Ubisoft Apologizes – The Division 2

About 4 hours ago, roughly around 14:28 CST – we received an email in our inbox from Ubisoft which indicated dates for upcoming game, The Division 2. The subject line was “Come see what a real government shutdown looks like in the Private Beta” – we didn’t think anything of it and continued to read through the information. The Division 2 has always centered most propaganda on Washington D.C., a fallen nation, a divided people, and kick ass characters (you) who come in to clean up the mess, serve justice and create order.

As most of you out in the world know, the United States government was shutdown for 35 days – this shutdown obviously affects thousands of families and people who are on the government payroll or connected to federal funding. Without getting too political here, we are a gaming site after all, these types of situations hit home for many people so it is clear why Ubisoft issued an apology, and swiftly. Although it is just a game and although that subject line might have been created with a light heart, these days companies, public figures, and even people like you and me have to take care of what we say – especially if you’re serving a wide customer base like Ubisoft does.

A few moments ago, Ubisoft sent out a follow-up email apologizing for the subject line:

Although Ubisoft has been in and out of the light for issues related to gaming content and server issues – the memes – we have to give some credit where credit is deserved. Whether you agree with this as being offensive or not, clearly Ubisoft received a lot of feedback from that email they sent out. To respond quickly with an apology just goes to show that there is heart there and there was good intent.

Private Beta for The Division 2 kicks off on February 7th through the 10th. The private beta features a truck load of content from main missions, dark zone & conflict, open world, and even end-game content. You can sign-up for a chance to play or pre-order The Division 2 for guaranteed access.