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WMT: NYE Resolutions Are Crap


What did you do on NYE? I spent time with my best friend and roommate and my little brother who was on leave from the military. We ate some pizza rolls, had some chips and dip, and played nerf in our giant house – while including some vodka drinking if we ‘died’ in our nerf battles. It was honestly a great time, not gonna lie – we got a little tipsy and enjoyed having some fun while we waited for the new year to come to our time zone in Texas. We did a champagne toast, my roommate went to bed and my brother and I played some drinking games, watched a movie, and passed out.

The typical tradition, for me, growing up was to watch the countdown, go around the family and say what we are grateful for in that passing year, maybe do a champagne toast, and then go to bed. I’m sure, most of this tradition is what y’all partake in – while watching the NYE celebrations across the rest of the world recapped and all the horrible singing in parties across the USA as they wait and celebrate for the new year to roll over in their time zones.

The most intriguing part of NYE is the resolutions. I’m sure y’all know about that right? You basically make a statement that will weigh on your shoulders for the new year. Some of the most common resolutions are to diet, exercise, lose weight, save money, spend less money, learn a new skill or hobby, quit smoking, read…etc. This is why you see so many memes and posts about gyms being full after the new year, more people posting about their new diet, eating habits, etc…but it’s really all just bullshit.

The idea that a new year wipes away all the past year’s mistakes and bad habits is just trash, sure, it might help you feel better about yourself, it might even motivate you to become something more, but in all honesty, you could have made a decision to better yourself or change your lifestyle at any point – you didn’t need to wait on a new year – the construct of time is just an illusion. If you wanted to lose weight, exercise more, or save money you could have made changes prior to the new year, which ultimately would have put you on track to your goals sooner, rather than later.

If you are someone who waits till a certain point of time, putting off a goal or objective, the likelihood of you actually achieving that goal or seeing it through is going to be pretty slim, because your lifestyle is to put off goals and objectives – it is OK for you to continue to put off goals. Your gym presence will slow down a few weeks or months after the roll around of the new year and you’ll be back in the same rut and likely push off those goals starting at the 1st of each consecutive month…pushing your completion of those goals further and further down the road till you reach the next new year mile marker…and this goes for all resolutions.

If you want to save money, evaluate what you are spending now, cancel subscriptions you don’t use, stop buying stuff you don’t NEED in your life, sell things you aren’t using, evaluate everything you’re spending and make sure your income and surplus is more than what you’re paying out. Simple as that.

If you want to lose weight, diet, exercise more just DO IT. A new year won’t motivate you, the best thing you can do is to just do it. Even the simplest of things like parking further way from the grocery store door or your college/place of employment door – walk extra, take the stairs, walk your dog/pets around the block instead of the front or back yard, work out at home – or get a gym membership at a local gym and commit time to the gym instead of your couch – once you start, you’ll start seeing results and you’ll want to keep on going. The best thing you can do for yourself is to change the way you’re eating, most times its simple diet changes that will change your look on fitness and actually motivate you to seek more results. If you want help with that, reach out to me – I have some pretty awesome tips that I carry out in my life for success in weight loss and fitness & a personal trainer who has all the resources I need (who I can likely hook you up with if you’re serious about fitness).

Simple things.

You don’t need a time construct to push you to do – which is why most NYE resolutions turn up to be trash – you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve without a revolution around the sun, you just have to WANT to achieve those goals. Most everyone’s NYE resolution should be “I will stop putting my goals off, I will reach for my objectives and grab onto it, I will succeed in my mission.” Because, if it is NOT your goal to achieve, you will fail.

Once you remove the blindfold from your mind that tells you that you can’t, you will see that it’s really just that easy – just do it.