What You Missed (RL News)

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What You Missed in the Real World

Here are 10 news stories from around the world that you missed this weekend.

  1. Hurricane Michael (Florida) death toll has climbed to 19.
    1. The US is hit with another hurricane, michael, which struck the florida panhandle (west side of the state) and obliterated Mexico beach. 46 people are still said to be unaccounted for in Mexico beach.
  2. President Trump called for “severe punishment”  of Saudi Arabia killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
    1. Rumored to have been killed by his own government – news states that Khashoggi is not ‘missing’ but is actually feared to be dead. Because of the close ties between Trump’s administration and Saudi Arabia – Trump stated there would be severe punishment if Saudi government is responsible.
  3. Georgia Car crash turned murder mystery.
    1. Police initially thought they were responding to a serious car crash, but upon investigation found a bullet lodged in the neck of one of the victims of the incident.
  4. Mega Millions Jackpot rises above $650 Million
    1. This is the 2nd highest jackpot in the game’s history. The next drawing is on Tuesday, October 16th. You grabbing a ticket?
  5. Main border post between Jordan and Syria reopens after 3 years.
    1. Jordan and Syria have agreed to open the Naseeb border crossing which is said to be a move “vital to trade.”
  6. The Koreas are to meet in late October to discuss plans to jointly host the 2032 Olympics.
  7. Pope Francis is interested in visiting North Korea next spring at the invitation of Kimg Jong Un.
  8. Americans trust the GOP over the Democrats to handle the economy in a new ABC Poll.
  9. Man strangled to death after shirt gets stuck in Bronx subway station escalator.
  10. Dallas Police Sergeant Arrested on Felony Charges.
    1. Arrested yesterday on a charge of injury to a child which is a felony in the first degree.