Politics & War Awards (Official)


12/15/18 – Christmas Day | ORB Community

A while back ORB got wind of some awards that were floating around for the PW Community – but come to find out, those awards weren’t the official ones that we will be talking about today. Kastor has decided to pick up the slack for the official (Alex Backed) Politics & War Awards for 2018!

Kastor first came to the community on November 8th this year indicting that he would be pushing these awards forward.

On December 18th, Kastor came back into the light about the awards and told the community that Nominations would go live on December 20th and he kept his word, with just 5 days into the nomination process, the nomination thread has over 50 replies holding nominations in a multitude of categories provided in this year’s awards including: alliances, players, community, and worst categories.

Did you put your nominations in? Hurry! You only have till January 5th to submit nominations.

ORB will continue to follow the official Politics & War Awards throughout the nomination and voting process – keep it fun and light!