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The Mad Titan/Thanos – ORB Interview



The ORB Interview

Featuring: The Mad Titan – Thanos – The BK Leader dude!

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

Looks like it’s BK week here at ORB. From the spotlight to the behind the scenes interview – y’all know BK – I don’t need to give you that much of an intro.

Orbis Weekly: Can you tell me a bit about your PW history? (where you started here, etc)

Thanos:  I am BK through and through. I was recruited by them when I first joined and have been in there ever since. I was a fairly casual player for my first few months, but after my first war of Pacifica I was wanting to get more into it. I started in IA, becoming low gov in that. Eventually I was low gov in defense, IA, and FA before finally going exclusively to FA. From their I became High Gov after ToT, moving to Viceroy Decemeber of that year. I then took over as emperor Feburary of this year, where I still am!

Orbis Weekly: Have you played any other simulation games in the past that may have led you to PW?

Thanos: I have not. I actually found out about P&W on reddit. Someone posted a random comment and it seemed intersesting so I checked it out.

Orbis Weekly: What is your current role within your PW alliance? Are you happy with that role?

Thanos: I am currently emperor of the Black Knights. I am happy with that role. I enjoy making BK better off as a whole, which I think I have been successful at. BK was a little shaky for a time period of ToT and I definitely think that’s behind us and that’s due to my strong gov.

Orbis Weekly: Any thoughts on the next Current Global War?

Thanos:   Simply put the game is having a correction in the politics of the game. The diverse coalition against TKR and friends simply speaks of the threat that they were perceived as. I don’t think it will be permanent and post war it will be interesting to see if TKR recovers and if not who will fill the gaps.

Orbis Weekly: Obviously you know that Alex is the game admin, what are your thoughts on him and his development practices?

Thanos: I think most of the time his heart is in the right place. I think he’s gotten better overall, and some of his changes just need more testing before being implemented. He also should consult more with a variety of alliance leaders rather than a chosen few.

Orbis Weekly: What do you think about PW Forum Moderation – what could be better?

Thanos: Personally I haven’t had a problem with it, but it is sketchy that mods play the game as well, impossible to not have bias. But for something as small as P&W I understand the need.

Orbis Weekly: Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers that you think they should know?

Thanos: Post War rebuilding loans available at Horizon Bank, get in line today!

Orbis Weekly: What is one thing you love doing in RL?

Thanos: Traveling. Last summer I went to China for two and half months and I will be going to Europe twice this year! I love seeing other cultures, and my favorite parts is trying new foods.

ORB sent these questions to Thanos prior to the war – some may seem outdated, but we did our best to make you an interview that works in the current global. Hope y’all enjoyed as much as Bk is currently enjoying the war!


Disclaimer: Some questions from ORB Interviews may not make it to publication due to substance, answer given, or the subject matter no longer maintaining relevance.