The Hobo Express: Into the Cinco

February 22nd marked the end of week 4 of Kev, Charlie and now a larger group of friends on The Hobo Express. If you don’t know The Hobo Express, it is a group of people led by Kev & Charlie – hosts of the famous Great Job! show with ORB and owners of Great Job! Worldwide – who are traveling the Politics & War nation simulation game world of Orbis in search of a new home. Recently, Kev & Charlie spun the wheel of micro (small) alliances and landed on The Underground. Last Friday Kev & Charlie shared their experiences in a post and live on their show.

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Unfortunately for Kev, Charlie and the gang, they have not found a home in The Underground. “Four weeks in, I still live my life out of a tin.” Kev said in his post within Orbis Central on the Politics & War Forums. “I had low expectations of this place, what I found confirmed the disgrace.” The Underground is what many consider to be a micro or small alliance – well outside the top 50 alliances at #64 and only 21k strength with 21 members.

Activity was shared amongst a solid few, LeftBehind is great/a good friend/one of the crew. Shortstack is awesome as well, heck Verano’s artwork is truly swell. They join us on this beloved train, through this journey we will relieve their pain.

The Hobo Express continued on to Church of Spaceology, maybe this next stop will be their last or they will once again set out on the rails – living life out of a tin searching for what feels like home. The Hobo Express gang continues to grow as Kev & Charlie stumble across more people searching for the final destination.

Make sure to tune in to the Great Job! Show tonight on the ORB Discord Server as Kev & Charlie discuss their stay at Church of Spaceology. Will they stay or will they pick up more passengers?

Award Nominations Wrap Up


Jan. 6th 2019 | ORB Newsroom

That’s all folks!

The official Politics & War Award Nominations have wrapped up and are currently being tallied for voting. So, what’s next? Voting is currently open, Yoda posted in the Yearly Awards forum of Politics & War that we should have received a link via in-game messenger. Did you vote yet? Additionally, we found out today that ORB Weekly will officially be hosting the Politics & War Awards Ceremony..and you’re invited!


AWARDS invite

That’s right folks, there will be a live ceremony on the ORB Discord server where our awesome hosts will announce the winners of each category, hand out awards, shake babies and kiss hands. If you are not already in our server, make sure you’re in there by clicking here for an invite. The show will be broadcasted in the Great Job! home channel that Kev & Charlie use for their bi-weekly shows.

We hope to see y’all there!

Don’t forget to vote!