Fortnite Season 8 Theories, Recent Updates, and More

Yes, Fornite is still here and here to stay even with Apex Legends scooping up an extremely successful launch massing 25 million players worldwide – lets take a look at what is new and exciting over in the Epic Games world.

One of the major events Fortnite has pushed, possibly related to Apex taking some of the spotlight, is the free season 8 Battle Pass if you complete the Overtime Challenges by February 27th. This was likely produced to get more players logging into the game due to many players getting their feet wet in the Apex world.

Fortnite has also been experiencing some earthquakes across the map which have put visual cracks into the island’s earth – no they aren’t cracking under the pressure of a new player in the battle royale gaming arena – these are events leading up to Season 8! As of now, there is no hint to what might happen to the island for season 8, but there are theories out there at what might come to our screens.

These images produced by show the visible tears across the fortnite map. Some theories include a season that is filled with water with the earth breaking the map up into several different islands separated by deep crevices of water. All that snow and ice has to melt eventually right? Plus, there is the matter of the submarine that sits atop Polar Peak – what is that going to be used for? Still though, we have to think about all the other visuals we have received throughout season 7 – Dragons, ice monsters, and of course the matter of the leaked week 11 loading screen featuring fire – which also matches up with the prisoner skin stage 4 unlock – so there is a lot to figure out for what exactly Fortnite will bring us for season 8 – but our guess will likely side with water…and lots of it. If you want to check out an earthquake for yourself, fnbr has a countdown for earthquakes located here that could help you experience it.

On February 14th, Fortnite released their patch notes for v7.40 which has brought players the #SharetheLove Valentine’s Surprise which announces the free battle pass for completing those 13 free Overtime Challenges – which will give players two season 8 outfits.

Fortnite has also brought back gifting, at least until February 22nd. This allows players to purchase in-game content with their V-Bucks and send that content to friends. Fortnite requires gifters to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and must be level 2 or highter. You’re allowed to gift Battle Passes, V-Bucks, real money offers, items in your locker, items not in the item shop, some store items including Battle Pass Tier Bundles.

Fortnite also launched the Infantry Rifle which takes its place between assault rifles and hunting rifles. It is reported to have high damage capabilities (41, 43, 45 and 2x headshot multiplier) , accuracy, and is also semi-automatic. This item can be found in floor loot, chests, and vending machines and uses medium ammo. So far, comments about the new rifle have been positive – Fornite is known for adding weapons and removing others, so we will continue to watch for those changes. We assume that the hunting rifle will be vaulted allowing the Infantry Rifle to have more action for players jumping in to battle royale.

During this patch Fortnite also unvaulted Clingers and Cupid’s Crossbow and vaulted grenades.

You can read the full list of patch notes directly on Epic Games site here – we are still in Season 7 with Season 8 expected to launch on February 27th. Multiple events timeout for the recent update on the 27th of this month.

Fortnite Season 8 – Free Battle Pass

Fortnite has been campaigning hard since the release of Apex Legends – a new and arguably better (or the best) battle royale game on the much saturated market. In recent news from Epic Games, Fortnite is offering a free Season 8 Battle Pass for players who log in and complete 13 ‘Overtime’ challenges – these challenges are available to complete up until February 27th. You can check out how to complete these challenges right here.

The Fortnite seasonal Battle Pass usually goes for about 950 Vbucks which roughly equates to a $10 real money payout for players – really not that bad for those wanting to reap the benefits of rewards and cosmetics, but will this help Fortnite keep its crown for top battle royale game?

Apex Legends is already exceeding expectations even with reported bugs, server issues, and backlash on item shop and Apex Coin purchases while boasting a playerbase holding over 25 million players worldwide. Take a look at this graph submitted by @thomasrice_au on twitter which shows the aggressive and strong launch of Apex Legends vs Fortnite.

It took Fortnite 41 days to reach the 20 million player mark while only taking 7 days for Apex to reach 25 million – this is insanely successful. Still though, Epic Games has a tremendous foundation in this gaming genre and if you add in the mobile and cross-play advantage Fortnite has over Apex, you can count on Fortnite sticking to the top of the leaderboard of battle royale games.

Will you be participating in the Overtime challenges for Fortnite?