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Award Ceremony Recording

On January 19th, 2019 the awards ceremony for the Orbis Awards went live! The Orbis awards are a community-run nomination, voting, and presentation ceremony which highlights players and alliances from all over the Politics & War gaming community and recognizes them throughout a large grouping of categories.

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The award ceremony took place in our official ORB Discord server hosted by our very own Great Job! Worldwide personalities, Kev & Charlie with Gorge as a co-host. The show was filled with great banter from our hosts, comedy, and just the overall entertainment that we expect from Great Job! Worldwide – always a quality production. Although the ceremony audio is being recorded and will be available shortly post-ceremony, we have listed the categories and winner’s below!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us, huge presence in the voice chat and server, it is great to see the community come together and have some fun!


  • Alliance Most Likely To Get Rolled in 2019
    • New Pacific Order
  • Worst Nation Set-Up
    • Fraggle
  • Worst Forum Poster
    • Element
  • Worst Treaty of the Year
    • Guardian/Commonwealth
  • Worst Princess of the Year
    • Kastor
  • Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2019
    • The Commonwealth
  • Most Inactive Large Alliance
    • The Knights Radiant
  • Worst Diplomatic Move
    • TKR Refusing Peace in Knightfall (current global conflict)
  • Worst Military of the Year
    • The Knights Radiant
  • Most Missed Player
    • Dobby/Thorin/Alex the Great
  • Best Villain
    • Alex (Game Dev/Admin)
  • Largest E-Peen
    • The NG
  • Biggest Meme
    • Arrgh
  • Best DoW
    • CoS DoW on Guardian
  • Best Treaty Announcement
    • War Boys II
  • Most Entertaining Discord Channel
    • Politics & War
  • Funniest Event
    • Charlie Recreating the Naked John Lennon Photo (see pinned in #orbis-awards-announcement channel)
  • Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2020
    • TheRebelMan
  • Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019
    • Leo the Great
  • Most Active Player
    • Roquentin
  • Nicest Player
    • The Emperor
  • Best IC Poster
    • Fraggle
  • Best OOC Poster
    • Alex
  • Best Player Avatar
    • Leo the Great
  • Best Player Sig
    • Gorge
  • Most Dynamic Player
    • Dynamic
  • Most Controversial Player
    • Alex
  • Best Alliance Leader
    • Leo the Great
  • Most Powerful Player
    • Leo the Great
  • Best Re-Started/Re-Branded Alliance of 2018
    • Terminus Est
  • Most Missed Alliance of 2018
    • Mensa HQ
  • Best Alliance for New Players
    • Black Knights
  • Most Controversial Alliance
    • Arrgh
  • Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019
    • Black Knights
  • Best Forums
    • New Pacific Order
  • Best Alliance Growth
    • Polaris
  • Best Propaganda staff
    • Black Knights
  • Best Recruiting Staff
    • New Pacific Order
  • Best Economic System
    • The Syndicate
  • Best Diplomatic Team
    • New Pacific Order
  • Most Improved Alliance
    • Acadia
  • Most Honorable Alliance
    • New Pacific Order
  • Most Active Alliance
    • Black Knights
  • Worst Fighters of the Year
    • The Commonwealth
  • Worst Alliance Leader of the year
    • The NG
  • Worst Player of the Year
    • Sweet Ronny D
  • Worst Alliance of the Year
    • The Commonwealth
  • Most Hated Poster
    • MinesomeMC
  • Biggest Controversy
    • The Continued Existence of The Commonwealth
  • Best PW Forum Topic
    • Knightfall War Stats
  • Best Wall of Text
    • Rozalia’s Deleted Threads
  • Funniest Player
    • The NG
  • Player of the Year
    • Leo the Great
  • Most Immoral Alliance
    • Camelot
  • Best War Flag
    • Black Knights/New Pacific Order
  • Best Flag
    • New Pacific Order
  • Best Rookie Alliance
    • Camelot
  • Best Military
    • Black Knights
  • Most Powerful Alliance
    • Black Knights
  • Alliance of the Year
    • Black Knights

There you have it! Don’t forget to check out the full channel of awards on our discord server with all of the reactions from our viewers – and make sure you look for that recording – the ceremony was hosted greatly and had a few special guests and speeches from award winners.

You can find recordings posted in our discord server or on the Great Job! feature page right here on our site!


Award Nominations Wrap Up


Jan. 6th 2019 | ORB Newsroom

That’s all folks!

The official Politics & War Award Nominations have wrapped up and are currently being tallied for voting. So, what’s next? Voting is currently open, Yoda posted in the Yearly Awards forum of Politics & War that we should have received a link via in-game messenger. Did you vote yet? Additionally, we found out today that ORB Weekly will officially be hosting the Politics & War Awards Ceremony..and you’re invited!


AWARDS invite

That’s right folks, there will be a live ceremony on the ORB Discord server where our awesome hosts will announce the winners of each category, hand out awards, shake babies and kiss hands. If you are not already in our server, make sure you’re in there by clicking here for an invite. The show will be broadcasted in the Great Job! home channel that Kev & Charlie use for their bi-weekly shows.

We hope to see y’all there!

Don’t forget to vote!


Politics & War Awards (Official)


12/15/18 – Christmas Day | ORB Community

A while back ORB got wind of some awards that were floating around for the PW Community – but come to find out, those awards weren’t the official ones that we will be talking about today. Kastor has decided to pick up the slack for the official (Alex Backed) Politics & War Awards for 2018!

Kastor first came to the community on November 8th this year indicting that he would be pushing these awards forward.

On December 18th, Kastor came back into the light about the awards and told the community that Nominations would go live on December 20th and he kept his word, with just 5 days into the nomination process, the nomination thread has over 50 replies holding nominations in a multitude of categories provided in this year’s awards including: alliances, players, community, and worst categories.

Did you put your nominations in? Hurry! You only have till January 5th to submit nominations.

ORB will continue to follow the official Politics & War Awards throughout the nomination and voting process – keep it fun and light!