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Just like a real-life society, there come times where there seems to be an increase in exposure of certain topics – these can change from politics, war, and even the type of new fad diet you should be on. Everywhere you look you’ll find something that directly relates to the topic, continuously exposing you until one day you wake up and it’s like it never happened – for Orbis, that’s racism.

Racism has always lurked the shadows of Politics & War, an online simulation game, just like it does pretty much everywhere a network of people are pushed together to form a community. Communities that bridge grouped networks from all over the world coming together in one spot, there is bound to be some difference in opinion and beliefs which generally leads to what we are here to talk about, Racism on Orbis.

There have been many instances and reports of racism, but for this story let’s go back in time – nearly a year ago, August 2018. Thalmor, of Knights Templar, placed a bounty that was considered offensive on another player, Queen M. The bounty was placed as “1488000” – most of us might not think twice about the bounty, but what it actually meant was 14/88 which is a reference to the fourteen-word white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” – now assumably and widely known, Thalmor is white and Queen M is not. One of the main reasons this particular case attracted a lot of attention was because Queen M found out who sent the bounty when bounties through the game are supposed to be anonymous. Long story short here, Alex – game admin/owner – shared this information to Queen M, we won’t go deep into that side of the story, but if you’d like to check that out you can do so by visiting this thread.

Today, we focus our light on another Knights Templar nation – Muhammad Johnson of Adraya. A quick look at this player’s nation and you’ll find a somewhat satirical hit for anyone looking to throw a flag on racism, antisemitism, or the like. Some interesting notions that we have found during our investigation have been the interesting city names, one being “Einsatzgruppen” which was a paramilitary death squad of Nazi Germany responsible for mass killings in Germany-occupied Europe. Earlier today, June 6th, Adraya attacked no other than Queen M who now goes by Cardi B-adu in-game with the declaration reason of “I’ll get the tree if u get the rope.”


Regardless of your opinion of Queen M, who did catch a lot of flack a year ago with the Thalmor issue, these types of actions within this community should cause us to question – what is right and what is wrong – or more, what is appropriate? We could go up and down and label every instance of complaint with ‘you’re an SJW’ or throw the liberal card into the mix and just keep telling people to get thicker skin, but when we cut through the thick of all that bullshit, we get to the point where we should truly decide as a community. What if the argument was flipped? What if you felt truly attacked? We all come from different walks of life and have had our own trials and tribulations – why do we fight each other at this level?

This isn’t about creating more of a divide – mass media and politicians across the world do enough of that for us. We have all developed this world of Orbis together – across political boundaries, country regulations, opinions, beliefs, and even language barriers. Together, we have brought this game to where we stand today and together we can choose to actually build a more positive and accepting community. This isn’t to say that we can’t joke, we can’t have fun – actual satire is fine and reminds you of your base and where you stand. It also isn’t to say that you can’t have an opinion that differs from someone else, a religion that is different or a belief that is different – however – deliberate attacks on specific people, groups, cultures in an attempt to troll, be negative, or look cool with your buds shouldn’t be tolerated – we as a community can stop that.

This post also isn’t to paint a negative picture of Politics & War, but more to motivate a sense of urgency to its game admin and the moderation staff – do something, you’re here to protect the community, its time to fulfill your commitment.

We built this community, let us UNITE and make sure it remains our community, together.

Bezzers did report this war declaration to moderators at about 1840 CST.  About an hour ago (2240 CST) Alex, Game Admin, issued a nation strike against the offender.

It is worth noting for this post that we did reach out to the leader of Adraya who used this declaration reason and did not have a response, at the time of writing this article this player was active within 2 hours.


Update: The player in question did respond at 22:32 CST.

The Dragon King – ORB Interview

ORB Interviews

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

The Dragon King

The Dragon King (TDK) is someone I do not know really well – always seems to be active and around and willing to throw his hat into helping out with businesses and stuff and will send you a message every 5 minutes just to get your attention. Here we go!

“Shout-out to Roz Wei  for being the first nation to nuke me.” -TDK

The Interview

ORB Weekly: Can you start by telling ORB a little bit about yourself?

TDK: I’ve been around a while, so I’ve gotten to do some things. Here on Disord, I hold jobs in a few banks, I run a few places of my own, and in a few other places, most notably Orbis Business Center. You could say that I’m everywhere when it comes to Orbis businesses. I’m just the kind of guy who likes to do and explore new and old things alike. My alliance really got me rolling in this game. They are great. I’ll talk about them in a few questions.


ORB Weekly: Is PW the first simulation game you’ve played?

TDK: Actually, Conflict of Nations was the first nation simulator game that I played. I’ts a really realistic and fun game that uses different times of history and you can play numerous games at once. Although my memory is really rusty, I think I found Politics & War next by simply googling politics and war, expecting something different. Either that or was an ad somwhere, but now, courtesy of my alliance, I also play Nation States and Cybernations.


ORB Weekly: What alliance are you currently in and what is your role? Are you happy with your alliance?

TDK: I am a member of the New Pacific Order, the current number one alliance in the game. I’m basically an average Joe, holding no special roles, but I am fine with it, as I do not seek to go beyond that, at least not yet. I am very happy with being in NPO – although I may not earn anything, there are other ways to and I’m provided with everything that I need. Communism is not the problem itself, its when it’s in bad hands. Right now it is in good hands with NPO.


ORB Weekly: Was your alliance involved in the war? If so, which side were you on and would you say you’re winning or losing?

TDK: Everyone knows that we are kicking TKR’s booty and I’m most definitely on the winning side.

ORB: What do you think of the current war? Are you a fan of the length – do you prefer peace terms?

TDK: Now, having wars can be fun for a couple of months, but now TKR is just being a huge thorn in all the sides by dragging on the war for too long. It is really hurting the Orbis economy I think. Just give up your pride already! Yes, I am well aware that there are more alliances involved, but they are the main stinking problem from what I know.

ORB: Do you think this war will really force a change in politics post-war? Name one thing you are positive will happen.

TDK: I definitely think so. This war once again cements NPO’s reputation as one of the top alliances in PW. I think that there may be massive shifts that will show a clear divide between NPO and TKR spheres of influence.

ORB: What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve experienced within the PW world?

TDK: I would have to say being involved in my first global/alliance war. Shout out to Roz Wei for being the first nation to nuke me and to Renegade State for being the first nation to missile me.

ORB:  What is one of the most cringiest things you’ve experienced while playing PW?

TDK: The most cringey thing? Well I’d have to say Minesome being a jerk to me. He was criticizing my flag work and that’s fine and all, but he kept badgering me about it way too much. This happened 12/27/2018.


ORB: Did you enjoy your Christmas? What did you do?

TDK: I had a red/pink pancake breakfast, got some headphones, and got $30 cash. Nothing that special really.


ORB: What will your NYE Resolution be?

TDK: To open up an International Bank with my friends.


ORB Weekly: Got a pet? Want to share a pic?



Thanks for Reading!

Well that was eventful! I like the specific date for when Minesome was a dick & I’m also curious about the pink/red pancakes.


Minesome’s Popularity

Jan. 8 | ORB Newsroom

By now you all should know who MinesomeMC is – a rather popular player with popularity based solely on his discord presence and drama within the micro-sphere. Minsome is currently the leader of Ragnarok with Derpy Duck and Brown Back assisting in leadership as Viceroys.

Ragnarok is an alliance ranked in the mid 80s with a total score of around 6300 and average score of 450 with only 14 members with 11 of those members being on normal activity levels. Over the past few weeks, Minesome has engaged in wars – but the recent war against Diomedes, another infamously known player of the game, seems to have stirred up a little bit more attention than usual. In a post submitted by Minesome, Dear Diomedies, Minesome (Ragnarok) with the help of El_Barto of Animation Domination, declared war on Diomedes’ alliance The Order of Orange Nations.

“You are a special one, one who doesn’t know when enough is enough. You have more salt then the Pacific Ocean. Lemme help you Diomedes. We’ll provide you with the best flavors of war. How about ground warfare so dirty and bland, air warfare is a little up my ally, naval is a bit strong but has a long after taste, missiles make you feel a bit explosive but don’t do much, nukes have the most powerful taste and an incredible after taste.”


ORB caught up with Minesome to see what the drama is all about. “I hit Diomedes because of revenge. He’s been a dick to the community and also [to] me. Church of Spaceology hit me because ‘I was a dick’ and to [assist] Diomedes.” Minesome told us. He added that the revenge on his part was due in part to Diomedes tasked with helping GPC find a protector – somewhere along the line Diomedes blocked Minsome and when negotiations started to resolve the matter, Minesome states Diomedes became stubborn.

Church of Spaceology did post up a rather vague declaration of war? However, Minesome says “I feel CoS was paid to hit us because Diomedes had 100m, no other reason why someone would protect a dick.” ORB also found out through Minesome that there was a potential for truth behind Diomedes paying CoS for the hit – he stated in a Discord Direct Message that proof was sent to him in the form of a screenshot which held logs of the transaction.

However, shortly after our discussion with Minesome, it was announced that Ripper and Maia faked logs

As we continue to wait on peace terms for the current global war being dubbed “Knightfall” – we look for stories all over the Politics & War world – although micro drama is widely considered as annoying and useless, there are still stories to be shared.

Diomedes was not immediately available for comment.