ORB Interview: Joshua Keller (JKell)

After a short hiatus, ORB is back with our famous ORB Interviews. Over the course of our history here, we have interviewed many people throughout the Politics & War game – these interviews were more related to Politics & War in general, but since our pivot to a wider audience we are also pivoting to a wider view of those we interview.

Our first in this new process is Joshua Keller or as you may know him, JKell. He’s an all-around great guy, always chill and always on the move in Politics & War and in real life. Check it out.

The JKell Interview:

ORB: We obviously know each other through playing Politics & War – have you played any other games like PW?

Joshua: I love simulation games and when Sim City bombed in 2013, I was so starved for a good city/nation sim I took to the internet.  I did not really find one that I thought was interesting enough, besides I just got Minecraft so my 14-year-old self just forgot about nation sims.  2015 rolls around and I’m still bitter about Sim City sucking so I look for a way to get my hands on a nation sim, I bump into Politics and War. I never actually found Cyber Nations until like 2017 and people in Orbis told me about it.

TL:DR No, I didn’t even know another game existed like P&W till 2 years of playing.

ORB: What alliance are you currently in?

Joshua: T$, but really I’m on the Hobo Express.  Going on a massive tour of all the alliances.

ORB: Have you been in any other alliances?

Joshua: Roz Wei was my first and Blue Moon was my first gov spot (and boy did that crash).  After Blue Moon burned, I went back to Roz and just kinda chilled till that crashed. I went to Defcon, then Sassania, then that merged with Roz…  So I got thrown into Empyrea… Then I just flipped everyone off and got on board the Hobo Express.

ORB: Do you maintain any position within your alliance other than general member? If so, what does that position entail and do you like it? If not, do you think you’re ready to take on a position with a little bit more weight to it?

Joshua:  Blue Moon was my first high gov spot(FA I believe) and I almost single-handedly caused that alliance to die.  The head guy and his partner even quit the game after that debacle. Ever since then I have been very happy not touching gov.  I help out when needed as like a mentor, but I do not want the responsibility of high gov.

ORB: What do you think about the current political spectrum of PW? What would make it better?

Joshua: I have said it before and I’ll say it again, people are too concerned about growing nations and not fighting.  I can’t really blame as the game’s mechanics encourage it, but it makes it so boring. When you hear about alliances looking to make 6+ months of peace, it makes you roll your eyes; like come on.  This game is half politics and half war, that doesn’t mean we fight for half the year and do nothing the other half.

ORB: If you could change one thing about PW, what would it be?

Joshua: Make wars mean something.  If you lose a war, you lose land or the ability to get certain resources and the winner gains those rights.  I know that seems brash, but I want people to want to fight. If you want something less controversial, nation events, please.

ORB: If you were going to add a mechanic to the game, say if you had the coding skills, what would you add to make the game a bit better?

Joshua: Nation events, please.

ORB: Where are you from in the real world?

Joshua: In the midwest of the U.S. at a small D3 college playing baseball.

ORB: If there was one place you could visit right now, where would you go?

Joshua: Germany, I love studying WW2 and that would be a treasure trove.

ORB: If you could talk to anyone from history (anyone) who would that be? Why? What would you say to them?

Joshua: My major in college is History and Political Science (and another major in English and a minor in Pre-Law) so I get asked this a lot.  My opinion changes with the books I read, but at the moment I would pick Ben Franklin. I just finished reading his Autobiography, again, and I really want to know what he is like.  The guy is the definition of a bro, at least it seems that way, so I would just like to sit down with him and see what a casual conversation would be like.

ORB: Are you currently going to school? What for? Do you have a job? What do you do?

Joshua: I go to college, as stated before, at a small D3, studying to be a lawyer, and am a RA.  During the summer months, I mow lawns with a local business back home.

ORB: A lot of people in the PW community know and like you for the work you put into your tracks, anytime anyone offers up something creative and new people flock to it. What got you on the path of writing songs/verses/tracks and what do you plan to accomplish with those skills?

Joshua: This is a little depressing so read with caution.  When I was very young I got sexually abused, I didn’t really think anything of it until I was like 13.  Around that time an artist by the name of NF got signed to a major label and started pumping out music. As a depressed teen, I found him and took solace in his words.  I got a lot out of his music and it made me want to experiment with sound.

I tried to be depressing and make music that was like NF’s, but I realized I couldn’t.  My life is truly blessed by God with parents, friends, and an environment that has allowed me to do so much.  I had to make myself depressed in order to try and write bars to express my depression, not a good combo. Years of self-reflection and I realized that I had no reason to be depressed and that the future is mine for the taking; I got out of it.

That’s when I stopped trying to make sad music and just tried to have fun.  I made a song that became the theme song for the baseball team my freshman year of college and it just snowballed from that.  I thought of a funny song to make about Sweet Ronny D for Great Job! and all of a sudden it made my music matter. I never thought that something I did for fun was going to be this thoroughly enjoyed.  

As for the future, I don’t know.  I’m not banking my career on music, I’m still just trying to have fun.  I just stepped into a studio a few days ago for the first time with the first producer I’ve ever seen (new track on Spotify and new one coming).  That is something brand new for me and I hope it means I can keep doing this for a while. I can’t promise that the music will never stop coming out, but I’ll keep going until I can’t put a smile on someone’s face.

ORB: We think it would be great if you could share something exclusive with us for the interview to hype it up a bit – this interview is broadcasted through our site, discord, and our social media – would you be willing to give us a taste of what you have?

Joshua: I’m working on a ton of tracks, so there is a lot to look forward to.  Here is a clip from a series I’m working on.

Click here to listen!

ORB: Do you have any pets? Want to share a picture?

Joshua:  Got a dog, Lexy.  No photo, sorry.

ORB: Did you know that the coolest people in the world are named Joshua?

Joshua: Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down.

Yes, yes I did.

ORB: I’m going to say a word and you’re going to say the first thing that comes to mind, ready? Banana

Joshua: Put a banana in your ear!

Thanks Joshua for finding the time (finally) to finish up our interview! I know you’re a busy guy and we respect that immensely.

If you want to connect with Joshua on his socials and check out his tracks on soundcloud here are some links to help you out:


Issstealit – A Revolution

First it was just simply radio shows, now, we are seeing a tremendous media revolution burn through the community as more and more people are entering the Orbis airwaves with their own bits of creative genius.

Sure, we’ve seen radio shows come and go – large conglomerates to small niche groups – but none of those hold a candle to what we have been experiencing lately here on Orbis. Could it be the introduction of ORB Weekly, the global war, or is it really just that specific time and space which is allowing community members to express themselves more openly on certain topics?

It seemed to all have started with Charlie, host of Great Job! and partner to ORB Weekly:

This video was created soon after Cynic betrayed Bad Company, stole the bank, and deleted his nation. He has now since come back to Politics & War and that bank has been given back (for the most part) to Bad Company after it was given to Black Knights which prompts us to provide this next bit of lyrical genius from Balish:

Is this a new turning point in Orbis history?

Radio shows and creativity when it comes to audio is on the rise. In fact, ORB Weekly – now partnered with the creators of Great Job! – Kev & Charlie, have added on a few new shows that will be kicking off pretty soon.

  • The Shifty Stranger Experience
  • The Tonight Show

There are no details on when exactly these shows will start up or what exactly the itinerary for these shoes will be, but it does prove the fact that audio entertainment is back in full swing here in the Orbis Community. As ORB approaches the near 300 membership mark on our discord server – it would seem our reach has been pretty significant.

What’s next? All we know is the more entertainment the better & if we can continue to connect the community to news & updates, we can continue to grow this community on or off the official platforms.