The Highest of Horses

On April 27th, Placentica of the alliance Alpha shared his official Recognition of War announcement to the Politics & War gaming community via the PW Forums. In Placentica’s ‘return’ to the game, Oblivion and Arrgh – both alliance notorious for raiding and warring – decided to have some fun with Alpha. Within his recognition announcement, Placentica states “hitting nations who are just coming back to play a game is in poor taste and reeks of cowardice. When I was lobbying to have the [Spanish Armada] folks rejoin the game, one of the selling points was a new political environment and not the same boring ones.” – yet as we dug further into the background of this little war, we found that Placentica may have bit his own tongue on that statement.

This war, in total, consisted of Alpha and Church of Atom vs Oblivion and Arrgh – with the latter side being the primary antagonists. Alpha and Church of Atom, collectively sent 69 offensive wars to Arrgh and Oblivion while Alpha received 36 defensive wars – 5 from Arrgh and 31 from Oblivion. Checking out the stat summary of this war, it is obviously clear that Alpha would claim victory by the numbers, dealing $7.6 Billion in damage versus Oblivion’s $2 Billion damage. Arrgh did drop out two weeks before the final end of this war when Alpha received their status victory over Oblivion – but not before lengthy peace talks.

From our investigation peace talks began around May 1st where Placentica spoke to DTC from Oblivion and outlined terms for peace. These terms consisted of the following:

  • 3 Month Non-Aggression Pact (NAP)
  • Oblivion repays (reparations/reps) part of the damage which was calculated at the time by Placentica as $1.5 Billion.
  • Official surrender to Alpha.
  • Admission of defeat, which would be posted by Placentica to the PW Forums.

Upon submission of terms from the Alpha side, DTC countered with simple White Peace – which generally means both entities end the dispute, no further wars, active wars are continued, peaced, and/or beiged – Placentica stated that White Peace wouldn’t work for Alpha.

On May 10th, Placentica and Ockey continue peace talks. During this time Ockey explains to Placentica that Oblivion would not be paying reps, but accepted all of the other previously laid out terms – however – Placentica believed that because Oblivion was the antagonist in this war, they must pay for the damages and the cost of the war. “When you raid someone, usually it is customary to pay reps for the damages done. In this case, we aren’t even asking for the full amount and we know you have it.”  Ockey stands by his position to accept all the terms excluding paying reparations, but Placentica continues his course by saying, “we can keep zeroing your guys out and selling down to hit them and that’s fine with us.” This same day, Placentica requests Ockey to hand over his Foreign Affairs duties to someone else because he thinks Ockey isn’t active enough to navigate peace talks and in the following days, Placentica reaches out to Oblivion’s friends and allies in attempts to push motivation on the Oblivion front.

On May 15th and 16th, Placentica was in touch with Sweet Ronny D of Grumpy Old Bastards – an alliance tied to the same sphere as Oblivion with The Golden Horde, Empyrea, and Knights Templar. Placentica claims that peace talks are silent and they are having trouble finding anyone in Oblivion who is active to perform peace talks. “I just want to make sure you and their allies are aware that we are not stalling or looking for perma-war,” Placentica told Ronny – who replied that the hold up might be due to the stall on Alpha wanting reparations while Oblivion refuses those terms. Placentica states to Ronny that, “the problem is more that they aren’t even responding. So, we can’t wrap up the war until they come back to negotiate peace.” – All this, even though Ockey and Oblivion representatives did acknowledge terms sent by Alpha and countered with an acceptance of those terms, excluding the reparations.

On May 17th, Placentica and Ockey discuss peace terms again – Ockey clarifies that they offered a counter, but Placentica didn’t accept it. Placentica dismisses the counter again and implies someone else needs to take over peace talks and states that Oblivion’s counter is not a counter. “Not sure if you understand how this goes. Just saying something you are not doing isn’t really much of anything other than wishful thinking,” Placentica told Ockey – in which Ockey clarifies their position once more, “clearly states we are not paying reps, and the rest [of the terms] is fine.”


Placentica continues to push Ockey into a corner demanding reparations to be included in the terms or they will continue to attack till their loot equals or passes the amount Alpha demanded in the original peace terms. “It’s sad to see your alliance disintegrate due to your pride. I know it sucks to lose, but suck up your pride for the good of your membership, whatever is left of it that is,” Placentica said to Ockey during the continued negotiations. Placentica is now pivoting to demanding reps to demanding Ockey provide some type of peace term that would compensate for no reps to be paid.

At this point in the peace negotiations, Placentica changes from the sincere party contacting Oblivion’s friends and allies, negotiating peace and claiming victim who wants to ‘wrap up the war’ to someone who seems to enjoy argument, does not wish to see the war wrapped up in a timely manner, and continues to push the losing party around. To be clear, within peace negotiations it was observed that Ockey noted he didn’t win and it was also noted that all terms originally pushed were accepted by Ockey, excluding the rep terms. Placentica wanted a quick solution – but now changes pace by asking Ockey to take a few days and asking Ockey to pick his own peace terms to counter. “It’s not just going to be surrender and NAP though. That’s letting you off too easy for your unprovoked attack on an alliance just leaving VM coming back to the game. That was a shitty thing to do, wasn’t it?” Placentica said to Ockey in negotiations – Ockey replied; “nope, the game has changed since you left and no one considered it a shitty thing to do. As I said, we accepted everything, but reps.”

They go back and forth during these talks with Placentica saying Ockey needs to offer something substantial for a counter while Ockey explains he is fine with the terms, just doesn’t want to pay reps and then tells Placentica “[I’ve] got nothing you want, so make something up to please yourself,” to which Placentica replied “The problem is you fucked up and now you are still acting like you won this war. I’ll give you some time to figure out a counter offer.”


Peace was finally negotiated with reps not being included and Alpha was able to claim their victory over Oblivion. Even though the aggressive stance of Placentica within these negotiations, Oblivion stood their ground on their counter offer for peace terms. One could say that Placentica is entitled to reparations, but another could say that reparations really are a thing of the past when it comes to warring. Our world is currently in the position to have ‘fun wars’  – no reps and most times, alliances will brush off reps.

Moral of the story here is, Placentica had a million options to exit this war, accept the win, while both parties part ways. Oblivion is known for warring and not giving a fuck, why Placentica thought this case would be different – we aren’t sure. Coming back into this world from a vacation, lobbying previous active nations to come back to a fun game and then complaining about being attacked is not the way to go about being dynamic, as that is what Placentica claimed to be doing. We would even push further and say that Placentica enjoyed the argument he was getting with Ockey and somehow felt that while on his high horse, he was in the position to dictate and sway the negotiations.

We know that Oblivion is a no fucks alliance and we know that Oblivion did knowingly join this war – so they were the antagonist with Arrgh, there is no doubt about that – however – Placentica spent a whole lot of time running around to other people complaining that peace terms are taking too long, someone else needs to take over, and he wants to just end the war and not be perma-war with Oblivion only to turn it right back around, bullying Ockey into a corner, and prolonging peace negotiations. From our view, it was Placentica’s ego, pride, and self-given high horse status that prolonged this war – not Ockey’s.

We reached out to Placentica who has not commented/replied to our questions.

For your convenience, here is a log compilation of peace negotiations between Ockey and Placentica. Let us know who you think is at fault for a prolonged and unnecessary draw out of peace talks – was Ockey right or was Placentica?

For those of you interested, here is the video Ockey sent to Placentica during the closing of negotiations. Please be aware that this is NSFW, there is the use of ‘era terminology.’

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WMT: To Oblivion and Beyond!

Back at it again with a special edition of the judgement game – hosted by your favorable host and only writer because nobody knows how to write words, but will write essays on discord, Max! Today we are going to take an in-depth look at Oblivion – that alliance everyone always forgets about until they are destroying your nations and then disappear into…..Oblivion.

Oblivion isn’t some new alliance that has blessed this game with affirmative action – no – they are boring old news. They’ve graced this world with their presence back in the good days of PW and have come back, maybe with a little bit less grace than before, but definitely are here to go against the grain and shake things up a bit – generally to just do shit that other alliances in this game are afraid to do and that’s bash some skulls and go back home. In this lovely and exciting game of PW that keeps us all insanely engaged and at the edge of our seats, we deal with alliances that really don’t do shit while promoting they are being ‘dynamic’ and that ‘changes are happening’ – but they are really just sitting on their hands while stacking nations on false promises and clogging the progression of the game.

Lets take a super quick look at Oblivion before we progress even further into this trash fest. Oblivion is ranked 63 out of 248 alliances – anything past that 30 mark is probably already trash and then anything past that 50 mark you just know is a pile of stinky garbage, so we can get that one out-of-the-way fast – Oblivion is trash – at least by community standards. The best thing about Oblivion is they are a 7 nation alliance and they still manage to fuck larger alliances up – sure – those alliances can claim they only attack inactive nations who ‘weren’t ready’ (*cough* Fulcrum from BC) but when you look at the thtatithtics of the matter there really shouldn’t be an argument against Oblivion – regardless if they hit inactive nations, it was YOUR choice and your choice alone to keep inactive nations sitting in your alliance, you know inactives are free game for raiders. When Oblivion went on the offensive and hit BC – for what seemed like an opportune hit, they did a good chunk of damage. Let’s take a  look.

Oblivion launched 20 offensive wars on Bad Company and received a whopping 5 retaliation wars – in this little battle, Oblivion hit BC for $1.9 billion worth of damage while only receiving $435 million. BC asked allies for help in the matter, but The Island was still recovering from war and surprisingly enough, a war with Oblivion – who knocked us the fuck out. So, when you go on the PR offensive saying that Oblivion is shit and they only did that much damage because they attacked inactive nations – well, take a look at this gif of my good friend DJ Khaled – you played yourself. Now, the reason I’m writing this up is because Ockey mentioned that I didn’t judge his alliance or call him trash and although we might have a history with each other – there is nothing really trashy about him or Oblivion.

You could say that attacking innocent people in the game is trashy, but that shit has gone on since the beginning – take a look at all the pirate alliances that popped up, arrgh is trash now, but they used to be something. Y’all old folks remember princess bubble gum and and MAGA alliance? Good shit. You also might think that the image to the right is what I think of Ockey coming back and starting an alliance again and using the same damn theme without an ounce of creativity or public presence, but that’s actually me. Creating a few alliances that were seemingly good, but with bad decisions failed miserably – the only alliance that I like out of my creations were InGen (bad mistake turned Nuclear Knights turned garbage) and The Island which I already labeled as a ‘should merge’ judgement. I believe Ockey is the proof that it is difficult to come back and hold your ground – but it is possible to recycle and old alliance and just do what the fuck you want when you want to which many others have failed at (tEST).

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During our recent war with Oblivion, Arrgh asked them to come help because they couldn’t do it on their own. Without Oblivion’s help, they would have just been mounted by us and that would have been the end of that. Oblivion swoops in at a moments notice, does damage quick, and is gone before you can even put your war paint on.

Final Verdict
Oblivion – Rating: Apex Champion

There are very few alliances that I will talk highly of. In my rundown of the top 30 only one made the cut, Church of Spaceology led by Ripper and now Oblivion – who’s in the 60s.

Tune in next time for WMT rippin’ through alliances 31-60 – this is gonna be some micro fun.