The Butter-knife Effect – WMT

If you saw our article about the BC & GoG meetup between DemonSpawn and Ashland or you read the announcement on the PW Forums, you know that butter-knives are ‘in’ – but not for spreading your favorite condiments, no, for agreeing to peace terms between warring alliances.

That’s right – the offering and acceptance of a butter-knife is how BC got out of war and evidently it is how The Island will also find its way to peace…among other peace terms. To anyone who’s been playing online games, especially ones like this, the idea of meeting up in person isn’t really new. If you are friends with someone and you find out you live close, why not actually meet up in person? In my history I’ve seen group meet ups, friends traveling, and even treaties being signed – but never have I seen a butter-knife exchange.

As you may (or may not) know, The Island is an incredibly small – even smaller now that we kicked some VM-bitches and lost a dude to deleting – alliance that pretty much keeps to itself. We’ve got few allies and we just jam (no pun intended) on our little island and do our own thangg, but we found ourselves engaged in war with our main opponent being Guardians of the Galaxy. Due to our previous battles with Arrgh & Oblivion – GoG entered in at just the right moment to pin us to the ground and give us that old beef stew (fart in the mouth) – but thanks to communications being open, we have been working on some peace terms and I think we finally figured out exactly what GoG wants from us, here they are as they stand currently:

  • A member of ‘The Isle’ must provide a butter knife to Ashland in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The Island must change their alliance name to ‘The Isle’ for three months (or until Max re-rolls his nation)
  • Max has to stop bullying ‘georgie’ as GoG does a #standup to bullies.
  • The Island must formally renounce all ties to Cynic and apologize for any involvement they may (or may not) have with regards to Cynic stealing BC’s bank.

Obviously, Ashland was tasked with writing these peace terms, therefore we have forfeited the ‘humor’ and ‘fun’ aspect of old-school peace terms as I believe the punch-line for these ‘jokes’ only rest within the realm of Ashland’s mind, but for the sake of his comedic career, we have agreed to these terms.

  • Pictured above is a perfectly fine butter-knife, the same butter-knife that will be sent to Ashland’s box. This knife will be sent along with a fancy Christmas Card signed by all of ‘The Isle’ via priority flat-rate shipping by the United States Postal Service.
  • The Island will change their name to ‘The Isle’ because it really doesn’t make a difference in the long run, they mean the same thing – and 3 months flies by, we look forward to the change as our theme and alliance always changes.
  •  I don’t know who Georgie is, but I will be writing a public apology to Georgie and to anyone I’ve hurt while on my cyber-bully crusade & will take a vow to #StandUp to any and all bullies I come across.
  • Cynic is trash – this one will be easy.

Although these terms don’t cross the realm of what most people would call funny and although they are as humorous as breaking your humerus – they aren’t that bad in the long-run. Honestly, I have to thank and commend Seeker for being open to dialogue and communication with The Isle. The Isle, although small, has taken quite a beating from GoG and other opponents during this war – and even if it does suck to lose pixels, that is all part of the game. Most times, you don’t even know if your alliance is worth or if the people you call your community and family actually belong in what you envision your alliance to be – we lost some, but it truly made our group better. This war has taught us a lot, proved that systems we put in place work, and even proved some other things need to be fixed. War is a true test of what an alliance or group of nations can be.

The Isle looks forward to securing these peace negotiations and put this war and the past between GoG and TI behind us. There is nothing greater than fighting on grounds of disagreement and coming to an end beaten and bruised with agreement. These things should happen more often in this world of Orbis. It reminds me of my childhood days, growing up with siblings, beating the shit out of each other to get that aggression out and then plopping on the couch playing video games or playing outside till the street lights came on. It’s just good for you.