Trouble at the Orbis Awards

orbis awards

It wasn’t too long ago we reported a new Orbis Awards coming to our world – and just as quickly as we announced it, it was thrown out by the community. It would seem that the group running those awards didn’t quite know how to handle the complexity of our world and what these yearly awards really mean to us as a community.

On Thursday, Kastor – previous host of the PnW Awards – stated that he would be hosting the awards again this year. In Orbis’ history, nominations, voting, discussion, and awards are more commonly done within the PW Forums – it is unclear if that will be occurring this year. Kastor stated that this years awards would “be a good occasion as usual,” however, he also said he was going to “spice” up this years awards. Kastor says that he wants to add new categories and make this years awards more of a presentation.

Included with his proposed – or should we say, announced – changes were:

  1. No public voting.
    1. Instead, secret voting – counted by multiple people in effort to create a non-rigged system.
  2. No public award viewing.
    1. Instead, hold a radio show, possibly with Great Job!, and announce these awards within that show. This allows for winners to get up/on and say a few words about their awards.
  3. Hall of Fame voting.
    1. 2 a year, voted on by the community.

Kastor indicated that he will be opening nominations for this new system on December 15th and the nomination process will remain open for the public until January 1st.

Kastor received 6 upvotes and 4 downvotes on his announcement, and following his OP, were a slew of posts that called for polling to remain open and public – instead of the new way of secret and counted by ‘multiple people.’

“This is an awful idea tbh, the vote can easily [be] rigged and affected by bias. Do public imo.” – Pheonix, via PW Forums

Kastor entered back into the conversation by saying, “The idea of a secret vote is so we can do a radio show that draws interest of ‘who’s gonna win?'” – so the general idea would be to keep results of voting hidden until announced via the radio show, just like any type of real life award show. Post-show, all winners will be listed – presumably – on the PW Forums.

What do y’all think? Is it worth having a secret polling of nominees to produce a show with excitement and curiosity? OR is it better to visually see the winner before the end-poll?


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