Hannah – ORB Interview

ORB Interviews

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.


Hannah is a true female of PW! Seems like these days these females are coming out of the wood work – since when are females on the internet? Hannah has always been a force and it has been an amazing time getting to know her and working close with her as she took over the FA reigns at Bad Company – truly pushing BC into a good light. Had to make this pink just for Hannah.

“I am the Director of Security and the Co-Director of Public Relations for Bad Company.” -Hannah

The Interview

ORB Weekly: Can you start by telling ORB a little bit about yourself?

Hannah: I am a 4th grade teacher from Texas. In PnW and in life I am a glittery mermaid. I love things that sparkle and, of course, the color pink.


ORB Weekly: Is PW the first simulation game you’ve played?

Hannah: No, it isn’t my first. I began with Nation States and then found my way to CyberNations. I played there from 2006-2010 or so. I then left the game until recently. When I came back, I was led to PnW.


ORB Weekly: What made you join PW?

Hannah: Eatem actually lol. I was in CN Polar and somehow or another ended up signing up for PnW Polaris.


ORB Weekly: What alliance are you currently in and what is your role?

Hannah: I am the Director of Security and Co-Director of Public Relations for Bad Company.


ORB Weekly: How do you balance game time & RL Time? Especially around the holidays.

Hannah: I balance it? Haha! Usually whichever one has the more pressing need. Grades due? RL. War breaks out? PnW.


ORB Weekly: Do you celebrate Christmas? What is one of your favorite traditions?

Hannah: Definitely celebrate Christmas. I have a couple of favorite traditions. I love to lay under the tree and look up at the lights. My other favorite tradition is that we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke before we open gifts.


ORB Weekly: Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Hannah: Definitely Sleep. Haha!


ORB Weekly: Do you have any thoughts you’d want to share about the war?

Hannah: It did not go as I expected it would that first night, but that’s life. I look for the good in any situation. In this one, our community is stronger and I made new friends.


ORB Weekly: What kind of ‘global’ changes do you expect post-war?

Hannah: I expect to see a lot of treaty shuffling. I don’t really have any specifics and I don’t like to speculate. This may be a ‘well duh’ thing, but that’s what I expect to see.


ORB Weekly: Was your alliance involved in the war? Who did you attack/who attacked you and how do you think it went for your alliance?

Hannah: “It was a dogpile!” We fought all IQ and some of their buddies. We did well in some areas and being Milcom, I found many areas for us to improve for next time.


ORB Weekly: A lot of timesĀ in a war, whether you’re involved or not, post-war brings a lot of changes and restructuring. Will your alliance be going through any changes internally or externally?

Hannah: We have restructured somewhat in that FA is now headed by Kilo and I. We still kept our previous departments as well. Otherwise, I don’t see any big changes happening.


ORB Weekly: What is something you love doing in RL?

Hannah: I’m a teacher, what can I say? I love naps and eating meals that last longer than 27 minutes. Oh I do love girly things like getting my hair and nails done. And shopping. I like to shop.


ORB Weekly: Got a pet? Want to share a pic?




Thanks for Reading!

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Hannah for being an awesome friend and answering these questions + giving me that avatar – mostly did this to see if I could get a pic of the pup bc dogs are life. I want to pet ur dog.