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Saturday Oct 13 2018 19:00 | ORB Newsroom – What Max Thinks

You might think this is a shameless plug to advertise my alliance, The Island, to get some more members – but if you do, you probably wouldn’t be accepted into our family anyway so fuck you.

Today, I’m here to shed some light on who exactly The Island is, why we is, and how we is. I believe the common misconception of alliances and the way they should be developed and grow is that you gotta push hard and fast to get to the top and if you don’t, you’re just a piece of shit that doesn’t need to exist inside this community – I also believe that misconception to be absolutely wrong. I’ll walk you through an outline of The Island and explain a bit of how we operate. Keep in mind, what you do may be what you do for a number of different reasons. Disagreeing what someone does simply because you do it a certain way doesn’t mean that person is wrong or that you’re wrong for that matter – I mean unless they are like Camelot or some shit am I right? (This is here for Epi) Let’s get right into it.

The Island Government Structure

To be put the most simplest way – it doesn’t exist. Most alliances, from the day they are born, will hold a shit ton of positions for its membership (even when it doesn’t have one). You’ll see Leader positions, Director positions, deputy director positions, and then a slew of different titles set up for ‘jobs’ or ‘duties’ within the alliance. I’m not saying this is a bad method, I’ve created alliances and been in alliances that use it – it is what it is – but it isn’t what it is on The Island. The Island operates 3 ‘major’ titles/roles.

  1. Champions: These guys are visually seen at the top. The reason this title exists is to maintain control of the admin/operations side of the alliance. So people don’t fuck things up on discord or within the alliance control panel and banking and all that shit.
  2. Elites: Elites are basically the same damn thing as Champions except they don’t really have that admin/operations side. They maintain the same type of power as champions and not one Elite or Champion has power over the next – there is no lead position, we are a leadership team. To be an Elite you have to be a Specialist first and pass an extensive interview that flows between psychological assessment and PW knowledge – its fun, it’s designed to break your will as a human.
  3. Specialists: These guys are just well-rounded members who live on The Island. They show up, work hard to learn and communicate, and are just overall great people. Mostly everyone in The Island is a Specialist.

So, instead of creating this stacked system of positions, its more like an open-floor concept, so nobody is getting neck pain looking up to see who’s on top in their alliance and where to go for help.

The idea of The Island was to strip away what I thought made a good alliance, basically like cutting the fat from a chicken breast. Like, you can still cook the chicken with the fat on it – but won’t it be better all trimmed up and neat? That was the first objective, deciding what was no longer needed to survive as an alliance. The first was government structure, the next was duties of government and members.

Duties of Government and Members: The Angle of our Teamwork Dangle

If you know us or have even gone as far to ask us what we are about, we probably spewed some information at you which directly references our alliance ‘culture’ and ‘community’ and we are a ‘team’ and all that. I mean, its true – we do have our own culture and it even led us to be called a CULT. You heard it right here folks, we have a cult here on Orbis and its called The Island.

We out here doing cult shit.

The guy who called us a cult didn’t like the team aspect of the alliance and honestly wanted to be just handed a shit ton of money to grow without any question – so he got mad and left, in reality we’re probably more like Will Ferrel in the Blue Oyster CULT parody back when SNL used to be fun.


I’m getting off-topic pretty hardcore – but – the idea here is, from day one we set up a culture that only allows a certain kind of people within the alliance. We aren’t a massively growing alliance taking on a ton of noobs. We don’t exercise an open border policy. We don’t care about how many nukes and infra you got – all that matters is if we think you fit in with the culture that we display every day on our island.

“Culture to us means how we act and how we will move forward together as a team. We have studied a system that is called “Just Culture” – this type of system is widely used in companies and organizations in the real world and the idea behind this culture is that we are this entity that is all working towards the same goal and we continue to work off each other in order to keep moving forward.”

Often when we talk about our particular culture and how we manage decisions within our alliance we are met with “oh so you’re just democratic.” – and although it would seem that our decision process works that way – we wouldn’t say we run a democratic process here. We are an entity that requires majority or total agreement for situations and decision-making. We even bring our topics to members outside of the Champion & Elite class to get their view on the subject – in fact – any type of decision that changes the direction of the alliance HAS to be brought to the membership in a timely matter. When you develop a system where we are housing members who are all working towards the same goal – you eliminate the stagnation we see in most alliances who require votes and it its place we open up a zone that fosters real discussion, problem solving, decision making and solutions.

“This system allows us to have trust with each other and a wide open dialogue which allows members to identify issues, mistakes, or anything that could cause some type of issue or error in our system. That’s when we are able to identify, correct, and enhance our system.”

This all connects through an open community with trust, develops a culture of trust and teamwork which incorporates our overall alliance system.

Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of The Island – “how can you advertise 0 cash and 0 resource tax but still build up?” Well, aren’t you a fat little girl, let me open your eyes and show you that none of this has to be harder than you’re making it to be. We have had several people call us out as cheating (exploit), which we told Alex about to have him check (haha), we have been told that we are buying insane amount of credits to boost nations, and we’ve been told that we just keep buying loans. One of the funniest ones we have been told is that we are selfish for not taxing – I’d Hope that was a silly little joke.

Nah, this is what The Island does.

Apart from actually assisting our nations with all of their nation needs, we focus on providing solid support for market sales and purchases. Those of you close to us know we used to run the Loot Lake program. This program has been shut down due to creating a whole new world of economy within our Bloc..but while it was running we made our alliance, members, and friends millions upon millions which they’d likely not see if they went to the market on their own.

A lot of times while taking on new members our TEAM-LIKE, COMMUNITY, atmosphere has prompted members to throw down cash to quickly boost members. They see a new guy and actually want to help?

I’d bang this guys bottom out

Can’t believe it right? Why would people want to help nations that are small and new and looking to grow? BECAUSE THAT IS WHO WE ARE AS A FAMILY/TEAM.

Besides all that EARTH SHATTERING and MIND BLOWING economic GENIUS, we also do growth circles.

Had to put him on again cuz like – bang.



Yeah, it is 100% true. Except, our circle is usually just the whole alliance (14 members) sitting on 100% tax for the greater good. The best part? everything is absolutely voluntary. The better part, all y’all who come to us saying we have to city tier for proper growth circle distribution are a bunch of cunts. Even better than that? I don’t know to be honest, I just know y’all are cunts.

A little word on city tiering to maximize growth circle potential:

We have 14 members. Throwing all our money in a pot maximizes the GC potential for every member. Also, not sure if I mentioned this prior – we work as a family and a team and this is a voluntary opt-in, people here WANT to help each other and they do.

Thank you.

That is honestly The Island in a nutshell – I mean – we are a small, super close alliance. Our philosophy as an alliance doesn’t require us to keep fighting for ranks or stature within the community. Instead, it requires us to keep supporting each other and in turn, supporting our allies. We have a lot of new changes coming in the next couple of weeks, we are always working hard even though our discord public channels are pretty silent (we are actually just drunk off our asses with them 25 cent margaritas) and if everyone elses fucking server including our bloc server which probably gets most of our attention.

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into The Island – if your alliance is more than meets the eye, let me know, I’d love to throw you into a WMT piece here for Orbis Weekly.