The Brink – Orbis Global War Investigation

Destruction through cell phone

Thursday Sep. 27 22:42 | ORB Newsroom

A week ago we posted a story about Orbis Being on the Brink of War – being that it is 7 days later, we decided to take a look into the brewing war and see if we could provide a little bit more detail for you.

Since the 20th we have seen the micro-tier alliances going in a frenzy over what some are calling the ‘second coming’ – a global war that effects everyone, even the micros. We have seen certain individuals even go as far as impersonating several members of the community in attempt to spy other alliances for information on this so-called second coming….and even heard about deep, underground, spy networks with spies infiltrating nearly every alliance globally.

Scared yet? We aren’t either.

On Monday, the infamous news group SNN posted up some logs which indicated that TKR is preparing..or at least.. hoping to go to war, but with who? An unknown party in the logs indicated that they were worried about IQ (IQ Sphere), but Adrienne, current leader of TKR stated “I’m hoping to go to war, I don’t see why we should be scared with half of their members being unable to fight properly 😛 ” – so, is Adrienne speaking about IQ nations or T$ Sphere nations? Could this be a grudge from the last war? Within the post, most people are arguing over whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza (click here to cast your vote!), but more direct to the topic at hand – Adrienne commented that the logs posted are fake and then shared a log of her own in which Shifty calls himself a ‘big gay baby.’

Could there be something here that is substantial enough to prove that TKR and other major players in the game are going up against each other come the giant NAP end on October 18th? Could this more likely be a bit of paranoia in these major players minds?

Too many questions. Let’s get some answers.

The next bit also comes from Shifty’s little news network he runs – this one also centers on TKR and nearly pits them up against IQ. TKR is said to be seeking out relations with Vanguard, but Polaris was against these moves and reported them to IQ – in which case IQ supposedly stomps on the plans. This can’t be the case, in our opinion, simply because we heard from an anonymous source that these TKR plans were still in play, but would more than likely become active post-war. The idea here is that TKR, BC, and the Vanguard Sisters would become their own sphere – this considering the rumors of TCW dropping from TKR. So, it would make sense for TKR to bob around looking for allies to stack on their shelf and BC is a formidable ally to speak with – the only issue here is, can BC properly task themselves to hold Vanguard together post-war?

The facts here are that:

  1. TKR is looking for other friends to play in the sandbox with.
  2. BC & Vanguard were approached by TKR
  3. The treaty was always to be on the back burner in preparation of this ‘war that ain’t coming’
  4. You can likely assume TKR/BC/Vanguard will be a thruple, post-war.

Now, we push to 18 hours ago when Shifty posted logs between Auctor (NPO) and an unknown person who is presumably IQ – in this conversation the unknown party states “so, what do you think will happen with the T$ sphere?” to which Auctor replies “we won’t let them attack us first like last time.”

Still don’t think there is a war being planned? Of course people are going to say logs are fake and taken out of context when they are driven into the light for the public to see. In this game there are multiple wars that take place within a war which bounce back between real war mechanics, PR, and the OOC and IC battles. To remain on top one must adopt a policy of denial. That is what we are seeing here ladies and gentleman.

In our last Orbis War post we mentioned the following:

  1. There will be a war come end of the NAP
  2. Major players will be:
    1. IQ Sphere
    2. T$ Sphere
    3. TKR & Friends
  3. We know alliances are building up on all sides.
  4. We know TKR is searching for immediate or future diplomatic ties.

We are obviously still holding true to those facts, but we still aren’t quite sure where the lines will be drawn. 7 days ago we told you we knew TKR is searching for allies and during the week we find out that they in-fact were – but if these plans were made kaput by shifty leaking logs or by IQ, what direction would TKR go? We still believe this plan is on the back burner for post-war.

It would be quite simple to say that its obvious right? T$ and TKR attack IQ? Maybe even T$ and IQ attack TKR? We aren’t quite certain that the logs being published and the word on the street correctly matches up. Therefore, we aren’t drawing any theoretical lines.

In the meantime, why aren’t alliances like Pantheon, Guardians of the Galaxy, and others being brought into the spotlight?

Stay tuned to Orbis Weekly for more war talk as we continue to investigate.

Do you have information on the war? Use our contact page under ‘about orb’ to submit an anonymous message.