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The End of #platinum



Friday Oct. 12 02:34 | ORB Newsroom – Editors Desk

Today – ORB Weekly has decided to close off further membership purchases for our popular Platinum package. Our Platinum members make up 59% of our entire membership base which equates to about 23 members with Platinum, not excluding some current staff.

Orbis Weekly’s Platinum Membership supplies each member with 6 months full access to the site pages and posts. Gives each member ORB Platinum discord status which has been dubbed being a ‘platboy’ within the Platinum community. Additionally, Platinum members get their own discord channel/lounge where they can speak directly to staff, editors, and each other – which has been changed to the #platboys-lounge. Surprisingly enough, being Platinum is a bit of a popular thing to do within the ORB community – it has become somewhat of a trend. “It’s either your Platinum or you’re nobody,” an anonymous user told us. Besides the access, status, and lounge ORB Platinum Membership also provides members with access to ALL Exclusive Content. This content could range from simple changes throughout the community that Platboys only see/hear about first, first-up articles/news to give Platboys a first look, and various other perks and benefits.

With such a trend being set and with Platinum being the most popular paid-for membership, why would ORB Weekly decide to cut access to Platinum purchases? The decision was hard – but it  makes sense. In order to provide an exclusive area for ORB Members, we have to be able to limit the amount of members going for one specific membership. When everyone is within one membership, the exclusivity of that membership (and lounge) really becomes non-exclusive. The perks and benefits that come with that membership package are no longer special to those who bought into it…so we closed purchases. It is our goal to get more people into the other membership plans in effort to build their own niche groups within the ORB Community just like the Platinum members did by unanimously changing their name to Platboys and creating the idea that being Platinum is great.

With a total of 35 real subscribers, Orbis Weekly definitely has room to take on more citizens of Orbis and thus these new citizens can migrate to the Gold, Silver, and Basic Memberships. Gold only takes up about 23.1% of the membership pool – so we are definitely looking to get more people there.

Obviously, as memberships expire – we could see some fluctuating within percentages especially with the Orb Basic and Orb Silver members buying up, should they choose to do so.