Political Posturing

This story starts August 19th, 2014 with the formation of Brotherhood of the Clouds, also known as BoC. Situated on the White Sphere, BoC pushed through many years of politics, war, and development before merging with The Chola to form Zodiac – about a year later, Zodiac quietly disbanded with most of its membership joining Black Knights and others forming the Chola Empire.

Nearly 4 years later, Brotherhood of the Clouds reannounces their existence, reviving their status within Orbis on August 20th of 2018. At this time, they announce a triumvirate government of Frostsword, Fistofdoom, and Thomas with four ministries run by Morgan, Viselli, Otto Von Bismark, and Kublai Khan as Ministers. Shortly after, BoC announces its protectorate agreement with Rose and continues its course to place their mark on Orbis. Pushing through the early history of BoC2 you’ll find a few bullet point changes; new charter, trium abolishment, Thomas crowned as King, and an official upgrade from protectorate status to MDoAP with Rose after nearly 7 months which activates the Cloud Garden Party.

BoC engages in a short war with Afrika Corps after launching attacks on an Afrika Corps’ protectorate known as Boeing and two months later Thomas, the First King of BoC, steps down due to inactivity – DustyDart takes the crown in what BoC2’s Wikia page describes as a ‘secret crowning.’ Three days later, Brotherhood of the Clouds cancels its MDoAP treaty with Rose and confirms connections to the Black Knights Sphere with current connections being protectorate with Black Knights and MDP with Camelot – this is where our story truly starts.

The BoC Wikia describes the events of May 6th, 2019 as “BoC cancels its MDoAP treaty with Rose after allegations that Rose tried to help install a Nova Riata low gov member to the King of BoC who would have merged the two alliances.” ORB is here to shed a bit more light on that story and prove that although larger alliances claim to maintain their course and be dynamic, they will still engage in political posturing of smaller sphere politics for their own benefit. #puppeteering

Thomas Resigns

Thomas’s resignation came in the form of impeachment orders from Morgan after Thomas declares a former BoC gov member, Viselli, (current low gov member of Nova Riata) the heir to the throne. It is found out that Viselli had the plan to take reigns of BoC and quietly merge the alliance into Nova Riata. At this time, Rose as well as The Knights Radiant, Nova Riata’s protectorate, jump on board with this merger plan and pressure BoC to allow Viselli to return to BoC and be crowned king.


It has been noted that Thomas took nearly 90% of the BoC bank prior to leaving, transferring these funds through alliance banks – but also did return a load of resources back to BoC bank on May 3rd.

Pressure Continues

During this scuffle of power, DustyDart is crowned Second King of Brotherhood of the Clouds on May 3rd, 2019 and with knowledge of their treaty partner, Rose, posturing into BoC politics, DustyDart cancels the MDoAP with rose on May 6th, 2019. As tension continues to build, it is hinted to BoC that Nova Riata will declare war on BoC to force their merge if they do not install Viselli as the ‘rightful’ King of Brotherhood of the Clouds. ORB is told that BoC went to TKR diplomatically to see about these allegations to which TKR replied that BoC shouldn’t be concerned.


There was a noticeable buildup in the Nova Riata military, but as of recently, Nova Riata declared war on Pantheon. To ensure that facts are provided within this story, we cannot confirm nor deny that Nova Riata was actually planning on assaulting BoC. This could have been further posturing – however – we have confirmed from several sources that if Nova Riata was successful in their attempt to force BoC to merge with war, The Knights Radiant would provide Nova Riata with $8 Billion (post-pantheon war) towards rebuild costs. (But BoC shouldn’t be concerned.)

Political Posturing

Once Rose found out about Thomas’ announcement to have Viselli take the reigns as Second King of Brotherhood of the Clouds, they were quick to act and give their blessing to Nova Riata to provide pressure to BoC. Rose is not connected to the Chaos Bloc with Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant and only holds one paper connection to the Black Knights Sphere – an ODP through The Fighting Pacifists, you can easily write that off as a disconnect. It is understood that Rose did not wish to be present within the BK Sphere of politics and perhaps, Brotherhood of the Clouds signing paper with Camelot, a life-long member of the BK Sphere, pushed their hand to act in the manner that they have shown. We could even speculate that Rose administration does not get along or does not support the current BoC administration and sees it fit to be dismantled. We would be entering the realm of petty speculation – but maybe there is something a bit further, perhaps Rose has paperless agreements with Chaos Bloc and/or The Knights Radiant? Removing the heavy speculation, you are really only left with petty maneuvers of Rose administration working against a 7-month protectorate relationship and mutually agreed upon upgrade with Brotherhood of the Clouds.

As far as The Knights Radiant – why wouldn’t The Knights Radiant promote being new and dynamic while still keeping hold of their ‘world policing’ foundations it has prided itself on in the past? Not only would their protectorate show their worth within their Chaos Sphere, but if the merge did happen either by force or by Viselli taking the throne, Nova Riata would climb the ranks and the Chaos Sphere would gain quite a few members to their tiers. Not to mention the fact that The Knights Radiant also applies a price tag for Nova Riata should this merge be successful – which just so happens to rest on a payment date post-pantheon war.

Brotherhood of the Clouds, now positioned fairly stable within the BK Sphere has MDP benefits from Camelot and also tied itself to Black Knights through a protectorate agreement – we doubt we will see Nova Riata flipping switch and hitting BoC to force this merge and BoC administration has no desire to bow to requests from previous allies or members to install Viselli as a King. That being said, we could say that Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant were completely blindsided to the fact that BoC could tie themselves with BK – of course stacking up members with a forced or civil merge would be quite the win for Nova Riata. It is pretty obvious that Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant are approaching an update to their treaty – we don’t see a reason why Nova Riata would push out of the Chaos Bloc, this looks more like an attempt to prove worth through that sphere. We can expect to see a full upgrade between Nova Riata and The Knights Radiant when the Pantheon war comes to completion.

BoC played their cards smart, with pressure from larger alliances and a possible war at their doorsteps, they cleared out the drama within the alliance and formulated a new political path for themselves which secures them, for now. This only sheds light on the true dynamics of the PW political arena – large alliances will still posture themselves into smaller sphere politics. Cut your strings.


How TKR “made their own bed”

TKR (The Knights Radiant) and BK (Black Knights) have been rivals for a considerable amount of time now, most peg this to have started around the time BK signed The Inquisition Bloc (IQ). The beef really started to come out around Trail of Tears, this is when the current leader (Lordship) and government of TKR shit talked IQ endlessly. The shit talking and public dislike and distaste of BK by TKR continued long past the war, with quotes such as “I’ll do anything to take BK down” by high government members. More recently TKR showed yet another sign of hatred to Black Knights, it was discovered through leaks, that the government of TKR had actually agreed to enter Ayyslamic Crusade against IQ but had backed out last second to roll Nuke Bloc instead.

So with this information you may ask, how does it affect this war? Well the answer should be simple enough for everyone but I’ll break it down for you anyways. Before this war IQ was contacted by representatives from both other major spheres, T$ and Co as well as TKR and Friends. Both spheres has the same offer “help us beat the other”, so with this information in hand IQ had to make a decision to either help take down TKR or T$, with that you factor in TKR tiring being more of a threat to IQ and the years of shit talk and threats the decision was an easy one for IQ.

Moving forward I have been asked a few times “Do you think this rivalry will continue after this war”. The answer isn’t an easy yes or no, it will depend on TKR itself. Can TKR let go and stop shit talking BK, can TKR behave and stop acting like a sore child? When these questions are answered, ill be able to answer yours. Personally i don’t see the rivalry ending easily, its gone on to long to just stop. I do however think an end could be reached if TKR wants it to end.  

Radiant Commonwealth

Adrienne Addressing TKR during the morning motivation meeting.

Friday Oct. 12 03:36 | ORB Newsroom – Word on the Street

The Knights Radiant has been the center of numerous rumors the past few months, the main reason for this is probably easy to identify – they are the top dog and have been on the top for quite a long time now. A lot of times, TKR is seen as the alliance that sets policy or is blamed for trying to police the world – so it makes sense people try to dig up some dirt right?

We have heard this rumor from several people over the past couple months and you’ve probably heard it too. This one centers around The Knights Radiant and The Commonwealth (if you couldn’t tell by the title) and the ‘fact’ that TCW will be dropping TKR and heading out on an adventure to do their own things.

The Knights Radiant Halloween Flag

Is it true? Orbis Weekly doesn’t believe it, but to stomp this rumor, we did our homework.

TKR and TCW first joined hands on January 29th 2017 – come this January, they’d be together for quite a long time – in fact – longer than most alliances stay in existence in this game. Even though this rumor puts direct tension between both of the alliances at hand, beyond this rumor we haven’t seen anything that would point towards any type of tension or separation between both alliances – so where is this rumor coming from and how are so many people saying it holds roots?

Orbis Weekly had a chance to catch up with [Redacted for anonymity], our contact in TCW,  to discuss what we have been hearing on the streets. Like any drama, usually this happens when alliances just aren’t meshing anymore – they aren’t getting along. We touched base on the relationships between TCW and TKR [Redacted] told us that “our members get along, there’s also the Cakey/Smith troll meme war that still goes on in private.” When asked what that troll/meme war was about [Redacted] replied, “Cakey accused Smith of stealing his cat to turn it into Christmas Roast. They spent a couple of weeks making advertisements poking at each other.” Sounds like this is done in good fun and our investigations into relations between TCW and TKR members has turned up nothing but either neutral or favorable replies and attitudes towards each other – were we missing something?

The Commonwealth Flag

The big idea here is that TCW is rumored to believe they are bigger and badder out in the world on their own – they don’t need TKR holding their hand anymore, they want to be free…some have even said that TCW is owned by TKR. “We aren’t a puppet like some people seem to think and TKR has never treated us as such.” [Redacted] told Orbis Weekly. “There just happens to be a lot of individual friendships between us so we got each other’s back sort of thing.” When questioned about actually taking the step to go out on their own, [Redacted] replied that “we could if we wanted to, but like I said, why dump TKR to appease the trolls?” Technically, [Redacted] isn’t saying they wouldn’t go out on their own – but if they did – they wouldn’t be doing it in the fashion to appease trolls spreading this rumor.

We believe that part of this rumor came to surface due to the realizations that TKR is out and about looking for treaties. We know they have approached several alliances, including the Vanguard/BC debacle that came to light a few weeks back and the current stacking of Tesla to their short ally list. What some may neglect to understand is with a different leader comes different leadership skills and abilities. Most of TKR’s history has left their character as being their own sovereign entity, alone, with other entities approaching them – not the other way around. Seeing Adrienne approaching other alliances and hopping all over discord is different for TKR standards and we believe that this new method of foreign affairs for TKR is what really sparks the rumor mill within the Orbis community. “Why shouldn’t they look for another alliy if they have a good relationship with an alliance?” [Redacted] told Orbis Weekly. “The world is different than it was when TKR had a million treaties and was a core of Syndisphere.”

Another part of this rumor was that when TKR heard about TCW stepping out and doing things on their own, TKR approached TCW government and begged them to stay just a while longer till TKR got their foreign affairs together. [Redacted] told us that Adrienne isn’t the begging type and they haven’t heard this rumor before. “Put it this way, if someone asked to use me as a shield so they could just dump us themselves, I’d probably just fire their ass out of a cannon,” [Redacted] said. Which makes sense – knowing Adrienne, we can’t see her or TKR resorting to begging, but it was a rumor we needed to check out.

Lastly, with our Brink reports we always touch base on what TKR is doing and if they will be the target of the upcoming global war on Orbis. Part of these developments was learning about TKR trying to squeeze in with Bad Company and the Vanguard bloc – but ultimately getting rejected. With word that this move is still on the back burner and BC is still encouraging this idea, we wanted to know what TCW would do or where they would sit if TKR did take that position. “It’s all predicated on TKR outright joining Vanguard which I just don’t see happening. It’s an interesting question though because the goal for both of us is to not make a super sphere.” [Redacted] said.

To further our investigation we reached out to a few individuals in TKR. Multiple TKR members stated the same as our friend from TCW. It seems to be quite obvious at this point in our search  for answers that the relationships between TCW and TKR are surprisingly strong – from the bottom all the way to the top. One member of TKR even told us that multiple TCW government members would throw their lives on the line for TKR. Additionally, Adrienne – leader of TKR – told us that TCW and TKR have a good relationship. “There aren’t any plans to split up or anything like that and we’re not trying to join Vanguard.”

Orbis Weekly chooses to investigate rumors even if at the start they are clearly false. The relationship between TCW and TKR have been there for quite some time and during our investigation we have truly identified the strength of their bond. Whoever starts these rumors should try harder to connect rumor to some basic facts and maybe do a little research – additionally – if you choose to believe these rumors right off the bat, open your eyes and stay tuned to Orbis Weekly.