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WMT: Large Alliances in PW


Before anybody gets upset, there will be several gifs and images relating to a group of people who are considered whales, which often translates to being fat, hefty, thiccc, so don’t take it personally. We are talking about alliances in a game called Politics & War and why they are fucking awful.

Before we start our whaling trip, I’d first like to mention that these thoughts are from me – nobody else – which makes it pretty much an opinion. If you choose to take what I say seriously you are 1. awesome for agreeing with me or 2. way to invested to be triggered by what I’m about to say.

In this article we are going to pop through the top alliances and discuss how they are impacting this game – if you are reading this and you’re not familiar with Politics & War – PW is an online nation simulation game where you can ‘build’ up a nation, join friends in a group called ‘alliances’ and engage in pretty stale politics and awful war scenarios that are trashed by shit mechanics. The real fun of this game comes from the community & all the events the community hosts for itself. You can check it out right here.

Black Knights – Rating: Trash Compactor

Back in the earlier days of BK the alliance was the dankest, most fun, and most entertaining alliance in Politics & War. I never had the chance to be a part of that community, but from the outside it was amazing. The constant propaganda, the theme, and the leadership led something that was different in this world. [insert all good things end cliché here] – Black Knights is a trash compactor. They continually take in trash, compact it, and build their high walls of trash, with trash. Never have I met such a cocky, aggro’d group of people in this game – I know a lot of people point to KT for being a toxic community, but when you look at real toxicity and what actually ruins a community from all sides – BK takes the cake. It is one thing to have pride, but whole other thing to be a complete pile of garbage and that is what Black Knights is and will continue to be.

New Pacific Order – Rating: Nothing Special

Honestly not much to go on here other than they are a waste – nothing special. There are some pretty cool people in NPO and they have a system for economy that works. I’ve tried all types of economic systems within PW and the best one happens to be a high tax system and distribution to those in the alliance – in The Island we run a selective system of the same sort – running 0/0 nearly all the time and when we want to build up we pump it to 100/0 and work our magic inside that system with specific details. I don’t see anything wrong with an alliance that bases their economy on that – in made up worlds such as this one, you have the ability to make socialist/communist policies actually work – this just happens to be the only place where they work (cuz its made up). My real issue with NPO is the giant size of it you’re talking 157 total members – imagine if some of these people in these massive size alliances broke off to make their own thing. Spreading knowledge and experience throughout the world instead of keeping it all crammed in one damn place – just more political dynamic and maybe, just maybe, a bit more argument within the war spectrum of this game.

The Syndicate – Rating: Has-been

T$ has had plenty of ups and downs throughout PW history – mostly related to big names departing the alliance/game – names that made the alliance what it actually was. More recently, Partisan left the game after growing T$ back to an ideal place and setting foundation back into the political realm of the game – but now he’s gone. Luckily, I got that guys snapchat – him and I go back pretty far and I’ve always admired his and other’s leadership within T$ – but that doesn’t mean we can’t label T$ as a has been. One of the biggest issues in games like this is you build an alliance up to a strong recognition point and the only thing that continues to support their place is that recognition – when in reality – the alliance is a shell of what it used to be. T$ sits in 3rd of all alliances in this game and has less than half the members of NPO and Black Knights – alliances like T$ who get great leaders and then cycle them out for not so great leaders really end up being a shell. Members within these alliances should take everything they can from the alliance, get knowledge, get experience and then leave to form their own communities that have space to be vibrant.

Pantheon – Rating: Honestly, Just a Joke.

Before you get your panties in a twist about me calling Pantheon a joke and kinda calling them gay in that gif to our left – you first have to understand that Pantheon is in-fact a joke and if you’re in Pantheon you’re probably a home of sexual. These are facts and facts don’t have feelings – so please keep your feelings at bay while reading this judgement. Thank you in advance. The best thing about Pantheon is the fact that I personally have history with them – back when we ran InGen we actually were a protectorate to Pantheon, funded them thousands of dollars (cuz millions weren’t really a thing back then – yeah I’m old) to stay alive and it was a good time. Shortly after I was even a part of Pantheon as some IA joke, made forums – yeah, forums – only plebs uses forums these days, and it was gucci. The thing that happened to Pantheon was the fact that they grew quickly and then immediately castrated themselves. Pantheon was sitting all high and proud without a sack – which makes you what? A joke….or that bald soft-spoken nutless guy from Game of Thrones, either way we arrive at the same spot. Pantheon enters war, leader rage quits, Pantheon becomes a shell, quickly flip through the next empty pages of their history, and we arrive with their leader coming back – someone who I like, but shouldn’t be leading Pantheon. Pantheon gets a quick spurt of energy and back to the ball-free pit of despair. Its laughable because you would think larger alliances such as Pantheon and the ones before this would offer something for a community, but what they ultimately do is stack a bunch of players with promises and literally slow down the progression of the game – stopping overall game growth and further conflict down the road. You get these shell alliances paired up with a ton of other alliances and then they sit on their hands – fucking everything up for everyone else. Pantheon, you are a joke – there is no coming back – I call for all Pantheon members to join/create their own alliance – do something better because your home is dead..just like your gods.

Short Intermission

Breaking up this block of facts to allow all of y’all who are pretty triggered right now. You either have a lot of pride for your alliance, your alliance family or you are a gov member who gets really upset when members are told to leave – this intermission is for you. I’m just hear to remind you that nobody cares about your feelings. Not providing a sensible environment for your members just makes you selfish. The promise of pay, strong community, activity, is just a ploy – on top of that most of y’all slap on a fine for leaving. OH OH OH you can’t leave till you pay back everything we gave you.
This is a game, the idea is to continually develop and grow the community, not lock people into a system that doesn’t allow freedom. I have a day job and so do many other people and those that don’t go to school – everyone has a life that they are trying to escape, which is why they come here to hang out, engage in the game and the people they are with.

If you are a member of an alliance that you feel trapped in, reach out to ORBHAHA we are here to assist you. ORBHAHA stands for ORB Helps Against Homo Alliances – we will do what we can to get you out of that prison.

Back to the review.

Church of Spaceology – Rating: It’s OK

Really nothing rings a bell when it comes to CoS and them being a shit alliance – I’m sure they got some shit people in there, but Ripper is an alright guy (minus his moderation abilities cuz thems all shit tbh) I think there smallest nation has 10 cities, they are currently invite only, they have a pretty unique theme and utilize that theme uniqueness publicly. They are pretty much a whale sized alliance – average score is roughly 5k, sitting at #5 of all alliances with 43 members. Keeping an alliance on a restricted membership base, accepting those that you want in is the way to go in my book. You don’t take on all these shit nations or new nations that are just looking for some help, you allow them to join other alliances and those that join you are joining for a reason and understand the reason of your alliance. Although there is whaling and although they are a top alliance…..and should probably break apart to add a bit more to the game political realm, they are OK in my book.

Group 1: Knights Radiant & Rose – Rating: Leftovers

Legit though – I know plenty of you from both of these alliances, hell, I’ve been in TKR a few times and enjoyed the hell out of my stay – minus Sargun who literally can’t get along with a fucking brick wall #trashpeople – but there is a time to keep going and there is a time to call it quits and that time expired for y’all a long time ago. You might give me shit after reading this like “how many times are you gonna create an alliance Max?” and to answer that question, all I have to say is at least I tried something new – different – and enjoyed every second of it. Y’all just merge together and create a giant shell alliance like everyone else or better yet, just fucking disband your shit and allow your member some fucking freedom.

Group 2: Knights Templar, The Commonwealth, Seven Kingdoms, Empyrea – Rating: Motel 6

If the previously judged alliances were 4-5 star hotels, this group would be the Motel 6 of Politics & War. Most of these guys had or have a lot of potential but throw it away by being complete garbage people or trying to maintain some old standards of what you used to be – if you had to pick one alliance out of this bunch who would you join and why? Personally, I’d join KT because at least Keegoz has balls and the alliance fights – I’d probably end up killing myself or deleting because the community is a like a bunch of pre-teen retards fighting each other for a puff on a 50 nic juul and all they really want to do is touch each others lips. In all seriousness though, if you want to join any of these alliances you’ll honestly be doing exactly what the guy in the gif is doing here – don’t do that, pass over these alliances and join something a little bit more provocative.

Polaris – Rating: Burnt Out Loser

I literally fucking hate Seth – but I used his gif anyway to show you how burnt y’all are. To be honest I’m not sure why y’all are still here – Vanguard bloc is the most dysfunctional group of people, even when BC was involved. I think the only good alliance in that bloc is OWR – honestly were the only talkative bunch when The Island was trying to get to know you. You honestly remind me of some spoiled little bitch who can’t stay away from daddy (IQ) because he’s got access to your credit cards and gives you your weekly allowance – might as well just dissolve. Spread your members throughout the world and stop existing. Ya Burnt!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Rating: Gutter Trash

Pictured to the right is GoG trying to walk tall with the rest of the IQ family – it just isn’t meant to be. IF you’re new to the game or not and you’re setting you sights on GoG think again. There are better places to be, better people to hang out with, and better opportunities for you out there – GoG ain’t it.

Guardian & Acadia – Rating: See Group 1

Alliance 16-30 Speed Round

Alliances in the speed round will be listed with OK, Disband, Merge, Trash. All fo those words mean exactly what they are supposed to mean – and if those words are confusing to you, I’d advise leaving this game entirely. Here we go.

16. Bad Company: Merge

17. Fark: Disband

18. Solar Knights: Trash

19. The Fighting Pacifists: Trash

20. Order of the White Rose: OK

21. Ming Empire: Disband

22. Arrgh: Trash

23. Egyptian Empire: Merge

24. The Golden Horde: OK

25. Grumpy Old Bastards: OK

26. Camelot: Trash

27. Typhon: Trash

28. Dark Brotherhood: Trash

29. Afrika Korps: Merge

30. Brotherhood of the Clouds v10: Disband

Alright folks, there you have it – even included a speedround to include all you not so large, but larger enough to matter alliances. Before you start running over to pw dot com to check out my nation and alliance let me just tell you – my nation still has improvements that I haven’t filled in since rebuilding from the war – I don’t care about my nation build – My alliance has 9 people in it – we aren’t a high number alliance, we don’t accept anyone in – and these 8 people with me are the coolest fucking 8 people I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with in an alliance. Whats my rating? Probably Merge. We have been here just under a year, its been an amazing run trying something completely new and I’ve enjoyed it, but it would make more sense for us to join a larger group considering we are all larger nations who mostly been here since the beginning. So, don’t think I’m sitting high on a pedestal of greatness – I just have the time to judge you and I did. I hope you enjoy this – if you have any questions or want some advice, always seek me out – I have a weird way I view the world and can offer some awesome tips.

Thanks y’all.



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