Trouble in the Empire

PWN is following news of some trouble in the Egyptian Empire. We have received reports that two raiders have declared war and are attempting to extort RedPhx of Shrimpatonia. RedPhx operates a large, 19 city nation with most cities approaching or currently at 5k infrastructure – this is obviously a juicy target for raiders who do not abide by the unwritten rules of Politics & War.

These raiders, Epimetheus and Vrael are operating on their own alliance affiliation called ‘Surprise’ and have sent word to the Egyptian Empire demanding a payout of cash.

The attacks started on March 30th at 08:06am In-Game Server Time and by 11:46pm, both raiders have dropped 1 nuclear weapon on RedPhx’s nation. RedPhx has lost 1,898 infrastructure in the city of Dantooine, along with 2 improvements and another 1,777 infrastructure and 2 improvements in the city of Korriban.

The reason behind the attacks? “We’re raiders” Epimetheus told Egyptian Empire. “I want a city and Vrael wants to top up his warchest lol” The raiders did provide incentive to leaders of the Egyptian Empire though, stating that if they agreed to their demands in the next hour, they would stick to raiding other targets for the next three months. Obviously, any incentive and deals have gone out the window now that nuclear weapons have been launched.

The Egyptian Empire did tell PWN that they, along with their allies are mobilized and ready for counters on these raiders. Egyptian Empire has retaliated against Vrael with two slots filled – but these Egyptian defenders are struggling to cover ground. Epimetheus has been countered by Egyptian Empire, SPQR and Frontier Records. Both SPQR and Frontier Records are allied to the Egyptian Empire – these three defensive attacks are faring better than those on Vrael.

Raiding in Politics & War falls under unwritten rules. These rules put a bit of a shadow on raiding, stating that raiding is bad and should not happen nor should it be accepted – however – many alliances have been created for the sole purpose of raiding and many alliances that frown upon raiding of their own nations due in-fact raid.