ‘world policing’ foundations it has prided itself on in the past? Not only would their protectorate show their worth within their Chaos Sphere, but if the merge did happen either by force or by Viselli taking the throne, Nova Riata would climb the ranks and the Chaos Sphere would gain quite a few members to their tiers. Not to mention the fact that The Knights Radiant also applies a price tag for Nova Riata should this merge be successful – which just so happens to rest on a payment date post-pantheon war.

Brotherhood of the Clouds, now positioned fairly stable within the BK Sphere has MDP benefits from Camelot and also tied itself to Black Knights through a protectorate agreement – we doubt we will see Nova Riata flipping switch and hitting BoC to force this merge and BoC administration has no desire to bow to requests from previous allies or members to install Viselli as a King. That being said, we could say that Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant were completely blindsided to the fact that BoC could tie themselves with BK – of course stacking up members with a forced or civil merge would be quite the win for Nova Riata. It is pretty obvious that Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant are approaching an update to their treaty – we don’t see a reason why Nova Riata would push out of the Chaos Bloc, this looks more like an attempt to prove worth through that sphere. We can expect to see a full upgrade between Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant when the Pantheon war comes to completion.

BoC played their cards smart, with pressure from larger alliances and a possible war at their doorsteps, they cleared out the drama within the alliance and formulated a new political path for themselves which secures them, for now. This only sheds light on the true dynamics of the PW political arena – large alliances will still posture themselves into smaller sphere politics. Cut your strings.


Black Knights SLAMS Syndisphere (briefly)


Orbis Weekly has been working to cover this story that was tipped to us yesterday. Around 10:15 on October 28th, we received word that Camelot and Argos attacked United Hoods. ORB staff quickly began investigating as news broke that the micro’s protectors – Black Knights & The Syndicate also became involved in this aggression.  To remove bias from our news coverage, we reached out to The Syndicate, Black Knights, Camelot, United Hoods, and Animation Domination. Luckily, we were able to receive comment from all parties on the situation – at the time of our investigation, it would seem that the situation that escalated into war declarations had already fizzled out, but here is what we gathered.

To start at the beginning, we take a look at a couple of bounties that were placed on Camelot nations. These bounties are said to be placed by a United Hoods member by the name of Theodore al-Mahdi. Ayo, leader of United Hoods, tells ORB that “one of UH gov (not gov anymore) put a bounty on Arthur (Camelot) and hit him.” Epi of Camelot confirmed this bounty by saying that not only did UH put the one bounty on Arthur for $30 Million – but they also placed two additional bounties: one for 15 million and the other for 10 million, on other members. “We informed them we’d be cycling till he (Theodore) paid reparations.” Epi told Orb Weekly. “They countered us in the second part of it – and escalated it with allies on both sides appearing.”

Here you can see Theodore of United Hoods declare with reason of “I took out a huge loan to put that 30m bounty on you.”

Up to here, the story remains pretty clear – there were bounties placed, there was a war declaration, there were counters…grab your boots, it’s going to get a bit muddy. Continuing our conversation with Ayo he tells us that “to my knowledge I settled it (bounties) with Epi and [peace] was achieved. Two days later Camelot hits that member again, we countered them and shit went sideways.”


OG Hit
On 10/21 – Theodore of UH hits Arthur of Camelot.
OG peace
On 10/22 Camelot sends over counters which all seem to end in a truce on 10/24.
On 10/25 Camelot hits Theodore again.
On 10/28 (yesterday) Camelot makes another attempt for Theodore.
…which excels into both United Hoods and Camelot w/ Argos being at each other’s throats.               

Nobody can be exactly certain on who called in the protectors; The Syndicate, Black Knights, and Animation Domination – but they were called in. It would seem that for the most part, Animation Domination was backing United Hoods – but as far as negotiations and handling the larger issue, they took a back seat. Instead, Black Knights and The Syndicate talked it out over a few war declarations. It appears that Black Knights wasn’t having it and decided to send some nations over to the United Hoods.


Shortly after you see further declarations back and forth from The Enterprise, The Syndicate, and Black Knights. Obviously, there was a big enough issue at hand that needed to be resolved with a war order rather than simple words between two giants currently engaging in a global on the same team – right? ORB Weekly spoke with Partisan, The Syndicate’s leader who stated simply that “we had a little standoff. It’s been handled since.” For protectors to get involved in multiple wars over micro drama, mid-war, seems like it would be a little bit more than just a ‘little standoff’  – so we kept digging.


ORB Weekly was able to discover this particular message which indicated that the attempt by Camelot on United Hoods with the drawn in of Black Knights was in some way connected to trying to get The Fighting Pacifists involved to further the aggression within the current global. It is obvious that there are connections between all involved, connections that do stretch past United Hoods and into their joint Protectors TFP, Animation Domination, & The Syndicate – which also grows wider into the Paradise Bloc housing The Island, Animation Domination, and Rough Riders and then further connected to Bad Company, Polaris, OWR & TUE in Vanguard. Seems like bit of a stretch, but at the same time maybe worth a shot?

Originally, when speaking with Partisan about the short conflict – we got the notion that this was a simple misunderstanding, however, Partisan tells us that he doesn’t view it as a misunderstanding. “I think Camelot knew darn well what they were provoking.” Partisan was unwilling to comment further on that statement only to add “Bk had its own reasons/motivations which they’d be better suited to comment on.” As we pulled ourselves deeper through the mud in this story, we came across a detail that could explain the main reason behind Black Knights escalating so quickly. While speaking to Epi of Camelot we learned that during the skirmish between Camelot and United Hoods Curu (BK) was impersonated – and by a member of United Hoods. Apparently, this alleged member of United Hoods impersonated Curu on discord and issued orders via DMs to attack different people. Epi was unable to provide any evidence or proof beyond that statement. Pestilence confirms the impersonation saying that something like that did happen, but was unable to give exact details and refused further comment. How did our investigation pan out when questioning Ayo from United Hoods about these allegations? “What? where did you get that from? I don’t even know who curu is,” Ayo told ORB Weekly.

Could this escalation be because there was a serious attempt to widen the base of this war? To provide more war slots and force other alliances to engage? Could this really be a micro aggression issue where Camelot really only was focusing on retribution towards United Hoods in their bounty attempts and original attacks on their nations? Could something deeper be still hiding in the muck of this war? Using protectorates or other alliances as pawns to achieve a certain goal is not new to the world of Orbis. If The Syndicate has enough influence to gather troops for a global war, the current global war, and dogpile TKR & Friends – how much influence would it take to start a little trouble between some protectorates in hopes to tag a few other alliances into the fog of war? Probably very little. Keeping in mind that the theory that this is not the only line of aggression that IQ and T$ will be taking and KT and TGH are still going to enter a/the war at some point, we can only remain skeptic that this was just a little standoff over a minute issue such as micro drama.

Note: ORB Weekly considers itself an unbiased news source within the world of Orbis. It is our goal to track down details from all perspectives, angles, sides, and even outside of the box to provide you with a full panoramic view of what we are bringing you. We can only share what we are provided and in most cases, some members of the community refrain from speaking, cannot provide information, or only provide small details. If at anytime you read one of our articles and you know further information than what we have provided, let us know ASAP. We will correct what we have and post an update.

Thank you for being an ORB Member, Read on!










Micro Infestation – WMT

Friday Oct 12 02:55 | ORB Newsroom – What Max Thinks (WMT)

You know it, I know it – we all know it. Micros are here and they are here to stay. If you’re like me, you don’t give a shit what other alliances are doing, especially micros…but if you’re not like me, you’re prob red in the face with veins popping out of your neck every time a new micro posts up their shitty declaration of existence, right?

To be completely honest, I am probably a leader of an alliance that you might consider a micro, if you’re the latter (red-faced veining penis) like described above – I have a 14 member alliance, somewhere in the rank of 40s I believe? We are a larger bunch of nations, but still small  so are we a micro? This is where we get into the dilemma of drawing a line between what is considered micro and what isn’t. If you have brains in your head, you know there are multiple things that come into play when you’re checking out alliances – if you’re a complete retard and lacking brain cells you’ll prob just look at ranks and draw a line.

For me, it honestly depends on if that alliance has accomplished anything that is fruitful within the world – for a micro – probably not. So, we move on down to member count and total alliance score. Ok, so you got 50 members, your score is alright, but your average score is around 500-800…ehhh, in my book – you’re a micro. Notice how I didn’t look at rank? Let’s take a look at some real alliances here with my method:


Typhon is an alliance ranked #43 – which makes them top 50 if you’re following along. They have a large member-base, 76 in total. They have nearly 50k total alliance strength and they even have a steady growth chart.

  1. Accomplishments: None that I know of.
  2. Member Count: 76
  3. Total Score: 47,021.66
  4. Average Score: 618

Many people wouldn’t classify Typhon as a micro, but I personally would – they have nobody above 1800 ns (sure you can argue they are a raiding alliance) and they have a significantly low average score.

Judgement: MICRO

Compare them to the trash deposit of Dark Brotherhood.

  1. Accomplishments: Probably less than Typhon
  2. Member Count: 71
  3. Total Score: 101,885.28
  4. Average Score: 1,435
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I’m honestly not sure why Dark Brotherhood is sticking around or what they have to offer to anyone else within this world, but hey they are here, so we get to talk shit about them. Both Typhon and Dark Brotherhood have over 70 members, but the main thing that keeps them separated, in my eyes, is the fact that Dark Brotherhood as a larger amount of nations in a higher tier, thus boosting their average score.

I mean, if you check into their nations there really doesn’t seem to be that much going on, so the way I classify what is micro and not doesn’t necessarily mean that because they aren’t micro that makes them automatically a good alliance.

Judgement: Not Micro (Just Trash)

So, we talked about what could make an alliance micro via stats, but what about the news that these micros share? Should it be allowed? I think one of the most outspoken members of this community in terms of shutting down micro politics is Thalmor. Nobody – and I mean nobody – is as red in the face as Thalmor when it comes to micros posting up their nonsense news, updates, wars, and general information.

Pictured: Thalmor – reacting to Micro News

Thalmor has even gone as far as to recommend a completely separate forum/sub-forum specifically for micros to post in. Is that right? Should this actually happen?

I think it is worth saying that we all started somewhere. Every alliance in this game was, at some point, in some way, a micro alliance. It could have been all different times and some may have grown up a hell of a lot faster than the next, but isn’t everyone allowed to have a chance? It is true, the likelihood of the noobist alliances that pop through our world to become large or just even fucking significant is pretty slim. In most cases you’ll end up with some La Mafia’s or Camelot-like alliances that strive to be significant, but fall tremendously short of relevant significance…which ultimately leads to merge after to merge until complete disbandment and total inactivity and abandonment..we’ve seen this time and time again.

Orbis has been the land of monster alliances for some time now. I think the status quo is your either:

  1. In a monster alliance (TKR)
  2. In an ancestor alliance (Guardian)
  3. In an alliance that is allowed to exist based off your respect, notoriety, position, experience, seniority in the game (The Island)

Anything else is really considered to be shit within the game and probably slapped with a micro sticker just for the heck of it. I’m also not saying that me, personally, is a respectable person within this community – sure – I’m known, I have a reputation where some adore the shit out of me while others would rather see me pummeled by a herd of elephants  – but that notoriety still stands and means something to me and to many people who find themselves in the same position as me and my fellow alliance leaders within The Island. If the community knows you, you’re good – you can pass.

When it comes down to the whole situation at hand, I guess we need to ask ourselves – why do we have such an issue with newcomers to this community? Why can’t they create alliances like everyone else and share their politics? What makes us better than them – other than the fact that we have experience playing this game and have been around a lot longer.

Maybe instead of shutting them down and kicking them to the curb we take them in. We put them under our wings and teach them how to fit in here – make them part of the community or at least encourage these new guys rather than shitting all over them and their posts.

Is that too hard for us to do?

What Max Thinks (WMT) is an opinion piece and does not directly represent the views of Orbis Weekly (Platform), Editor (Position), or The Island (Alliance). All posts associated with What Max Thinks (WMT) or interactions associated with What Max Thinks (WMT) posts, articles, pages are to be considered opinion – not associated with alliance politics or the neutral stance of this news platform.