The Sun Sets on Sunray


Friday Sep. 29 21:51 | ORB Newsroom

At around 20:30 today, we were told Sunray 1-1, an alliance announced by Caboose on 9/11/18 has just merged into Camelot. Orbis Weekly immediately started investigations.

We started our investigation by searching for Sunray within the Politics & War Game – we unfortunately were not successful in our search, it seems they have already left & Sunray 1-1 no longer exists within the game.


Our first detail was from Caboose – looking over his nation we could see that he left Sunray on 9/22 for Rose, so we were concerned on the actual dated time of this merge – but it has been proven that today was the day of the official merge per Camelot’s Internal Affairs official. “I can tell you it was stressful accepting a fuck ton of new members,” MinesomeMC, Camelot IA Official, told us.

What may be stressful, surely had to be welcomed by Camelot government though. Camelot went from a score of roughly 35k to nearly 47k – through the roof in terms of micro growth, but can they maintain that growth and build upon these new additions? “Yeah, work needs to be done with Camelot,” MinesomeMC said. “We need to grow our lower tier to get them to mid tier and boost their nation score by a lot.”


One of the hardest things to do as a micro is not only maintain a level of relevance within the community, but also to maintain an alliance – especially when you enter periods of rapid growth, such as the mergers we frequently see among micro alliances in this game. Camelot has been in and out of the political spectrum with slight drama here and there and what seems to be a mixed bag of likeness throughout the Orbis Community. When an alliance such as Camelot takes on a merger of pretty good size, the real question is can they grasp it and push themselves even higher? MinesomeMC tells us that they are offering grants to supplement these new members (and presumably existing), “but nothing too large is happening that I know of.”

Our opinion? Camelot doesn’t seem to likely to present itself as an alliance that will grasp and maintain this sudden boost in growth to secure a substantial position among the alliances within its ranking area.

Still, Camelot continues to maintain ties with Black Knights, Guardians of the Galaxy & Esquire Templar [Liberation Front] as their protectorate while also sharing an MDoAP with Typhon and La Mafia. Maybe, Camelot’s high-ranking protectorates can take them a bit further under their wing. This could accommodate the growth they have achieved in order to sustain the alliance for hopes of a fruitful partnership when Camelot outgrows its protectorate status.