The Spy

Sunday Sep. 23 2018 04:27 | ORB Newsroom

On Friday we learned that there was a potential spy issue among the micro tier of Orbis – Orbis Weekly staff decided to take a look into the post by The Shadow and see exactly what was going on. Within his post he declares that a member of United Nations of Culture (UNC) tried to infiltrate Typhon member chat by creating a multi and by applying in-game. Additionally, The Shadow claims that UNC is operating an underground spy network, infiltrating multiple alliances and trying to investigate a so-called “Second Coming.”

The following log was provided:

Shortly after his post JordyHamsVII, current Prime Minister (Leader) of UNC, responded to the allegations. He stated that the multi account was not at the request of any member of the alliance (UNC) and that it was simply a lone-wolf mission. Although the log above proves that UNC had recognition of the spy attempt, JordyHamsVII says that this is “not seen as spying”…still, they removed the member, Srikanth, from UNC and apologized to Typhon and Camelot for his actions.

Again – shortly after this event, most of UNC decided to merge into Sirius – the individual who created the multi is said to have deleted his original nation and is now operating the spy nation from within Sirius as a member. Why would Sirius take a member in knowing they have a history of spy attempts? Furthermore, why would they allow a merge of an alliance that is allegedly operating a large underground spy network?

During a conversation with The Shadow on discord, Shadow says “spy networks go deeper underground via merges and deletions” – our question to you is, are spy networks or simple spies within the community really an issue?

Could this ‘second coming’ be related to our investigation on the next big war on Orbis?