The Brink – Orbis Global War Investigation 3rd Edition

Destruction through cell phone

Thursday Oct. 4 04:10 | ORB Newsroom – War Desk

Orbis Weekly is back with another ‘global war’ update – a week closer to the NAP deadline. If you have been following our reports, you know that we lay out as much information as possible when it comes to pointing out the lines drawn – as of right now it should be known that we base our content of these reports based on our own investigations and intel we receive from around the world. It is never out intention to make you believe these editions as fact because simply put, global wars are a machine with a ton of moving parts so only those who are going to engage know what is actually going to happen – we are just here to speculate. Let’s get started.

Obviously, by now it is pretty clear and evident that there will be a global war. We have parts of the equation, but we still do not have enough to solve it – but we keep on digging. Our past reports have outlined some of the players that we think will be involved, but we think it is pretty safe to say that most of those who will be engaging in the war are currently tied up in the 6 month NAP that will be ending October 18th. Being now just 14 days away from that deadline, what do we know?

  • IQ alliances are awfully quiet…well, well some of them.


Sure, this image is a little outdated, probably could be taken as ‘out of context’ or could just be a joke, either way we have an IQ alliance buying resources for future war efforts. Most of the other IQ alliances stay pretty hush-hush when it comes to finding out information on war preparation efforts – Seeker must not have received the memo.

  • More recently Shifty posted up some logs which are said to be from BK leadership, Leo, sending a message to members. Clearly seen to be a message of motivation to build up, continue building up, take TKR’s spot and…mentions ‘war on the horizon’

“With war on the near horizon, it is vital that we fill our infra slots while our infra is fully intact. The first three projects will improve our war capability, and the next three will improve our ability to rebuild after we win it. With most of BK’s taxes going towards boosting, at this point we are only offering grants for the IA, however none of them are super expensive. Great job so far and BK Stronk! -Leo”

Now, this can just be another shifty log OR it could be some truth behind IQ alliances actually prepping for war, where they once were silent, as we near closer to the 18th, this could be a legit representation of major players in the war to come and who the target will be.

  • The T$ sphere is continually building up with Partisan at the helm, tacking on allies – we’ve seen the Rose addition and now the HS addition under rose, although T$ sphere also is pretty relaxed when it comes to discussing war efforts, one has to think that the activity within that sphere is a bit suspicious, or maybe they are just building up a great community?

We originally theorized that T$ sphere would be the ones getting the IQ boot on the throat of their communal growth, but we are slightly leaning away from that theory as our investigation develops and more light is shed on the gray areas. We are offering up theory that maybe T$ is not the direct target of IQ – but maybe a second or third-party to the event, arriving later through the chains of treaty obligations.

  • The last big-name player is The Knights Radiant, who have been in the spotlight quite a bit since the last war. Where do they stand and do they have a leg to stand on?

TKR, as we said in our last edition, has been hopping around looking to tack on allies. They quickly grew attached to Bad Company and the Vanguard Bloc, but as noted in public this quickly got squashed by IQ. The word on the street was that TKR, BC, and Vanguard Bloc were working on a treaty obligation and now that discussion is out the window thanks to Polaris.

Our latest theory (and please correct us if we are wrong and discuss with us if you have something better to add to our investigation) is that due to the quick stomp out of the infatuated flames between BC, Vanguard, and TKR by IQ we are likely to believe that IQ is marching their military towards TKR and friends. We base this theory on that fact and additionally alongside the fact that BK wants that #1 spot. Sure, you do have the right to want to succeed and raise your alliance up while still being allied and close with the one you’re in competition with – but with all things adding up, it would seem the likely choice for IQ.

There will always be more information out there for us to try to obtain as we progress through our own Orbis Weekly investigation – as we stated before, this isn’t absolute. We piece together what we have found, what has been given to us, and try to find a solution. As we gain more evidence on this topic we will share – as that is our duty to you.

As always, if you have intel, evidence, information or wanna drop logs you can do so anonymously here.

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